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Troubleshoot your commercial floor cleaning robot

For a long time in the past, commercial floor cleaning robots have been complained by customers.
used autonomous floor cleaning robots may have experienced that in order to prevent the sweeping robot from "losing itself" in the middle of cleaning, it is necessary to close the doors of other rooms when cleaning a fixed area, but some robots are quite "not hit the south wall and not The spirit of "turning back", whether it is a door or a table leg, bumps into it with one brain, and after many hits to no avail, it may choose to "strike".
Unrecognizable obstacles, lost positioning, or mid-strike are all autonomous floor cleaning robots , especially the mistakes that sweeping robots in the early stage often make. In many cases, they are clearly an artificial intelligence, but behave like an "artificial mental retardation".
In the face of offices, hotel lobbies, supermarkets and other spaces that are larger and more complex than the home scene, can the commercial floor cleaning robot clean the floor smoothly? Although many companies advertise their products as cleaning robots, they have not actually achieved "hands-free" in the true sense. If we observe carefully, we can see that cleaning robots in some office buildings and shopping malls still need frequent maintenance by cleaning staff after completing cleaning tasks autonomously and returning to the workstation, such as ensuring that the garbage in the sewage tank is cleaned up and filling the fresh water tank. water, add detergent, and replace the dust cloth, etc. In short, it just doesn't work.
Nowadays, in order to improve human efficiency, there are more and more large-scale commercial floor cleaning robots . However, due to the different manufacturers and different usage methods of each device, there will always be more or less faults. The following are some common faults Type to make some emergency treatment methods.

Pause during operation

Maintenance method: 1. If it is a rough carpet floor, the resistance of the machine to advance is too great, so put the machine on the floor environment for a try. 2. Unplug the left and right wheels and start the machine to check whether there is such a bad phenomenon. If there is still, it means that the motherboard has a problem and needs to be replaced. If it is fine after pulling out the wheel, it means that the problem is the wheel and needs to be replaced. wheel.

not booting

Maintenance method: 1. The machine has been left for too long and the battery is dead, so it needs to be charged with a charging stand or an adapter. 2. Please check whether the cable connecting the battery cable and the panel is loose or falling off. 3. If the machine switches frequently, please check whether the key switch is damaged. 4. If it is not the above reasons, the motherboard needs to be replaced.

do not shut down

Maintenance method: 1. If the machine switches frequently, please check whether the key switch is damaged. 2. Please check whether the connecting wire of the shell is loose or falls off. 3. If no abnormality is detected, the motherboard needs to be replaced.

The brush does not turn

Maintenance method: 1. Check whether the main brush is rotating. If the main brush is rotating, then check whether there are foreign objects wrapped around the side brush. 2. If neither the main brush nor the side brush can be rotated, then loosen the screws of the main tooth box to see if it rotates after starting. If it still cannot be rotated, only the main tooth box can be replaced.

The machine has been left for too long and cannot be charged

Maintenance method: Use the adapter to charge the main unit directly. After the green light goes out, it still needs to be charged for one hour. At this time, it is charging the small battery to activate the battery. After one hour, the machine stops charging for one minute, and then charges the main unit again. It can be charged normally. If it still doesn’t work, please recharge it for one hour and activate the battery again. Repeat this three times to fully activate the battery.

Left and right back alarm

Fault 1 description: The machine starts for about 1 second and pauses and gives a red light alarm . Maintenance method: ①Check whether the sockets of all ground detection sensors are loose or fall off. ② Gently check the sensor wire with your hands to check if there is any falling off phenomenon, if there is no phenomenon, you need to replace the main board.
Fault 2 description: The machine starts to move back and forth for a few seconds, then pauses and gives a red light alarm
Maintenance method: ①Check whether there is something covering the lens of the ground detection sensor. ② Replace the ground running machine with a whiter color, and observe whether there is still a phenomenon of red light alarm for left and right back. ③ Check whether the sockets of all the ground detection sensors are loose and fall off, and gently shake the wires of the ground detection sensors with your hands to check whether there is any fall off. If there is no phenomenon, the motherboard needs to be replaced.

The cleaning effect is not good, the suction power is reduced

Fault description: The dust cannot be sucked clean when the machine sweeps the floor. Maintenance method: Check the dust box, the dust inlet, whether the dust box cover is too dirty or blocked, and whether the side sweep is normal. Whether the battery is dead.

key not working

Fault description: The keys on the key board sometimes work, sometimes they don't. Maintenance method: replace the button board or replace the button with the same specification.
The machine's anti-fall failure or failure
Fault description: The treadmill occasionally falls from the steps or stops at the edge of the steps and the red light alarms
Maintenance method: ① First of all, it must be determined that the height of the step must be greater than 8CM. ②Please check whether the sensor at the bottom of the machine is too dirty or covered. The smooth or reflective part of the machine may cause the anti-fall function to deteriorate. ③ Check whether the machine is working under strong sunlight. Please do not pile up fragile items on the table or under the steps to be cleaned by the machine to prevent the machine from falling with a very small probability under the influence of the environment
The ability to comprehensively understand the scene is not only the basis for differentiation, but also the core competitiveness of future autonomous floor cleaning robots . The ability to understand the scene mainly comes from three aspects: hardware self-development, algorithm optimization, and collaborative convenience. Since the general-purpose mobile chassis and off-the-shelf cleaning mechanisms cannot effectively adapt to cleaning robots, manufacturers need to independently develop mobile chassis and cleaning mechanisms, which is also a barrier. Secondly, compared with the point-to-point path planning of distribution robots, the algorithm of commercial cleaning robots needs to solve the two-dimensional problem of two-dimensional plane. The difficulty is to achieve full coverage. In the innovation of future product functions Still need to continue to optimize. Finally, based on the big logic of human-machine collaboration, how to solve the problem of collaboration between cleaning staff and robots.

Today, with the improvement of product strength and changes in sales channels, commercial cleaning robots have come to a critical point in time. Everyone is waiting, who can be the first to press the accelerator key for industry fission. But in any case, commercial cleaning robots are still in the early stages of development, and their penetration rate is less than 1%. This blue ocean will continue to flood in with new players in the future. Let us wait and see who can gain a firm foothold in the huge waves.

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