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MILAR new store opening, AIGOSTAR’s spokesperson Anne came and be the spotlight on the scene!

On 30 June 2023, two new shops of the large Spanish electrical chain MILAR celebrated their grand opening in Valladolid and Zamora. ANNE, the brand spokesperson of AIGOSTAR, made a surprise appearance and cut the ribbon for the new shops together with AIGOSTAR Group executives, the owner of MILAR Group, the Vice President of Euronics Europe Group and the General Manager of Sinersis Group, while the media and consumers gathered at the new shops to witness this extraordinary moment.

Founded in 1988, MILAR is a large chain supermarket group mainly dealing with home appliances and electronic products, and currently has more than 400 stores in Spain. The new MILAR store continues the usual fashionable and simple style, presenting a simple and atmospheric visual experience. Inside the store, the AIGOSTAR counter displayed many popular small appliances and trendy smart products, and Anne's poster advertisement was also displayed in the store earlier the day, attracting a large number of fans to visit the store.

Anne's presence lives up the scene

The ribbon-cutting ceremony was first held for the new store opening of the MILAR. As the AIGOSTAR brand spokesperson Anne appeared, a large number of the audience cheered warmly and surrounded instantly. Anne, who is usually active on the screen, interacted with the consumers and fans on the spot, and everyone took photos with their cell phones, bringing the atmosphere to a climax.

MILAR senior management and President of Euronics Group delivered an opening speech, saying, "We are honored to invite AIGOSTAR brand and spokesperson Anne to celebrate the opening of the new store with our customers. We hope that MILAR and AIGOSTAR will continue to write magnificent stories in the new year for a bright future together."

The manager and sales director of the Spanish branch of AIGOSTAR delivered a speech to congratulate the opening of the new MILAR store. AIGOSTAR will go forward together with MILAR to lead the industry and market consumption to a new level.

Opening benefits to kick off the AIGOSTAR craze

On the opening day, in order to enhance the interaction and active atmosphere, AIGOSTAR was full of sincerity and prepared thoughtful small gifts for every fan who visited the new MILAR store. Smart filament lamp or smart German conversion head was given out by Anne, which reaped everyone's love! In addition, AIGOSTAR also prepared multiple fan benefits such as lucky draw and discount activities. It was a lot of surprises! On the spot, many audiences really felt the value of the brand, and they were all enchanted by AIGOSTAR!

The products deserve it based on development and innovation

As an international smart home furnishing brand technology company, the full range of new intelligent products of AIGOSTAR are also presented in the new store. In the process of visiting the new store, Anne stopped by the AIGOSTAR product showcase and expressed her high recognition and appreciation for the quality and performance of the products, saying that she is also using AIGOSTAR products in her life.The opening of the new MILAR store allows more AIGOSTAR products  of good quality to be seen by everyone. AIGOSTAR will continue to increase its investment in intelligent ecological research and development, and launch more innovative and leading products to meet the escalating needs of consumers and bring more consumers a convenient and comfortable smart home.

Continuously enhance the brand value and empower the terminal

AIGOSTAR and Anne appeared together at the opening ceremony of the new MILAR store, which is undoubtedly a close communication between the brand and the consumers on site. The intellectual and affable Anne, successfully recommended the products to the fans and consumers in the brand offline interaction, which obtained a far more than expected effect.

Over the past 14 years since its establishment, AIGOSTAR has insisted on planning the brand development blueprint with global vision and international standards, and the brand value has been continuously improved. The increasingly powerful brand momentum is allowing AIGOSTAR to be known by more consumers, empowering the end market!

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