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How to buy a cheap autonomous floor cleaning robot

Make wise choices based on your own situation

In's smart sweeper is like a cleaning housekeeper. Simple setting operations can clean the ground very clean, and some sweepers operate on the mobile phone like a remote control car, which greatly increases interactivity and operational sense. So in the face of the dazzling sweeping machine products on the market, how to choose their favorite products, many consumers are still not clear. Some people are more aware of the brand, regardless of whether the product is suitable for them or not and how cost-effective, as long as it is this brand, they will buy it. There are also consumers who like to listen to people's recommendations, without considering the actual living environment of their own homes. In fact, these are not advisable. In the face of sweeping machine products, the strong suction can clean the dust, and the long battery life can work for a longer time. In fact, as long as you remember three points, you can choose a product that is cost-effective and suitable for you.
First of all, for Chinese families, many floors are decorated with floors or tiles. If you simply buy a sweeper that can only vacuum, you need to mop the floor again. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a "sweeping and mopping integrated" product to achieve one-step cleaning.

Visual navigation is the correct way to open the sweeper

The navigation functions of many local brands in China are based on laser systems, and those who really understand the principles will know that visual navigation systems are a more high-end technology, which can better lead us to the direction of artificial intelligence and object recognition develop. The vision system is the closest detection method for robots and humans to perceive the environment. Benefiting from the development of pattern recognition and machine vision, vision-based robot positioning has become a research hotspot in recent years. Robots with visual navigation can achieve more efficient navigation in large areas and open spaces through powerful algorithms. When cleaning, the sweeping robot can also create visual landmarks on the map for location tracking, so as to grasp the areas that have been cleaned and the areas that have not been cleaned.

The sweeper that can avoid obstacles is the first choice

For families with complex ground conditions, traditional autonomous floor cleaning robot can no longer clean well. Traditional sweeping robots will be entangled, collided, or have cleaning dead ends due to the complexity of the family environment, especially During the cleaning process, there was an embarrassing situation of pushing toys, slippers and other small objects placed on the ground at home and running around the house. Some sweeping and dragging robots are equipped with ToF 3D ranging and obstacle avoidance technology applied in the field of unmanned driving, and use the front ToF camera and dual gyroscopes, optical flow, cliff and other sensors to assist multiple positioning and perception components in the process of cleaning and identifying the environment. With the cooperation of high-precision sensors, it can quickly realize the distance measurement of obstacles through precise calculation and intelligent perception to intelligently measure the space. When it is close to small objects, furniture, and walls during the cleaning process, it will automatically avoid collisions and avoid collisions, and it is close to the fuselage. Avoid the height area in advance to avoid the situation of the bottom of the cabinet being stuck.
Options below 1000: Most of them use visual navigation technology , which has a relatively low cleaning completion rate, and is not intelligent enough to avoid obstacles well, and occasionally requires you to rescue them. 1500-2000 yuan: This price mostly uses mature LDS lidar technology , which is suitable for the needs of most people. More than 2,500: This price is mostly the flagship models of various brands, with various exclusive navigation technologies, their own intelligent algorithms , and the mopping function is also greatly enhanced .

Beware of the trap of low-priced products

But the so-called "you get what you pay for" means that for home appliances, price reductions are implemented by means of cost reduction, configuration reduction, and standard reduction. On the one hand, it intensifies product homogeneity. The commercial floor cleaning robot products in the low-priced range have relatively single functions. Basically, the most basic functions are retained after the allocation is reduced. Advantage. On the other hand, it "smears" the overall product power of the industry. In order to attract more users to pay, many brand owners blindly pursue low prices while ignoring the core product quality, which has caused many criticisms of sweeping robots from consumers. For example, on the black cat complaint platform, there are many problems about the impracticality, quality problems and low cleanliness of sweeping robots. Obviously, this kind of hand-to-hand combat of reducing allocation and reducing prices is an unhealthy competitive state for enterprises, and it is even more harmful to users' consumption experience.
The core of the sustainable development of the sweeping robot industry has always been directly linked to technology and product strength. If all brands are coerced into joining the price war, it will inevitably aggravate problems such as poor product quality and insufficient innovation capabilities, which is obviously not conducive to the improvement of the entire industry. synergy. From this point of view, as the leading companies in the industry, Cobos and Stone Technology try to avoid unnecessary involution caused by price wars, and at the same time, it is necessary to seek brand power and consolidate pricing power.

However, after solving the basic functions of cleaning, the commercial floor cleaning robot product has only a preliminary practical value. There are still many problems in realizing complete cleaning. Users begin to frequently pay attention to missed cleaning, repeated cleaning, and cleaning routes. , Inability to achieve good object recognition and other issues, there are many doubts about existing products. The core problem of sweeping robots is gradually transforming from functionality to intelligence, from basic cleaning functions to the improvement of cleaning efficiency and cleaning quality. There is no doubt that the integration of branding, R&D, production, and sales can reduce costs, and help the company flexibly adjust product design plans based on market feedback, and connect R&D and production links in a timely manner. Then, if the teams, production lines, and channels used in the whole process of product development and design, testing and production, and launching to the market are all self-owned, the cost will naturally drop. If we only play price wars instead of starting from the industrial chain, such a "money-burning game" may be able to obtain a consumer carnival in a short period of time, but in the long run it will not be conducive to the upgrading of industry technology and products. , may not be able to go in the long run. Sweeping robots have higher technical content than ordinary household appliances. There are certain reasons for the previous price increase, but overall, the competition is not sufficient and the market saturation is not high enough. It is not as good as color TVs, air conditioners and other categories. Twenty or thirty price cuts.

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