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Safety Concerns With Autonomous Floor Cleaning Robot

The modern black technology invention of sweeping robot has helped many families solve this trouble. As an "artifact for lazy people", sweeping robots have entered more and more families and become a good helper for family cleaning. Nowadays, sweeping robots have slowly penetrated into our daily life, and we are all too familiar with it. As the number of users using sweeping robots gradually increases, various problems also appear one after another, often because of inappropriate users. Accidents caused by the use of sweeping robots. For example, this really happened: There is a heater on the floor of the home. When the sweeping robot is working, the heater is pushed or the wires wrapped around the heater move with the heater, causing the heater to heat up, igniting flammable materials, and eventually causing a fire. These potential safety hazards should attract our attention, and we should regulate the use of sweeping robots!

Basic introduction of Aigostar robot vacuum cleaner

Aigostar autonomous floor cleaning robot can sweep and mop, becoming an all-round product that truly frees hands. In addition, after being equipped with an intelligent voice assistant, the sweeping robot can be summoned through a simple "OK, start running", and the deep integration of voice AI algorithm has realized natural language communication and multi-modal interaction, and the deep binding with the robot product function, so that All-round control, precise guidance and precise calling are possible. Judging from the comparison of the hot new products in the sweeping robot industry this year, it is that the robot itself has reached the most advanced level at this stage in terms of functions such as intelligent navigation, obstacle avoidance, route planning, intelligent environment recognition and modeling. Therefore, if you want to completely remove the dust and dirt on the floor of your home, only one sweeping robot is not enough. We must combine the two functions of mopping and sweeping, and choose a robot that can realize its corresponding functions. Therefore, the aigostar sweeping robot also has two modes of dry wiping and wet wiping, and users can choose according to the actual situation and needs of the residential environment.

Proper use of the sweeping robot, safe and worry-free

1. Check before use: Check before using the commercial floor cleaning robot to see if there are any flammable and explosive items such as cigarette butts and matches in the room. If there are any, you need to clean them manually before using the robot vacuum. After all, the sweeping robot is an electrical appliance. Inhalation of flammable and explosive materials will not only cause heat and damage the body during use, but also easily cause safety accidents. For example, the Fengrui sweeping robot has super suction, and the user may inadvertently let the sweeping robot suck these small flammable objects into the fuselage. 2. Put the cleaning position in place: place the intelligent sweeping robot in the area to be cleaned. It is better to place it in a flat position. When there are different cleaning environments, it is necessary to consider the function of climbing and overcoming obstacles of the sweeping robot. While increasing the sensitivity of the robot sensor, the aigostar sweeping robot usually pays more attention to this function of the sweeping robot; do not use it in a humid environment, so as not to avoid the motor Moisture causes short circuit damage to the sweeper. 3. Pay attention to hair cleaning: intelligent sweeping robots hate hair as much as we do. When there are many pets or women in the house, hair is easy to accumulate on the ground, and if there is too much hair, it likes to wrap around the side brushes and brushes of the sweeping robot, which will cause the motor to heat up more easily, consume a lot of electricity, shorten the battery life, and may even burn the motor . Therefore, when we usually use the sweeping robot, we should clean the hair on the side brush and the brush in time. 4. Intelligent recharging to prevent water seepage: Many sweeping robots have the function of intelligent recharging. When the battery is too low during the cleaning process, the sweeping robot will automatically find the charging stand and return to charge accurately, so as to complete the household cleaning work at one time. However, the sweeping robot usually also has the function of wet mopping, so it is best for the aigostar sweeping robot to disassemble the mop and return it to the charging stand, so as not to cause a short circuit and cause a safety accident.

Final Recommendations and Summary

When buying a sweeping robot, it is best to use formal channels to purchase it. Sweeping robots are smart home appliances. You should purchase quality and branded products through regular channels in order to be safe and secure. No matter how intelligent and advanced the sweeping robot you have, it is especially necessary to check and clean it frequently during the use of the sweeper. As our little expert in cleaning and cleaning, the sweeping robot does some dirty work, so we also need to clean it regularly. Always check whether there is any problem with the lamp accessories of the motor, roller brush, and brush, so as to avoid shortening the life of the product and its safety performance. In addition, it is also necessary to maintain the sweeper. For example, when cleaning the sweeping robot, you can wipe its surface with a soft cloth (it is forbidden to directly wash the main machine with water), clean its built-in dust box regularly, and use lubricating oil regularly. . The emergence of sweeping robots has indeed brought a lot of convenience to our lives, but no matter how smart the sweeping robot is, we must use it in a correct and appropriate way. In addition to learning lessons, when we use sweeping robots in our daily life, we must also follow the precautions of the appeal. Finally, I hope everyone can benefit from this article.

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