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Autonomous floor cleaning robot is changing the world

What is the ultimate form of household cleaning robots? Do home cleaning robots have a future? Many people don't have an answer. With a certain degree of artificial intelligence, it can replace human beings to do household cleaning work independently, reduce artificial cleaning, and bring convenience to family life. Household cleaning robots, driven by Generation Z, ushered in a new peak of development. When it comes to the development of household cleaning robots, sweeping robots must be mentioned. Sweeping robots are to household cleaning robots just as the heart is to people. It can be said that, to some extent, it is the emergence and development of sweeping robots that has knocked on the door of the household cleaning robot industry and brought the household cleaning robot industry into the into the public eye. In contrast, the "lazy economy" is on the rise. In the context of the continuous refinement of the social division of labor, people are more willing to choose to pay for things that require a lot of energy but do not bring much output. . Taking room cleaning as an example, more and more people choose to use household cleaning robots as cleaning tools, even though cleaning robots are not cheap. But paying for experience and saving time has become an important part of the consumption outlook of Generation Z.

Manpower shortage, robot replacement is imperative

As you know, the autonomous floor cleaning robot track is really much wider than we imagined. Service robots were originally created to replace humans, freeing humans from repetitive and cumbersome work, and at the same time improving production efficiency. In modern society, due to the gradual aging of the population structure and rising labor costs, service robots have been given a more important mission. The proportion of the elderly population is constantly increasing, the service demand is getting heavier, and the human resources that can meet it are getting less and less, and the labor cost is rising all the way. If robots can be introduced, it can help solve this problem. In terms of intelligence, the latest sweeping robots are far beyond the imagination of those who have never been in contact with sweeping robots, both in terms of cleaning ability and intelligence. Today's sweeping robots continue to incorporate a series of trendy new technologies such as intelligent voice, intelligent navigation, AI algorithms, video, and the Internet of Things, making sweeping robots more autonomous, intelligent, convenient and commercial. What we need to do in the future is to use scientific and technological wisdom to make the lives of most people better and more convenient, focus more on specific people, and solve the practical problems of more users with a people-centered approach, bringing sweeping robots from "high service" Consumers" to "serve the majority of consumers".

Good products make people more and more "lazy"

Think about it carefully, the reason why the concept of commercial floor cleaning robot products can be recognized by users is that it promises the experience of letting go of the floor cleaning to the machine, and users can transfer the time and energy originally used for housework to more important tasks. matter. Therefore, in this market, the products that make people more and more "lazy" are good products. In addition to the price factor, one of the reasons why sweeping robots have not entered the lives of more users before is cleaning and maintenance. The products at that time could provide a more reliable dust collection experience on the ground, but after the cleaning was completed, the user had to do it himself to dump the dust box and clean the body. The sweeping robot that could not completely help people free their hands naturally could not convince more Consumers buy with real money. Therefore, in the era when sweeping robots only have sweeping functions, automatic dust collection is regarded as the ultimate form of serving "lazy people". The work that the user has to take out the dust box and manually dump the slag is transformed into a reverse dust collection by the built-in vacuum cleaner in the base station, and the user can complete all the cleaning procedures by throwing away the replaceable dust bag. Users will not be exposed to dust at all during this process, and the experience has become much more elegant. After years of development, the sweeping robot finally makes people completely "hands-off shopkeepers": sweep and mop the floor, all of which are left to it; after cleaning, the mop is self-cleaning and drying, which is also done by itself; the cleaned sewage is poured out , Replace clean water for backup, add detergent regularly, or do it all. All the user has to do is to click "Start" on the mobile phone or base station, or issue a start command with voice.

Epilogue and Unopened

With the continuous improvement of the living standards of our people, cleaning robots, as a robot that can free hands, are gradually occupying the market. From the development and evolution process of household cleaning robots, it is not difficult to see that household cleaning robot companies are driven by consumer demand, product development and design are becoming more and more "intimate", and the product usage scenarios of household cleaning robots are also becoming more and more broad. With the continuous development of the Internet and artificial intelligence technology, more and more smart home devices have begun to appear and enter our daily lives. Among them, cleaning robots that allow us to "free our hands" and perform autonomous and intelligent cleaning are becoming more and more popular among contemporary young people. In the smart home market, the cleaning robot track is the hottest. When technology is no longer a problem, household robots integrating housework robots and multifunctional household cleaning robots will become a trend and will be loved by people. On the basis of the development and market conditions of cleaning robots, so we can draw a simple conclusion and judge the future development direction of household cleaning robots.

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