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Grateful to be with you on our journey Celebrate the 14th anniversary of AIGOSTAR

Time flies by
Aigostar welcomes its 14th birthday
born in a dream 14 years ago
14 years later, moving forwards to the dream
Thanks for all the partners along the way
We made it from zero to one,
we develop and grow gradually after ten more years of concerted efforts and continued growth

Development Course

Start-up: AIGOSTAR was founded in 2009. At that time, it sold printer consumables, lighting, electrical products and other products, mainly in the form of warehouse sales.
Rise: In September 2018, AIGOSTAR proposed the concept of "boutique store renovation" with creativity and leadership, and successively provided unified upgrade and renovation services for customers from five countries including Spain, Italy, Portugal, Poland, and Hungary to create a unified brand image. In 2019, AIGOSTAR made the development of smart products an important business strategy for the group's transformation into a higher-tech enterprise. In 2020, AIGOSTAR launched its brand strategy and became the first Chinese brand to invite local celebrities to endorse its products, which further propelled the brand's growth

On this day in 2023, AIGOSTAR has successfully completed its transformation into an international technology company specializing in smart home products. With a dedication to the smart industry, AIGOSTAR has achieved a strong brand image through its own research and development design and technological output. Over the course of 14 years, AIGOSTAR has continued to grow and expand its business, from its early stages to its current position.


leading the way towards the future of smart technology.

Since 2019, AIGOSTAR has actively collaborated with Alibaba, investing a large amount of resources to layout the smart track and provide answers for future development in the uncertain market environment. Especially in the outbreak of the epidemic in 2020, many companies have reduced their investment in research and development, but AIGOSTAR has focused on the "smart ecosystem" trend, with independent research and development of smart software and hardware, and expanding its intelligent product categories and products.

Today, AIGOSTAR's smart home business has significant advantages in technology, products, and talent, providing competitive product solutions in the smart home fields such as smart lighting, smart electric products, smart small appliances, and smart security. At present, 15% of AIGOSTAR's traditional products have been intelligently upgraded, and the initial construction of two international marketing networks, namely the intelligent new retail and AIGOSMART intelligent "self" manufacturing ecology, has been completed. This has effectively enhanced AIGOSTAR's ability to differentiate itself from the competition and has strongly supported the company's performance in the market.

Expanding the market for a comprehensive layout

AIGOSTAR has accelerated its pace of expansion, actively integrated into the global economy and increased its efforts in expanding overseas markets. At present, its strengths in R&D capability, service , product and brand influence are more prominent. The product channel coverage and market share far exceed those of all local Chinese brands in Europe, and it has over 20,000 stable direct community shop customers, occupying a dominant position in the industry. 

As of April this year, AIGOSTAR has completed the renovation of 3,200 directly-managed community shops in Europe under the "Boutique Renovation" project, which provides free upgrades to community shops in Europe, with a total of 82,000 renovated meshes.

In addition, since the opening of AIGOSTAR's European provincial distributors and non-EU distributors at the end of 2021, AIGOSTAR has been expanding its overseas business rapidly, with operations in Greece, Belgium, Hungary, Bulgaria, Chile, Ghana, Cape Verde and other countries and regions, expanding its business from Europe to the world.

Standing on solid ground, diligent work make a more splendid result

Focusing on independent innovation, technological progress and the enhancement of core competitiveness, AIGOSTAR has set up an efficient talent team driven by both innovative talents and excellent management talents, which provides the foundation for the continuous updating and iteration of the company's products. In the past 14 years, the company's team has grown from a few dozen people to over 1,000 people, relying on professional perspectives and efficient actions to promote the smooth implementation of each product and innovation project.

AIGOSTAR is steadfast on the road to independent product innovation and research & development. As of April this year, AIGOSTAR has accumulated more than 100 products and technologies with independent intellectual property rights, more than 50 registered trademarks worldwide, and the conversion rate of scientific research achievements exceeds 90%. The level of science and technology and innovation ability has been strongly supported and highly recognized by the state and the industry, highly valued and key cultivated by Fujian Province, and officially listed as a national high-tech enterprise, provincial high-tech enterprise, small giant enterprise of science and technology in Fujian Province, and technology-based small and medium-sized enterprise.

Original intention

AIGOSTAR has been with our customers for 14 years, and as AIGOSTAR provides more diversified and systematic products and services, more and more traditional community shops have chosen AIGOSTAR to transform and upgrade their business to boutique shops. We would like to thank all our customers for their trust and support throughout these 14 years, and we thank each and every one of you for choosing AIGOSTAR. In 2023, the journey is not over, we are still moving forward! We are looking forward to the Frankfurt show in 2024 where AIGOSTAR will bring you a great performance and a great surprise! 

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