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AIGOSTAR spreads its brand value by joining hands with the Spanish power team

Recently, AIGOSTAR and the Spanish soccer team Intersala Zamora officially reached a strategic partnership, AIGOSTAR will be one of the official sponsors of the team, accompanying the players to play in the second and first division, and witnessing every exciting moment of the players on the field.

Coinciding to show the innovative charm of AIGOSTAR

As one of the best soccer teams in Spain, Intersala Zamora with a history of 15 years, having played in the first division and enjoying a high popularity in the region. The players are of a high level of play, the team is best known for the coach Juanito, who has coached the top-level team BETIS futsal and led the team in the Europa League.
The Intersala Zamora team's spirit of constantly striving for progress and exploring breakthroughs in self skills is a clever match with AIGOSTAR's striving for improvement and innovation. As a technology brand company anchored within Europe, AIGOSTAR has always taken "innovative technology and quality" as its core brand value, leaving no stone unturned in product innovation, and currently has strong competitive product solutions in the smart home ecological field, dedicated to creating a convenient and quality home experience for consumers.

Crossover cooperation, join forces to "wild racing"

In Spain and even in Europe, soccer has a long history and is not just a simple sport, it has been quietly integrated into the blood of the local people, AIGOSTAR has expanded its sports frontiers and presented new possibilities of cross-border marketing. The sponsorship of the Intersala Zamora team will help AIGOSTAR to deliver its brand message to more local fans and consumers, continue to enhance the brand's visibility and influence in the European market, and shape a new image of Chinese corporate brand.
After many rounds of battles this season, Intersala Zamora is currently ranked first in the second division, and will advance to the first division if it maintains its performance until the end of the season. AIGOSTAR also continues to make efforts to pursue higher quality and innovation, and will make a big splash in the smart home track.

To the dream, to the beginning! We look forward to a great performance on the Intersala Zamora race! We also look forward to a new spark with the AIGOSTAR brand and a fruitful harvest in the European continent.

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