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Gardening with a Robot Vacuum: A New Way to Garden

The current mowing robot is the autonomous floor cleaning robot 10 years ago

There was once a very interesting question: What is the biggest difference between the middle classes of China and the United States? The answer is: to see if there is a lawn. People who have been to the United States have such a feeling that everywhere they see, the cars are moving, but the lawn is not moving. In many small and medium-sized cities in the United States, especially suburban towns, there is almost no bare land. There are patches of green grass beside the roadside, in front of and behind the gate, and the small lawns in front of most residents are neat and tidy. For developed regions such as Europe and the United States, gardening life has become a part of the daily life of many families.
In developed countries such as Europe and the United States, due to the relatively rich land resources, the high living standards of residents, and the influence of the cultural environment and family philosophy that are keen on lawn care, lawn culture prevails. According to the prospectus of Daye shares, more than 43% and 87% of households in Germany and the UK have private gardens respectively. Gardening enthusiasts account for more than 40%, 60% and 49% of the total adult population in the United States, Germany and the United Kingdom, respectively. In addition, due to the high labor costs in Europe and the United States, the maintenance of lawns in Europe and the United States is almost done by families. Moreover, Europe and the United States have issued relevant laws and regulations on lawn maintenance, and have made requirements for lawn care such as mowing. "Everyone cuts the grass" and "Everyone sweeps the snow" is described as a manifestation of selfishness in Chinese culture, but in the United States this is a responsible and law-abiding behavior. Beautiful bungalows and well-manicured lawns are the standard of middle-class life, and even one of the symbols of the American dream. However, it is not easy to maintain the lawn. When the grass grows quickly in the peak season, the grass needs to be mowed 2-3 times a month, which is time-consuming and expensive. There is a lot of work before and after the whole process, such as blowing leaves and watering before mowing. After mowing, trimming, pruning, etc., may take six or seven hours to complete.

The changes brought by robot technology to family production and life

With the continuous upgrading and improvement of robot technology and the continuous expansion of application fields, robot products have begun to expand rapidly from the industrial field to the service field. In the field of service, the development potential of domestic service robots is very considerable. The use of traditional lawn mowers requires a lot of manpower and time costs, safety cannot be guaranteed, and the noise is loud. If you hire a special person to trim the lawn, the cost is about 40 to 80 US dollars each time. If the lawn area is too large Large, it takes more time and manpower to maintain through traditional methods.
It is precisely because of these shortcomings that the automation and intelligence of household products have reached a very high level. For example, the autonomous floor cleaning robot is actually the best reference for lawn mower robots. The intelligent and automatic landing of lawn mower products As a result, the process has been promoted, and the intelligent robot lawn mower was born and attracted market attention. According to market analysis statistics, in recent years, products such as sweeping robots and escort robots have emerged one after another. According to IFR data forecasts, the global sales of personal/household service robots will reach 25.9 million units in 2015-2018, and the market size will reach 12.2 billion Dollar. In 2020, the annual global shipment of intelligent robot lawn mowers has reached nearly 900,000 units, and the market size is close to 1 billion US dollars; the CAGR (compound growth rate) of the industry in 2020 is nearly 20%, and the growth rate is very obvious. Under the positive market situation, combined with the rapid growth of demand for gardening scenes, gardener robots have gradually entered the market.

Comparison of lawn mower and sweeping robot

In the beginning, the main function of the gardener robot was weeding, which was also the most "annoying" part. Next, in the case of technological progress and demand upgrades, the development of gardener robots with more comprehensive functions and in the true sense is accelerating, and is becoming more and more popular among consumers.
First of all , unlike the commercial floor cleaning robot we are familiar with , the time period from research and development to landing of lawn mower robots takes about 2-3 years, while most sweeping robots only need 1 year, so lawn mower robots are entering the market It took a long time before. The reason for this situation is that the outdoor environment where the grass robot is located is more complicated. Affected by various factors such as grass quality, humidity, and light, the mowing robot needs to accumulate a large amount of real test data at the algorithm level. At the same time, when the product is tested outdoors, it also needs to be equipped with a suitable technical solution. Secondly, from the perspective of the overall market situation, the stage of intelligent lawn mowing robots is similar to the stage when sweeping robots first appeared ten years ago, and there are too many uncertainties in the market. The sales logic of OPE products is to supply small-scale products to local distributors in Europe and the United States first, and then ship them on a large scale after market verification.
Some people think that the current mowing robot is the sweeping robot 10 years ago. This is very clear. First, weeding, like cleaning, is a big market, and the demand is also very clear. Second, there are differences between indoor and outdoor technical solutions. The indoor building environment where the commercial floor cleaning robot is located is simple and can Single-line laser radar is used, so the degree of intelligence is faster, and the outdoor environment is complex, so it is only now that we start to make truly intelligent mowing robots; thirdly, from the perspective of technical progress, sweeping robots also collided randomly 10 years ago, and mowed with tools. The nature of the machine, with the intelligent navigation of the sweeping robot, the navigation has led to the improvement of other capabilities, and hardware innovation has also begun, which can endow the industry with more processing links. Therefore, the whole idea and logic are very similar. It is driven by technology. The upgrade and maturity of technology can often stimulate the outbreak of some demand and give birth to new market opportunities. Whether or not the new opportunities can be seized depends on whether the enterprise can quickly discover its own advantages. The point of integration with these opportunities. The heating up of the lawn mowing robot track is a good example of this.


The market potential of the lawn mowing robot track is beyond doubt, and it is also a rare window of new opportunities for young brands and entrepreneurs who master technology. When all market competitors are racing against time and hope to be the first to come up with mass-produced products to occupy the market, it is even more necessary for enterprises to define products and gain insight into user needs, and finally realize the landing of products through the combination of technological advantages. And product-driven, to continue to penetrate the share of robots.
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