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The Best autonomous floor cleaning robot for Pet Hair

For the post-90s generation, it is not easy to buy a cleaning tool that can quickly remove hair and look good.
Being a shit shoveler is bliss. Watching your little puppy/kitten from toddler to adulthood, there is a sense of responsibility and pride in being a parent. Of course, pets are sometimes a burden to the happiness of shit shovelers. After you have pets, you will find that pet hair loss is really only a headache. From sofa pillows to carpets, pet hair is everywhere. ! Dogs generally molt in spring and autumn. In spring, their hair will be replaced by hair that keeps warm in winter to hair that is easier to dissipate heat in summer, and in autumn, it will change from hair that dissipates heat to hair that protects against cold. For cats, hair loss is determined by the length of light, so long-haired cats may shed their hair all year round. When it comes to the moulting season, you often see pet hair all over the floor as soon as you get home, which is not only unsightly, but also prone to allergies and disease problems. And hair loss is not only a trouble for the shit shoveler, but even the pet itself "hates". Up to 2/3 of a cat's shed fur can be licked into the cat's stomach, which can form hairballs in the cat's gut, causing discomfort, stress, and potentially serious health problems. For the health of the family, we must do a good job of removing pet hair. We need a sweeping robot to help clean the hair at home and help us through the painful period of pet hair moulting. Today we recommend a powerful suction intelligent sweeping robot that can effectively remove pet hair.

aigostar intelligent sweeping cleaning power is excellent

What we want to recommend to you today is this aigostar smart sweeping vacuum cleaner, which is designed by a company located in Spain. They specially design vacuum cleaners for families to solve their problems. This is a smart robot vacuum at a reasonable price that also performs well. The ultra-thin design allows it to get all the way into tight spaces under beds and chairs, where pet hair tends to get caught, where you'd have to bend and twist with a regular vacuum. The sweeping robot is relatively quiet when it works, and the sound is lower than 63 decibels, so it will not irritate pets. Compared with other products, it has stronger suction power for seasonal pet hair removal. The strong suction power of 2700pa makes the cleaning work easier and more efficient, so that it can pick up more things that fall on the floor, such as dirt, grains, dust and Bread crumbs. The large dust box holds more trash, and the super performance filter traps more dust and allergens, which means it cleans rooms more efficiently in less time. As a smart vacuum cleaner, it can clean up the place the user wants to clean well. Wheels and a snag-resistant design allow it to climb plush carpet and sit flush against walls. On average, the aigostar autonomous floor cleaning robot can collect 9.6 grams of dirt per trip. If the user sets it to run automatically every day, that equates to 67g of dust for a week – the equivalent of a light cleaning from a full-size vacuum. Moreover, it is able to keep the home safe from allergens as it is equipped with a HEPA filter.

Pet-friendly "virtual wall" feature

Its groundbreaking use of lasers can scan a room layout and map the floor plan to create cleaning routes. The built-in intelligent map and navigation capability based on lidar navigation technology, combined with synchronous positioning and mapping technology, enables the home layout map to be reused once created, without the need for remapping before each use like other cleaning robots. Not only that, it is hailed as a milestone in the field of commercial floor cleaning robot, with its innovative "virtual wall barrier" function, that is, where you don't want it to clean, users can draw lines on the virtual map created by it to prevent it from approaching Sensitive areas such as pet bowls and pet beds. On the contrary, it is also possible to set the range of cleaning. With just one swipe, the app tells the robot how many times it has cleaned an area. This function is very useful in places with high pet activity frequency in the home, such as places near the dog door and food bowl that need to be cleaned many times. After the autonomous floor cleaning robot is connected to the Wi-Fi function, it can be connected to the mobile APP to realize a smart home. Through the aigosmart App on the mobile phone, you can issue cleaning orders anytime and anywhere. In this way, no matter where you are, you can start, stop, pause, and make an appointment to control the sweeping robot. You can know when, how and where the vacuum cleaner is cleaning from your smartphone. It is like a smart and hard-working little helper. When you go out every day, you can easily make an appointment with the robot for cleaning or schedule cleaning according to your habits, so that you can directly enjoy the "renewed" environment when you get home!


Taking care of pets is not as easy as taking care of children. In particular, repeated hair loss requires timely cleaning, which increases the number and amount of daily cleaning. The sweeping robot is really a must-have for lazy people. It cleans regularly every day, and is more suitable for cleaning large areas of various types of dust. For homes with constant hair, it can easily solve hair problems. Even carpets with "hair-absorbing physique" can be sucked away. net. Pets should bring happiness, not too much trouble. The aigostar robot vacuum cleaner integrates good looks, high performance, and high cost performance. Whether it is particulate matter in daily life or pet hair, during the cleaning process, there is no hair entanglement or unclean cleaning. The operation is simple and efficient, and various designs can solve various pain points encountered in the life of pet owners. 

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