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Different prices for different autonomous floor cleaning robot

The price of the sweeping robot is high and low, what price is it good to buy?

There are more and more intelligent sweeping robots on the market, which shows that this smart home product is becoming more and more a good helper in people's life. It must be said that the emergence of sweeping robots is really a great liberation for the young lazy people of today. . Especially if you have all kinds of pets at home, the hair is flying all over the house during the moulting season, and many corners cannot be cleaned. It is much easier to have a sweeping robot, which can basically clean up all kinds of scum, hair, etc. clean. However, with the popularity of sweeping robots, in fact, after nearly ten years of rapid development, the price line of sweeping robots has drawn a long line from cheap to expensive. Due to different brands and functions, the prices of many intelligent sweeping robots are also different. Different, can provide consumers with a basic and excellent experience. So the low is tens of euros, and the high is hundreds of euros. What is the essential difference? And how should we choose?

Entry-level and mid-level robot vacuums

When choosing a sweeping robot, the algorithm, cleaning ability, battery life, performance, etc. of the commercial floor cleaning robot are all important factors that affect the price of the product. 1. Entry-level: Sweeping robots at this price are constrained by production costs. Most of these sweeping robots are random collisions without planning. They often clean a place two or three times, while some places only clean once. It feels like the robot is running around at home. . Due to the low level of intelligence, low cleaning coverage, frequent repeated cleaning, and getting stuck at every turn, it is very likely to become an expensive "toy". Of course, some professional brands may also conduct low-price promotions for individual models in order to promote sales, similar to the several sweeping robots of Fumart that cost less than 1,000 yuan. 2. Intermediate level: This level of sweeping robot is the most acceptable price range for Chinese people, and generally sells the most, similar to brands such as Fumart, Cobos, aigostar, and Dibei. Due to the certain increase in cost, the overall quality and workmanship of the autonomous floor cleaning robot can basically be guaranteed to a certain extent. For example, the sweeping robot under aigostar has a GPS positioning system or a radar navigation and positioning system. It is familiar with the overall environment of the home in advance, realizes environmental positioning, and performs smooth and uninterrupted cleaning route planning, so the robot looks very good when cleaning. Norms, not random sweeps. They can basically have a single working time of more than 3 hours, and it is more convenient to control them remotely or with a mobile APP. When people are not at home, they can arrange the robots to start working remotely, and they are already clean when they return home. Functions such as scheduled cleaning, APP remote control, and smart recharging have all been perfected.

Intermediate and advanced sweeping robots

3. Intermediate and high-level: This level of sweeping robot is suitable for consumers who have relatively high product requirements. Generally, imported products are the main products, which are high-end products with very reliable quality and workmanship. They are generally purchased by people who are willing to enjoy life and have a certain purchasing power. 4. Advanced: This level of autonomous floor cleaning robot is generally a relatively high-end brand, but because of the high price of the sweeping robot itself, it is unlikely that this level of sweeping robot will have a large sales volume. Looking at the entire product price range of sweeping robots, it is mainly concentrated in the purchase of mid-level sweeping robots. With the increase in per capita annual disposable income, the sales of mid-to-high-end sweeping robots have also increased, but it is indeed difficult to increase the sales of high-end sweeping robots exceeding 1,000 euros . Technological progress has helped improve quality, effectively solving the problems of low cleanliness, repeated scanning, missed scanning, and machine jams in early products, and optimizing the user experience. The best sweeping robot is equipped with a smart chip, and it has entered the 4.0 stage of integrated sweeping and mopping + automatic dust collection, mop washing, and automatic water change. It has the best sense of use, richer functions, more flexible and more convenient to use. Generally, it can plan the route to clean and mop the floor. After cleaning, it will rest by itself. The owner does not need to operate anything. It can be done for a month or two. Just take out the trash.

final summary

Sweeping robots include high-end products and cheap ones. There must be some differences. They are indeed better in terms of product quality and technology. Otherwise, they will violate the law of commodity value, that is, what everyone often says is that you get what you pay for. In general, don’t have too much hope for a sweeping robot that costs tens of euros, because it can only clean some relatively large garbage on the ground, and it can’t do anything about corners or other obstructed places. It is cleaning, and it does not have a smart chip installed. If it hits a corner during the cleaning process, it will stop there and will not back up by itself. It could be more of a novelty addiction than actually helping you get things done. To say that sweeping the floor is the cleanest, of course, is the cleanest by doing it yourself. You can clean any small corners, but many times you don’t have so much time, you can only rely on these machines to clean, and the machines have a gradual upgrading process. Of course, the smarter the better, but it should also be based on your own economic situation and don't over-consume. It is recommended to choose according to your actual situation when purchasing. The price is one aspect, and the performance is the most important. You can focus on route planning and cleaning capabilities. Generally, sweeping robots with good positioning and composition have a high degree of intelligence, and they can also have functions such as escape and collision avoidance.
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