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Different types of autonomous floor cleaning robot and their characteristics

Sweeping and mopping the floor is something we do almost every day, and it is also the heaviest and most tiring part of family cleaning. Before mopping the floor, the floor must be cleaned carefully, and then the two actions of "washing the mop and mopping the floor" are repeated and switched several times. Therefore, even if we treat every link seriously and patiently, the result may not necessarily satisfy you. Choosing the tools that suit us not only has enough cleaning depth, but also saves effort, and can make the home clean easily. I am afraid that no one will refuse to do housework anymore. The emergence of wireless vacuum cleaners, floor washing machines, and sweeping vacuum cleaners have made home cleaning more intelligent and worry-free, and met the needs of deep cleaning. With their respective advantages and characteristics, we have continuously upgraded our smart quality of life. For the family, should you choose a washing machine or a sweeping robot?

About sweeping robot introduction

Let me talk about the commercial floor cleaning robot first. The sweeping and dragging robot has been very popular in the past two years. It has evolved from a small robot to a base station, and the body is basically equipped with various navigations, which looks smarter and more powerful. Its advantage is that you don’t have to worry about turning on the switch fully automatically. Generally, it can complete the cleaning work of 100-300 square meters, which can greatly save our time. For cleaning several rooms at the same time, the cleaning robot is currently relatively well completed, but if we clean the mop for the sweeper halfway, its advantages will not be reflected. However, some fully automatic sweeping robots have been launched on the market now to realize the advantages of fully automatic sweeping robots, without having to manually participate in the cleaning of mops, which will greatly improve its fully automatic sweeping function and achieve efficient work. In addition, it is best to remove the obstacles before cleaning, so as not to waste the robot's time, so that the robot can finish faster and clean cleaner at the same time. Of course, most sweeping robots now have adopted a more advanced navigation system, which can identify and avoid obstacles, and with LDS laser mapping, the cleaning process does not take redundant paths. Neat route planning, no gaps in the cleaning mode, fixed-point cleaning, pointing to where to sweep, very convenient, looking at the physical and mental comfort. In addition to pointing where to sweep, the intelligent autonomous floor cleaning robot also has multiple functions such as area cleaning, APP-controlled cleaning and voice control.

About washing machine introduction

Recently, the floor washing machine has gradually emerged in the field of household sweeping, because the floor washing machine also has the function of a vacuum cleaner when it is used, so that the dust collection function of the floor washing machine will be more convenient for direct use of the dust in the corners. Sweeping machines focus on cleaning the ground, and at the same time complete two tasks of suction and mopping, and can deal with the soup and noodles that vacuum cleaners can handle. The working principle is to use the water tank and pipeline with a suction head with a certain horsepower + a high-speed rolling brush. When the machine is started, it will suck away the nearby dirty things, and simultaneously spray water to the rolling brush to scrub the ground, realizing "suction, mopping and washing". It will mix with the dirty water on the roller brush and enter the sewage bucket. Using the floor washing machine, as long as there is not much garbage on the ground, it only takes the time to mop the floor to complete all the work of sweeping, mopping, and mopping the floor. The cleaning area and duration are limited by the water volume of the clean water bucket and the carrying capacity of the sewage bucket. Whether you can clean the whole floor in one go depends not only on the size of your home, but also on how dirty your floor is. Egg yogurt porridge is relatively viscous and liquid, as long as it is not air-dried and agglomerated, it is relatively easy to clean. Of course, after the floor washing machine is cleaned, it also has a one-key cleaning function, which does not require our manual participation, which is much more convenient than traditional vacuum cleaners. Disadvantages: 1. However, human intervention is still indispensable for all this. After all, it is necessary to push the floor washing machine to work, which cannot completely liberate the user's hands. It needs constant monitoring, and it cannot be as convenient and worry-free as a sweeping robot. . 2. Generally, the volume is relatively large. If the home is relatively dry garbage, the use of the washing machine will be weakened. 3. When the angle between the handle and the ground is less than a certain angle, the roller will leave the ground and cannot work normally, so the places under the bed and the bottom of a relatively wide sofa cannot be cleaned.

final conclusion

Labor is now more expensive than machines. Even if there are elderly people cleaning or hiring housekeeping aunts, having tools at hand can reduce workload and improve efficiency. Convenience and acceptance by the elderly should be considered at the same time, otherwise it will be easy to be idle, so back When it comes to how to choose, we must first analyze the family's needs and health conditions. If the budget and space are not considered, the ideal situation in my mind is: when I go to work, let the sweeping robot sweep the floor, clean the bed, sofa and corners of the house, and then use the floor washing machine to regularly clean the oil on the ground when it is dirty or on weekends . If budget and space are considered, I will abandon the sweeping machine that takes up space and keep the intelligent sweeping robot. Because the sweeping robot is very convenient, and there is no way to replace the seams, corners, cabinets, beds and other places with the floor washing machine. So for sweeping robots and washing machines, what do you think?

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