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When buying floor cleaning robot, remember "4 points", saving money and practical

With the development of society and the advancement of science, our value life is becoming more and more intelligent now. There are many smart home appliances that allow us to truly free our hands to do housework, make it easier, have more leisure time, and no longer be bound by housework. , the sweeping robot is one of them,
The sweeping robot was not very perfect at the beginning, but now it has been improved and more perfect after user feedback. With the sweeping robot, there is no longer arguing about who does the housework. It is especially suitable for young people. Now everyone pays a lot of attention to the sweeping robot. I don't know how to choose, and I want to buy a commercial floor cleaning robot vacuum cleaner but I'm afraid that I can't buy it. What should I do? Suggestion to everyone: Just remember these 4 points, saving money and being practical.

①: better suction

The sweeping robots on the market have different price points, and the user experience will also be different, but no matter what price we buy, the robot must remember that the first thing to pay attention to is the suction of the sweeping robot . When the floor is cleaned, it will be unclean and stains will remain, and we need to clean it again by ourselves. It is better not to buy this kind of sweeping robot. There are also some sweeping robots, the suction is not strong enough, and they will clean up some floating dust in the home, causing the floating dust to scatter everywhere, causing secondary pollution. Bad robot vacuum.

②: High sensitivity

reason why we want to buy a autonomous floor cleaning robot is to free our hands. Everyone hopes that after the perfect sweeping robot, you can no longer use your hands to clean the floor of your home, and you can sit comfortably on the sofa and watch TV. Enjoy more rest time, Therefore , when sweeping and buying a small robot, the sensitivity of the sweeping robot should be paid special attention to. The higher the sensitivity, the better its obstacle avoidance ability and the more thorough cleaning. When cleaning, you will often encounter some obstacles such as furniture and appliances, which will affect the cleaning effect, and even some larger obstacles will cause damage to the sweeping robot. The sweeping robot with higher sensitivity uses laser to clean the house. It can explore the surrounding outline range and record the location of household items. It can perfectly avoid these furniture when cleaning, and its sense of direction will be better, so we don’t need to do it with our hands.

③: Sweeping and dragging integrated

If the budget is sufficient, it is recommended that you directly purchase a robot that integrates sweeping and mopping. This will not only collect dust and dirt on the ground, but also clean stubborn stains on the ground. It can sweep and mop the floor, so the cleaning effect will be better. Some. When choosing a hand rest all-in-one machine, it is recommended that you focus on the high-frequency vibration mopping system, because high-frequency vibration can clean the dirt on the ground, and the effect will be better today. In addition, if you buy a sweeping and dragging robot, it is recommended that you buy a sweeping and dragging commercial floor cleaning robot electronically controlled water tank , so that it can accurately control the amount of water when it hits the ground, and the humidity will be more uniform, and the cleaning effect will naturally be the best.

④: Automatic dust collection

If you just choose a sweeping robot, it is recommended that you choose a sweeping robot with automatic integration, which can be automatically stored, and sweeping can clean dust, paper scraps and other debris on the ground. This kind of sweeping robot is equipped with an automatic dust collection seat with a relatively large capacity, which can accommodate the garbage cleaned by the sweeping robot for a month, so we can clean the dust collection seat once a month.


If you want to buy a sweeping robot to free your hands and don’t want to do housework, but you don’t know how to choose a suggestion, please remember the above 4 points and choose a sweeping robot that will definitely free your hands, practical and cheap.

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