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Apps that the smart autonomous floor cleaning robot can connect to

Autonomous floor cleaning robot more and more advanced compatibility

Boosted by the development of science and technology, the scale of the artificial intelligence market has been continuously expanded. The so-called artificial intelligence is to provide services for people by imitating human thinking and consciousness. Thanks to the improvement of the level of science and technology, many smart products appear in our daily life, bringing a lot of convenience to our life, and the intelligent sweeping robot is one of them. Contemporary people have a fast pace of life and have little time for cleaning. The emergence of intelligent sweeping robots can free our hands and allow us to spend more time enjoying life. Users only need to use a mobile device to remotely control the robot, help users solve hygiene problems, ensure user experience in operation, and realize smart life.

What problems can the intelligent sweeping robot app solve?

1. Realize remote control by users: Users don’t always have time to look at the intelligent autonomous floor cleaning robot to complete the cleaning work, so the app allows users to remotely control the robot, even if they are not at home, they can control the device through the app to complete the work , to help users save cleaning time and effort. The app also enables the robot to be turned on or off remotely.
2. Online cleaning appointment: For users, the living environment needs to maintain a certain degree of cleanliness, so it is very necessary to clean the house regularly, and users can make cleaning appointments before work. A clean and tidy house can eliminate the problems caused by a day's work. fatigue, giving people a pleasant mood, allowing users to enjoy their leisure time. The cleaning mode can be switched at will, which is very convenient.

What experience can the intelligent sweeping robot app bring to users?

1. Path scanning planning: Combine Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology to complete the connection between the app and the intelligent sweeping robot. When cleaning for the first time, the user needs to control the robot to help him establish a cleaning route. When cleaning in the future, the robot will automatically follow the route planned last time. Carry out cleaning and realize fixed-point patrol cleaning. When the home furnishings change, the user can update and adjust the cleaning route in real time, allowing the autonomous floor cleaning robot to clean according to the route we set in the background.
2. Cleaning mode selection: Different cleaning modes can be selected for different floor materials. Users can reserve the cleaning mode, cleaning time and cleaning frequency in advance. After the set time is reached, the sweeping robot will automatically start working and return to the starting point after cleaning. In addition to different cleaning modes, the app can also switch different directions, making the sweeping robot more intelligent during use.
3. Real-time monitoring and interaction: In order to let users know the cleaning progress of the equipment at any time, the APP will also provide users with video recording function, so that users can check the home environment at any time. Hei can talk to the robot through the voice interaction function, and inquire about travel weather conditions and other information.
4. Intelligent charging: When the power is lower than a certain value, the robot will automatically trigger the charging mechanism and return to the charging point for charging, so that the machine will always maintain a charged state and be ready for cleaning work at any time.
5. Machine fault repair: When a machine fault is detected, you can directly apply for repair on the app, and professional staff will come to pick up the product. Users can view the machine's repair process online in one stop, improving user awareness of the brand favorability.
In fact, the current commercial floor cleaning robot has to conduct a comprehensive scan of the environment before working, and construct a 3D map. Through the SLAM algorithm, the intelligent sweeping robot can recognize the home environment information in 360° without knowing anywhere in the home.
For future daily use, it will further refine the already constructed floor plan, and re-correct the offsets, so that the robot can better understand the topography of the home. The sweeping robot equipped with LDS laser navigation can also realize automatic positioning and record the trajectory that has been walked, so as to avoid problems such as missed sweeps and repeated cleaning of the sweeping robot.

Recommend some popular smart apps on the market

Xiaomi Home: Xiaomi is a Chinese technology company, and its intelligent sweeping robot product Mijia Roborock can be controlled and managed using Xiaomi’s official APP, Xiaomi Home. The APP allows users to remotely control the robot through a smartphone, set cleaning plans and modes, and view cleaning records and statistical data.
Neato: Neato Robotics is a manufacturer of intelligent sweeping robots. Its official app Neato can connect to Botvac series robots. The APP allows users to remotely control the robot through a smartphone, set cleaning plans and modes, view cleaning history and robot status, and other functions.
SharkClean: Shark is an American home appliance manufacturer. Its intelligent sweeping robot product Shark IQ can be controlled and managed using the SharkClean official APP. The APP allows users to remotely control the robot through a smartphone, set cleaning plans and modes, view cleaning history and maintenance records, and other functions.
LG ThinQ: LG is a Korean home appliance manufacturer. Its intelligent sweeping robot product LG HOM-BOT can be controlled and managed using the official LG ThinQ APP. The APP allows users to remotely control the robot through a smartphone, set cleaning plans and modes, view cleaning history and robot status, and other functions.
AigoSmart: Aigo Smart APP can help you remotely manage and control other smart home appliances in addition to connecting the sweeping robot. , devices can also perceive and interact with each other. One-click to let various home appliances enter your preset state, creating a safe and worry-free smart home life for you. This kind of smart home that is more convenient and faster is a popular choice for many young people.
The above are only the APPs connected to some smart sweeping robots on the market. In fact, there are many other smart sweeping robot apps to choose from. Different brands and models may support different apps.As for the suction, the greater the suction, the higher the noise, because the sweeping robot uses a high-speed rotating fan to generate negative pressure, and the dust is brought into the dust bucket through the air to collect the dust. Therefore, it is often not possible to have both the fish and the bear's paw.
The development of science and technology has brought us a lot of convenience, freeing us from heavy housework. It is believed that with the continuous development of technology, the commercial floor cleaning robot app can be applied to more situations to make the work more perfect. As an important part of smart home, the development of intelligent sweeping robot app has great potential for development.

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