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Europe's famous autonomous floor cleaning robot

You might as well take a look at the sweeping robots are more famous and cost-effective among European brands.

I believe that most people are like me. They don’t want to do housework at all when they get home from get off work, they just want to sit, lie down, and spread out, right? Isn't that simple? Turn to robot vacuums! As a cleaning tool in the new era, sweeping robots are now welcomed by more and more families. As a must-have item for home, choosing the right sweeping robot is very important for us to efficiently clean the whole house and reduce the burden of housework. Many consumers are asking: "Which brands of sweeping robots are worth buying in Europe?" Then you might as well take a look at the five models I introduced below. I personally think that the sweeping robots are more famous and cost-effective among European brands. , everyone can choose freely according to their own economic ability and cleaning needs of the whole house, and hope to help everyone make better choices.

Tomefon and Philips


originated from Germany, the European sales champion, established in 1976, as a world famous company from Germany, is the earliest brand engaged in the field of indoor purification. It has launched many products including autonomous floor cleaning robot, and is known as the successful pioneer and leader in the field of indoor purification. tomefon G85 is a representative machine of this brand. The brushless motor used can make the maximum suction force reach 2150Pa, has three gears of frequency conversion speed regulation, supports 360-degree laser navigation, and the whole house scanning and mapping is very fast and accurate. And through the APP, you can set where to scan, fixed-point, and partition cleaning, so as to achieve the cleaning performance of no omission, no repetition, and no running around. It adopts sweeping and mopping integrated design. There is a rolling brush at the front of the device, and a large mopping area at the back. Through constant pressure control, it can deeply remove stains on the ground. Moreover, with the addition of the bionic water tank, the water output is very uniform, and there will be no water accumulation. Of course, in terms of the structural design of the water tank, it adopts a drawer-type disassembly design, which is more convenient when adding water. In general, fina sweeping robot is user-centered, making efficient life possible.

It is a world-renowned manufacturer from the Netherlands, mainly producing products in lighting, home appliances, and medical systems. Philips is very famous in the field of home appliances and has a complete product system. The Philips autonomous floor cleaning robot FC8832/82 is only 6cm in height, equipped with four-wheel drive, and can flexibly shuttle and clean across obstacles. Equipped with TriActive XL all-round suction nozzle, it can efficiently clean the floor; it is also equipped with five cleaning modes, which can be specified and switched freely to meet the cleaning needs of different home environments. But in terms of suction performance, it is not as good as other mainstream sweeping robot brands.

Dyson and AEG、Aigostar


A world-renowned company from the United Kingdom, which was famous for making vacuum cleaners earlier. Therefore, the core patented vacuum technology is embedded in its sweeping robot products, so the suction is particularly strong, and it is also called "vacuum robot". The body of Dyson 360Eye is very small, with a diameter of only 23 cm, and it can shuttle freely in the room. And because the body is small, it can easily shuttle around the corners and edges of the sofa, which can greatly improve the cleaning rate. The 360-degree panoramic camera equipped on the fuselage can clearly distinguish the areas that have been cleaned and those that have not been cleaned, reducing the need for repeated cleaning. During the cleaning process, the machine will map the cleaned route and reflect it on the connected mobile phone. The tank-like track used when walking will not be entangled and stuck. The infrared obstacle avoidance system can automatically sense the surrounding obstacles and avoid them in time. The anti-drop sensor can sense the steps to prevent falling. When encountering difficulties It will also perform operations such as backing up, turning, and recovering.

A well-known German brand with a history of more than 130 years, it is the first electrical company in the world to use industrial designer Peter Behrens to develop product design. We can see that the appearance of AEG's sweeping robot is somewhat different. It adopts a triangular design, and the suction port is located at the top of the back of the fuselage. This is also very different from other brands of products, and it can clean the corners of the floor very well. , can be recharged in time. There is a 3D VISION camera on the front of the AEG commercial floor cleaning robot, which can describe the layout of the home more accurately, which is very intelligent.

It is a new Spanish home appliance brand, and the intelligent sweeping robot is a high-end product of the brand. It adopts advanced navigation and algorithm, intelligent and convenient cleaning, and is deeply loved by consumers. It has a built-in 3200mAh large-capacity battery, which can meet the cleaning needs of large-scale households. In addition, it supports intelligent recharging and continuous scanning at breakpoints, etc., which also brings a very rich intelligent experience to users.


In the era of intelligent home life, owning a sweeping robot has become a fashion. Starting from the actual needs of cleaning, the sweeping robot can save you a lot of manpower and material resources, allowing you to easily deal with home cleaning tasks. The new generation of sweeping robots has made a revolutionary breakthrough in terms of functional diversification. The integration of diversified functions such as sweeping, vacuuming, mopping, and wiping has completely liberated our hands. Buying a sweeping machine can Realize the effect of traditional cleaning and provide the ultimate service for home cleaning. The above are 5 types of sweeping robots, all of which have very unique advantages. From the user's point of view, we look forward to more perfect machines on the market, but we still have to consider our actual needs in order to choose the most suitable sweeping robot.

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