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Autonomous floor cleaning robot for beginners

With the advent of the era of artificial intelligence, sweeping robots have gradually become irreplaceable. Anyone who has used them knows that choosing an easy-to-use robot can greatly free our hands. As a small floor cleaning assistant that has evolved for 20 or 30 years, it is no longer a tasteless product that was jokingly called "IQ tax". It cannot be denied that sweeping robots have rapidly changed our way of life. Many families have already relied heavily on sweeping robots. It can truly free our hands and free up more time for us to feel the beauty of life.
As an enthusiastic fan of smart home products, I have a strong interest in autonomous floor cleaning robot . Although the sweeping robot has experienced a long history of development, the personal use experience of the product has experienced a qualitative leap, and it is nothing more than the last two or three years. Therefore, it is strongly recommended for families who have never used it to buy one to experience it. The sweeping robot of a big brand The after-sales service is very good, without any worries. The development of sweeping robots until 2022 can be called the most voluptuous year in the history of sweeping robots!
Integrated sweeping and mopping, automatic dust collection, self-cleaning mop, and automatic drying mop have all become standard configurations. Better navigation system + more advanced obstacle avoidance technology makes the sweeping robot an efficient cleaner who "sweeps wherever you point". . Automatic water replenishment, carpet recognition, automatic water up and down, base station self-cleaning, mop drying, scheduled cleaning, etc., it seems that the functions we hoped for at the beginning are all available! All of these can make us less involved in the daily chores of floor cleaning. This is what a perfect sweeping robot looks like that everyone wants!

The difference between sweepers, scrubbers, and vacuum cleanersIn terms of use, the sweeper works by itself, and the scrubber needs to hold the handle by itself, wherever it needs to be cleaned.
The sweeper focuses on sweeping and dust removal, and the floor washing machine focuses on washing and brushing the floor. The sweeper is suitable for the crowd: all cute people, those who don't like cleaning, those who don't have time to clean, those who have cleanliness, and all families. The commercial floor cleaning robot is suitable for the crowd: those who have time and energy to walk around with the handle, those with small houses who need to clean dirty areas back and forth, and those with large houses. The sweeping robot can be said to be a reduced version of a fully automatic vacuum cleaner, but the sweeping robot cannot replace the vacuum cleaner. Compared with vacuum cleaners, sweeping robots do not need to be hand-held and are less noisy. Anyone who has used vacuum cleaners knows that vacuum cleaners are louder. However, the sweeping robot has low suction and can only do floor cleaning. Therefore, sweeping robots are suitable for daily ground maintenance and cleaning, and vacuum cleaners are suitable for heavy house cleaning in multiple scenarios.

Precautions for purchasing sweeping robots

When purchasing a product, it mainly depends on whether it meets our own needs, as long as it actually solves our problems, don't blindly pursue the bigger the parameters, the better. The suction power of a sweeping robot is not as big as possible. 1500Pa-2500Pa can basically meet the daily cleaning requirements at home. If the suction power is too high, it means paying IQ tax or it is more suitable to be called a commercial floor cleaning robot . It is not necessary at all, and the price is more expensive. , without excessive pursuit.
The double-sided brush is not necessarily better than the single-sided brush. The double-sided brush sucks the garbage to the middle, and the sweeping and cleaning efficiency is higher. The single-sided brush is not easy to blow dust and garbage away. Each has its own advantages.
If you don't want to throw garbage frequently, try to buy one with a dust collection device, and take out the garbage once a month without smelling. If you consider the limited budget, buy a slightly larger dust box, which can hold more garbage. The electric control water tank is better than the seepage water tank. The electric control water tank can intelligently and evenly wet the mop. The ground will not be too wet after the robot cleans, and the water stains are acceptable. Do not use it in a particularly humid environment, because the motor is easy to short circuit and catch fire after absorbing water. And do not inhale flammable items such as matches and cigarette butts into the robot vacuum cleaner to avoid fire and explosion.
Also, if the autonomous floor cleaning robot is not used for a long time, unplug the power cord from the socket, and charge the robot vacuum regularly to maintain battery capacity. Do not wash the main body of the machine with water, otherwise it will cause water to enter the main unit and affect the normal operation of the machine; it is recommended to clean the main unit regularly for about three months.
Cleaning ability is the key factor for choosing a suitable sweeping robot. There are many sweeping methods of sweeping robots on the market, most of which are pure suction port, rubber brush type, and suction port with roller brush. Pure suction port: It mainly depends on the suction power, relying on the suction power of the sweeping robot to suck up the garbage. The greater the suction power, the better the cleaning effect. Some fine dust and paper scraps may not be cleaned. Rubber brush type: It is divided into single rubber brush and combined double rubber brush. The double rubber brush has a stronger cleaning effect and can comprehensively clean the dust on the seams and corners. It is not easy to entangle hair and is easy to clean. Suction port with roller brush: The vacuum port has a roller brush, which can rotate thousands of times per minute when working. When sweeping the floor, it sweeps and sucks at the same time. The roller brush can sweep the gaps in the floor that we miss and cannot clean. of. The dust, lint and hair in the home can be swept away.

Recommended home sweeping robot

The new AIGOSTAR intelligent sweeping robot knight series has attracted a lot of attention since it was first released. It integrates suction and drag, and has powerful functions. LED laser navigation + advanced SLAM algorithm technology can create accurate and fast maps of the whole house, and can freely walk through and avoid debris under furniture. , climb over carpets and cables, clean along the edges and corners of walls, avoid stairs and other areas with height differences, the maximum cleaning area is 300 square meters, 500ml dust box + 270ml water tank, suction and drag integrated, powerful cleaning, and battery life at the same time With a capacity of up to 120 minutes, it can fully realize the cleaning of the whole house without dead ends.
Everyone will choose a more suitable sweeping robot according to the actual situation or budget of the family. Today, with the rapid development of science and technology, more intelligent home equipment will continue to emerge. There is no need to pursue the latest products too much. The most suitable for the current life is the most OK

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