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Daily maintenance of autonomous floor cleaning robot

A must-have smart home for lazy people, the sweeping robot can be said to exist at home like a household cleaning artifact. With its help, you can easily complete the daily cleaning of the ground in your home without doing it yourself. It not only protects your family It can also save a lot of time for other things. Although the sweeping robot is a very convenient and necessary artifact for lazy people, the later cleaning and maintenance cannot be ignored.
Every time you clean, all kinds of dust, bacteria and other sundries will accumulate on the bottom and dust box of the sweeping robot. If you leave it alone for a long time, the body will become dirty, which will affect the cleaning effect and appearance; , and may even pose a threat to human health. Therefore, the regular cleaning and maintenance of the autonomous floor cleaning robot is very important, and whether the post-cleaning and maintenance is convenient enough will naturally provide an important reference for judging whether the sweeping robot is easy to use.

Sweeping robot cleaning basic items

When it comes to the cleaning and maintenance of the sweeping robot, the dust box is undoubtedly the most important key component. As a container for dust and other dirt, bacteria will inevitably grow if it is not cleaned for a long time. If it is used again after a long time, the sweeping robot will become a biochemical bomb wandering around the house. In addition to the dust box, the other dirtiest place is naturally the brush head at the bottom of the robot vacuum cleaner. When cleaning, the brush head will be in direct contact with the ground, which will naturally be contaminated with some dust and bacteria, and even fibers such as hair will be entangled in it, so the cleaning of the brush head cannot be ignored. For problems such as hair entanglement on the brush head, it can also be easily solved by removing the main brush bearing. By removing the bearing, you can directly remove the tangled hair and fibers. In addition to the main brush and dust box, if there is a demand for mopping the floor, the mop of the sweeping robot is also the focus of attention. The mop is not only often contaminated with dust and dirt, but also stays in a wet state for a long time. This part of the cleaning is more important. Once the odor is generated, it is difficult to dissipate. Generally speaking, the mop of the sweeping robot is fixed with a card slot or Velcro, which is naturally very convenient to remove, but the mop is generally fixed on the water tank. If you want to remove the water tank, you often have to turn the sweeping robot over.

Maintenance characteristics of sweeping robot

Here are some points for daily maintenance of the sweeper: Although the commercial floor cleaning robot is fully automatic, it should be cleaned regularly. After a long time, the main brush, side brush, dust box, etc. will accumulate some dirt, and it needs to be cleaned. It is cleaned to prevent odors. I usually clean it once a week or two, and it is OK to clean it when I rest on weekends. The main brush, side brush, dust box, and filter must be dried before use after washing. Do not wash the body, and wipe the sensor part with a dry cloth. Because of the water quality problem, after using the mop for a long time, the scale will adhere to it and cannot be washed off. After two or three months of use, you can soak it in white vinegar before washing. Sometimes the mop is not clean. This may be the reason. If it's gone, the mop needs to be replaced. Some consumables of the commercial floor cleaning robot need to be replaced regularly, including side brushes, roller brushes, filters, mops, etc. Radical, I always see him prompting to check the specific parts and use it for a while.
If you think cleaning mops is a hassle, maybe disposable mops will win your favor. Compared with ordinary mops, disposable mops can be discarded directly after cleaning several times. In fact, the cost is undoubtedly the same as conventional mops. It also saves the trouble of cleaning and the worry of bacteria breeding. It is also a very good choice.

Precautions for daily use of sweeping robots

Do not allow water to enter, whether it is absorbing water from the ground or launching water from the top cover, the machine will fail immediately when the water reaches the main board. Don't ask why it is not waterproof, because not all scrubbing machines are not waterproof. Water ingress is outside the warranty and is considered improper use. It needs to be paid out of your own pocket. It is best to find a smart home for repair. If it is sent to the official, it is basically a replacement of the main console.
Do not leave the battery uncharged for a long time. Keeping the power on is the best protection for the battery and the motherboard. If it is equipped with Ni-MH batteries, if the battery is not charged for a long time and the battery is excessively released, the valve will open and the electrolyte will leak out. The loss of the battery and the motherboard being scrapped at the same time is more expensive than the water damage of the motherboard. Battery leakage is also outside the warranty conditions and needs to be taken care of by yourself. If the lithium battery is not charged for a long time, it will be locked and the user cannot activate it.
Usual commercial floor cleaning robot maintenance precautions. All rotating parts have the opportunity to be entangled by hair, such as side brushes, guide wheels, roller brushes, left and right side wheels. I often see that the machines sent for maintenance may not have been cleaned from the time of purchase to the failure, so I can't bear to look directly at them. The maintenance staff is also very embarrassing. It takes a lot of time to disassemble, clean, dry, and assemble. The key is that I am embarrassed to ask customers to charge cleaning and maintenance man-hours; if you don’t clean it, you can’t operate it if you disassemble the machine and remove the ashes.

In general, the current sweeping robots can realize the automatic cleaning function of the whole house, helping you to protect the health of your family and the cleanliness of your home. But once the cleaning and maintenance of the sweeping robot itself is ignored, it will become a "time bomb" in the home. Therefore, daily cleaning and maintenance are also very important and cannot be ignored. The various thoughtful quick-release designs equipped with the AIGOSTAR sweeping robot undoubtedly bring more convenience to daily cleaning and maintenance. With convenient operation, there will be no resistance to the cleaning and maintenance of the sweeping robot. Keeping the sweeping robot in the best working condition at all times can ensure that the sanitation and cleanliness of the home environment meets your expectations.

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