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A game changer in the cleaning industry ——commercial floor cleaning robot

Picture this immaculately clean large open plan office where an important company meeting is about to take place. And the person who makes this office look so perfect is not a cleaner, but an automatic cleaning robot.
For a long time in the past, commercial cleaning robots have been complained by customers. People who have used autonomous floor cleaning robot may have experienced that in order to prevent the sweeping robot from "sweeping itself" halfway, it is the sweeping robot that cannot identify obstacles, lose its position, or strike midway, especially the sweeping robots in the early stage often The mistakes made are often clearly an artificial intelligence, but behave like an "artificial mental retardation".
In the face of offices, hotel lobbies, supermarkets and other spaces that are larger and more complex than the home scene, can commercial cleaning robots clean the floor smoothly? In high-end scenes, the requirements for corner cleaning are more "tricky". Not only the cleaning mechanism cannot be exposed, but some vertical surfaces such as glass, high-reflective stainless steel, and precious wood are not allowed to leave brush marks. These requirements make the commercial floor cleaning robot with a complex chassis design "worse". The product function innovation of commercial cleaning robots is being upgraded along the direction of more excellent core cleaning capabilities, more efficient man-machine collaboration, and deeper scene understanding.
And when each difficulty is broken through, it also means that the product maturity of commercial cleaning robots has entered a new stage . According to data released by the market research company Research and Markets, "The global market size of cleaning robots is expected to reach 24 billion US dollars in 2026, with a compound annual growth rate of 22.9% during the forecast period." Then, with the birth of such efficient technology , will cleaning robots change the way we clean forever? Will there be a big change in the cleaning industry towards automated cleaning in the next few years?

Automated cleaning is more economical and efficient

Second, even after the epidemic, the importance of cleaning robots may continue to increase. With the rise of desk and chair rotation and telecommuting, the use of offices has become more economical and efficient, and people need more efficient cleaning solutions. Business owners and other managers must learn to adopt new technologies to keep their workspaces clean at all times .
So how is technology responding to the new needs of the cleaning industry? At present, many intelligent robot companies have developed innovative solutions for the commercial cleaning industry, which can make cleaning work more efficient, and those cleaning teams that use robots have made significant progress in efficiency, not only greatly reducing the working time Over time, it also showed a cleaner cleaning effect. At the same time, automated solutions can also help address labor shortages, as they can help minimize the size of cleaning teams, improve existing labor resources, and better allocate manpower to areas that cannot be covered by automated cleaning technologies. Cleaning costs can also be reduced in the long run.
Of course, an automated cleaning solution doesn't mean that cleaners are completely unnecessary. It's just a handy tool and technology that helps them do their jobs better.

Automated cleaning provides job feedback

Moreover, technological innovations can be used not only to complete the cleaning work, The robot collects and calculates various sensor data, generates its own position, and constructs the scene map information. After the map is built, the robot with environmental awareness can plan the path independently according to the map information, and realize the autonomous path through motion control. Driving, automatic obstacle avoidance during cleaning. While completing the cleaning task, managers can monitor the running status of the robot in real time through the mobile APP or cloud platform, and view visual data reports such as cleaning efficiency, energy consumption, coverage, etc., to provide scientific basis for analysis and decision-making.
but also to provide feedback on the cleaning work. Another advantage of automated cleaning technology is the ability to provide cleaning companies and their customers with relevant data about the cleaning work. Another powerful benefit floor cleaners offer is their ability to collect data on performance and utilization. This data can be compiled and turned into a weekly or monthly report that provides things like usage maps; the number of areas cleaned; areas where the machine encountered unexpected obstacles; and when the machine was cleaned .
These data, in turn, help drive commercial cleaning companies to upgrade their services, grow, and even help improve and standardize the cleaning standards of commercial spaces. This gives companies developing self-cleaning technologies the edge they need to expand their existing businesses, prove their worth to their customers, and grow their business further.

Automated cleaning will become the norm in life

At the same time, there is a new trend in automated cleaning—solutions that handle highly repetitive tasks have become popular in commercial cleaning, such as robotic vacuums, autonomous floor cleaning robot, automatic floor scrubbers, and polishers. There are also robots that perform specific tasks, such as automated window cleaning robots, commercial pool cleaning robots, and lawn mowing robots, and there are even robots that can be used to clean up litter on the beach.
According to European Cleaning Magazine, "the past few years have seen significant changes in the development of the cleaning industry, largely due to innovations in areas such as robotics, the Internet of Things and cloud connectivity." These innovations have indeed bridged the real world and the bridge between the digital world. Today, commercial floor cleaning robot are becoming more and more common, and people even see them regularly in our daily life. With the emergence of new technologies, people will quickly adapt to a future life with cleaning robots.
The tech world seems to be pushing us further in the direction of automation, and smart cleaning solutions cater to the ever-evolving tech world. Any developments in automated cleaning will be welcomed by those who want to benefit from technological innovations. And those commercial cleaning companies that still haven't started adopting this innovative technology could be left behind. We should embrace commercial cleaning technology as a way to increase cleaning efficiency and reduce costs.

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