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The Evolution of Autonomous Floor Cleaning Robot: From Past to Present

Unbeknownst to many, household cleaning robots originated in September 1954. In 1985, Hitachi Hitachi showed the sample HCR-00 of the indoor cleaning robot at the Domotechnica exhibition. This machine has a gyroscope and an ultrasonic radar for positioning. In 1996, Electrolux released the Trilobite robot vacuum cleaner (which looks like an ancient creature trilobite). This is the world's first sweeping robot equipped with an ultrasonic sensor that can automatically transmit the position of obstacles. The price is about At $2000, the price can be considered very expensive, and it is also the earliest sweeping robot. At present, the evolution of the sweeping robot is manifested in its continuous intelligence, solving various problems of navigation and intelligent cleaning, making the robot brain smarter, enhancing the memory function, improving the accuracy of vision, and being able to clean more intelligently. A big leap.

Intelligent development of sweeping robot

You may not have felt concretely that the current cleaning robots are more intelligent. Its intelligence is not only reflected in a single cleaning, but also in multiple and repeated cleanings. To give a simple example, aigostar's latest autonomous floor cleaning robot can already store maps and reuse maps. This is a long-term smart road. Simple logo. When it scans once, or after scanning several times, it can record the map of the home and understand the terrain and obstacles of the home environment. At the same time, in this process, people will also interact with it, which is equivalent to a training process. Now autonomous floor cleaning robot already exist: for example, they can clean regularly and save maps. You can specify what kind of place is the bedroom and what kind of place is the living room. In this process, the robot can continue to learn. In this way, its cleaning efficiency is improved, and the cleaning quality is also improved. For example, storing maps, such as automatic partitioning of family maps, and optimizing partitions. Zoning refers to what kind of cleaning strategies are used in different rooms in the home environment, and what kind of cleaning strategies are used according to the shape of the room. I believe that there will be more possibilities for intelligent cleaning in the future. For example, after vision and more artificial intelligence are added, the complexity of the surrounding environment can be considered, the cleanliness of the ground can be identified, and key cleaning can be carried out.

The improvement of these two technologies makes the past a reality

One is the sensor system, especially the visual perception system. We believe that vision plays the biggest role in it. At present, radar is also used for intelligent planning, but more complex perception still requires the visual system to complete. The cleaning robot's understanding of the home environment is the same as that of a human being. The most information that a human understands about an unfamiliar environment comes from vision. Like what does the boundary of the room look like? Where is the door? I can divide the room by our location. You can know whether it is a living room or a bedroom by identifying objects in your home, you can know what obstacles are in front of you through vision, and you can also know the degree of cleanliness through vision. Another is cloud computing. There is an interaction between the terminal and the cloud for the cognition of the home environment. The terminal provides distributed computing and perception, and the cloud provides centralized services. The aigostar commercial floor cleaning robot is an AIOT device. In addition to its cleaning function, it is also a networked smart device. First of all, it will be connected to the Internet, so there must be a background, and the interaction with the background will become more and more. For example, its map, the storage and multiplexing update of the map in the home environment will be realized in the background. After a long period of use, it is assumed that an automatic mode will be formed on a monthly basis, and the sweeping robot will clean regularly. Your home will be very clean when you get home. It will record your usage habits, and through your usage habits, slowly learn the entire cleaning strategy and make constant adjustments. If vision is added, there will be more advanced ones. For example, after the recognition detection is added, it will recognize obstacles, some special items in your home, such as slippers, children's toys, etc., it has never seen it before, but you can use its own sensors, Then train through the background. After training, it can hide by itself, and even help you find things that have been dropped under the bed. The principle of vacuum cleaners and sweeping robots is to generate negative pressure by vacuuming, but the sweeping robot uses the form of a robot and uses some auxiliary tools such as brushes.

final summary

The evolution and development of sweeping robots, if we compare it with humans, we can think that sweeping robots have underdeveloped limbs at first, and their minds are relatively simple; gradually, their limbs are more developed, but their minds are still very simple. Later, when the limbs are developed, the brain is a bit smart; after that, the limbs are developed, the mind is better, but the memory is not so good. Now my brain and limbs are developed, my brain is also very smart, and my memory is relatively good. Another very important point is that he can generate wisdom through his own memory. The industry of sweeping robots is actually very promising. First of all, at the level of public demand, it is constantly increasing. It can also be seen from a data in the past few years that the production and sales of sweeping robots are growing rapidly, with an annual growth rate of 30%-40%. Secondly, from the perspective of the product cycle, it has actually passed the threshold of public approval, and the public has found it to be easy to use and useful.

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