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Autonomous floor cleaning robot should a family with pets choose?

Sweeping robot, also known as automatic cleaning machine, smart vacuum cleaner, robot vacuum cleaner, etc., is a kind of smart household appliances. With certain artificial intelligence algorithms, it can automatically complete the floor cleaning work in the room. Sweeping robots first appeared in the European and American markets. With the improvement of domestic living standards, they gradually entered the eyes of domestic consumers.
People who have pets such as cats and dogs often go crazy because of cleaning the hair of the little ones, because no matter whether it is sweeping or mopping the floor, it seems that the ground cannot be completely cleaned, let alone keep it for the little ones to run around every day Close contact, in this case, an intelligent autonomous floor cleaning robot can save us a lot of energy and time. As an important intelligent technology, the sweeping robot is changing rapidly. In just a few years, its functions are gradually expanding based on simple sweeping and dust removal functions, adding automatic charging, automatic route planning, and integrated sweeping and dragging. More humanized and intelligent improvements.
Just like families with pets and families without pets, when choosing a sweeping robot, the required focus will be different. Because the sweeping robot has a variety of functions and classifications, different functions specialize in different cleaning environments, so that the right medicine can be used to better improve efficiency. So, as a family with pets at home, how should we choose a sweeping robot in the face of pet hair all over the house?

Pet hair is easy to fall off, is it reliable to use a sweeping robot?

Whether you have a cat or a dog, hair loss is actually a very normal and common thing. Many animals even lose their hair all year round. Hair loss is not terrible, but the terrible thing is that there are hairs everywhere in the room. If it is not cleaned at ordinary times, the hairs in the corners will gather quickly, and it is very easy to produce various bacteria. And if there are friends and guests coming to the house, it is difficult to leave a good impression on people with pet hair everywhere.
So how can we easily clean up pet hair? Many people may think of using an autonomous floor cleaning robot . The sweeping robot is indeed a very happy product. It can contract household chores without doing it yourself . But everyone should pay attention, not all sweeping robots are suitable for cleaning pet hair, why do you say that?
Because the main brushes of many commercial floor cleaning robots on the market , that is, the brushes that pick up garbage at the bottom of the robot, all use brushes. You can also imagine what it would be like if the brush met the hair dropped by cats and dogs. Therefore, a small blade is included in the packaging of many sweeping robots as a cleaning tool for the main brush. But this cleaning tool only treats the symptoms but not the root cause. After cleaning, the user has to remove the main brush and clean it with a blade, which is both troublesome and unhygienic, and there are also some potential safety hazards.

The necessity of choosing a sweeping robot for pet families

It is especially necessary for some families with pets. For most people, the pets they like to keep are nothing more than some cats and dogs. Over time, cats and dogs also shed hair as they grow, and because they run around the room, the hair may exist in the corners of each room, and if there is another gust of wind , these hairs will float into the air and fly around, and if people inhale them, they may be allergic.
So it is actually a risk factor for those with allergies. However, the commercial floor cleaning robot can clean up these hairs and make our room look tidy. Being good at using these technologies is actually of great significance to our lives.

How to choose a sweeping robot suitable for pet families

In addition to the shape design of the sweeping robot, the thickness of its body is also within the range of choice, because for families with pets, pet hair may be hidden on the low sofa, under the bed, and at the bottom of the cabinet. The appearance of the sweeping robot is heavy, so it is completely useless to clean the bottom of the furniture.
Therefore, choosing a sweeping robot with an ultra-thin design can not only easily drill into places that are not easy to be cleaned, such as under the bed and under the cabinet, but also consciously "suck into the bag" the dust and debris on the corner of the wall or the edge of the furniture.
For families with pets at home, the hair problem needs to be fully considered when choosing a sweeping robot, because pets still shed a lot of hair every day, not to mention the moulting period, and the hair is flying all over the house. Therefore, when purchasing, you should still choose a suction-type sweeping robot, which has a good cleaning effect on hair. Today's sweeping robots not only vacuum and sweep the floor, but also have some functional details that will bring auxiliary effects to pet owners, and can also make your cleaning effect twice the result with half the effort.
The rampant sweeping robot not only scarred the sweeping robot, but also caused damage to the furniture. Especially for pets sleeping around at home, the anti-collision function can sensitively avoid obstacles, avoid random collisions, and avoid conflicts with pets.


Many people keep pets, but they are troubled by the problem of hygiene and cleaning. Today, with the ever-changing technology, cleaning is no longer a problem. For example, the black knight sweeping robot of aigostar is a very suitable cleaning tool for pet families. If you want to keep a pet, or you already have a pet, but you are still troubled by the cleaning problem, then come and try my recommendation!

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