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The future of commercial floor cleaning robot

The sweeping robot industry has experienced more than 20 years of development, and the speed of technological innovation is obvious to all. Since the launch of self-cleaning products in 2019, the sweeping robot track has opened a new rapid growth channel. Judging from the general environment, the sweeping robot is a highly deterministic subdivision track. First of all, due to the changes in the labor force structure brought about by the aging population, more and more people are too busy to do household cleaning. Secondly, the development of AI technology and the improvement of the robot industry chain provide the basic conditions for transforming the cleaning industry with technology. Finally, this track has just started and has a relatively large room for growth. AIGOSTAR commercial cleaning robot is undoubtedly the best choice. Although it cannot completely replace human labor for the time being, it can also reduce human dependence to a certain extent. With the maturity of the cleaning robot industry, the advantages of "machine replacement" will gradually be realized. It took only a few years for the market size of sweeping robots to reach tens of billions, and it was the most difficult few years during the epidemic, which shows its huge potential for future development. Moreover, the product innovation space is also very broad. Around the cleaning effect, appearance value, and product experience, major brands have launched a variety of new products, and the prices completely cover all price segments.

Innovation can drive growth, and the intelligence and form of sweeping robots have broken the situation

1. Looking at all the sweeping robots currently on the market, their working modes are almost the same. The whole house scans to build a map, and then formulates the most efficient cleaning route. In the future, every time a cleaning task is performed, it must be cleaned according to the planned route. To be honest, it seems a bit rigid, and it is impossible to "sweep where you point". If you accidentally spill your coffee, or knock over a snack, it can be quite a hassle when you need to spot clean up. Therefore, the sweeping robot should have the ability to point and sweep wherever it is called, in order to meet some special cleaning needs. A real smart home appliance must be able to arrive in time and solve the problem when the owner needs it, and it will only execute commands in a cyclical manner according to the established program, which is really not smart. In the future, not only the commercial floor cleaning robot, but other household appliances may also try to think in this direction to promote the progress of the entire smart home industry, make home appliances smarter, and make life more convenient. 2. The autonomous floor cleaning robot has been developed for several years now, and the product has gradually evolved from a stand-alone model to a base station model. The cleaning ability is continuously enhanced, and the functions are becoming more and more powerful. However, for so many years, the sweeping robot is still in a circular design. This shape can be said to be helpless when facing corners, corners or stairs. Fill in the gaps. Therefore, whether the shape of the sweeping robot can also carry out a subversive and bold innovation, breaking the traditional shape of the circle. Of course, the birth of each product or design needs to go through a long process of exploration and testing, and pay attention to its feasibility and durability. It is definitely not that simple to break the deadlock in the industry and launch a new form of sweeping robot. It requires a lot of financial and manpower to try bit by bit.

To break the homogenization, various sweeping robot companies compete

The future technical development direction of sweeping robots will definitely be to continuously solve the cleaning needs of users and new pain points in product experience, and to bring users a better sense of experience by creating services and after-sales advantages. At present, most enterprises still focus on the technical level. In fact, as an improved home appliance product, users attach great importance to the high-end experience. Excellent channel experience and after-sales service are also a kind of "curve strategy". At the same time, it also puts forward higher requirements for the comprehensive strength of the enterprise. Impressing the hearts of users will be the most important factor in determining the outcome of the market in the future. For example, AIGOSTAR autonomous floor cleaning robot is an improved product at this stage. At present, many consumers are still waiting to see some expensive products. A more complete structure can reach users of various consumption levels such as high, middle and low. Carry out market consumption education and market popularization; when the sweeping robot transforms from an improved product to a just-needed product, the advantages of the first-generation users of each consumer class harvested in the early stage will be reflected. After the industry enters the red sea competition period, the enterprise's defense wall will be deeper. It is also a core advantage that breaks the current competitive landscape.

final summary

One thing that many sweeping robot practitioners have to admit is that although the fast-paced life and the rise of the lazy economy have enhanced the attractiveness of sweeping robots, in general, the current household sweeping robots belong to improved consumption—— Even if it doesn't, it doesn't have much impact on work life. The biggest advantage of sweeping robots at present is still intelligence, which is also the basis for products to hold the market. Therefore, the future development direction of AIGOSTAR sweeping robot still needs to focus on improving product intelligence, adding functions such as sound source positioning and furniture recognition to make the product smarter. At the same time, continue to enhance the cleaning ability of the sweeping robot, avoid being pulled too far away by the washing machine, explore the next form step by step, and help the sweeping robot to turn against the wind. The future technical development direction of sweeping robots will definitely be to continuously solve the cleaning needs of users and new pain points in product experience, and to bring users a better sense of experience by creating services and after-sales advantages.
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