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How Commercial Floor Cleaning Robots Are Changing the Industry

Insufficient manpower, high labor costs, and the uncontrollable epidemic situation have made the commercial cleaning robot track extremely hot. With years of market education and polishing, the demand for commercial cleaning robots has exploded again. For the commercial cleaning robot market, the industry's views are more optimistic and cautious. On the one hand, the disconnect between cleaning demand and the working population has created demand for the cleaning market; on the other hand, the implementation of AI and robot technology, as well as the maturity of the entire industrial chain, have laid the foundation for the development of commercial cleaning robots. Benefiting from the further development of machine vision, 3D vision, and slam technology, robots now have "eyes", and various mobile robots have moved from the beginning to the landing, and then to commercialization. At present, the application scenarios of commercial cleaning robots are dominated by indoor cleaning, and the scenarios are mainly concentrated in office buildings and shopping malls. From airports, hospitals, office buildings, shopping centers and other fields to diversified application scenarios such as movie theaters, schools, hotels, restaurants, etc. In order to cope with more complex application scenarios, the product form of commercial cleaning robots will also be more diversified. In addition to conventional floor cleaning robots, if you look at the development of the commercial cleaning market, you can clearly see that with the gestation and rebirth of the market, products have also experienced different iterative processes.

Basic introduction of intelligent sweeping robot

The aigostar intelligence, which just held a press conference not long ago, launched a new generation of "Black Knight" with stronger cleaning capabilities and higher intelligent attributes for high-end smart subdivision application scenarios. Multi-dimensional creation such as sensory interaction and intelligent protection. With unlimited imagination and growth potential, it is a "bright label" in the initial stage of the commercial cleaning robot market. For example, in terms of the appearance of the product, the aigostar autonomous floor cleaning robot has a stylish black appearance, and the height of the body meets the low requirements of seats and beds. For the conspicuous cleaning brushes on the chassis, a full-enclosed solution is adopted to cover all the brushes. , tractors are hidden in the fuselage. In terms of product operation, in order to make commercial cleaning robots more in line with the requirements of "quick start" and easy operation, the significant change of the aigostar sweeping robot is the addition of an APP design that can interact with the screen and simplify the setting function, leaving only 2 smart buttons to quickly switch to start the machine to work. The use of structural innovation and technological innovation directly hits the pain points of users, and solves the convenience problem in the field of commercial cleaning. The product integrates multiple functions such as cleaning + mopping the floor, and the overall planning achieves high coverage, low repetition, and no missed sweeps to achieve fast and efficient cleaning. cleaning job.

The performance of the sweeper is stable and outstanding

As a leader in the field of robot motion control, in terms of autonomous navigation, the laser radar sensor is selected to be installed on the front end of the cleaning robot for autonomous navigation. It can scan the surrounding environment at 360° and provide high-precision measurement data for this purpose. Realize reliable and accurate detection tasks such as navigation, positioning, collision avoidance and obstacle avoidance. Based on these measurements, the controller builds a map and locates the robot's absolute position on the map. In terms of product function upgrades, aigostar commercial floor cleaning robot seem to be more inclined to use AI chip computing power to enhance environmental cognition, intelligent composition and auxiliary security functions. In fact, if you carefully study the security settings of the aigostar robot vacuum cleaner, it is not difficult to find the "multiple security guarantees" built by the robot vacuum cleaner. In fact, on the basis of infrared sensors, ultrasonic sensors, environmental perception technology, and intelligent image recognition algorithms, it can improve the robot's autonomous obstacle avoidance ability and environmental perception ability, and ensure the smooth navigation of the cleaning robot when performing automatic cleaning tasks. Depth sensing with no dead angle in orientation, preventing falls from landings in stairwells. Helping its cleaning success rate exceed 95%. After completing its cleaning task, it can be guided autonomously through sensing technology and safely return to the charging stand for charging and storage.

Free your hands, the future is promising

In public places, cleaning the floors of shopping malls takes up about 40% of the working time of cleaning staff. Most commercial cleaning equipment is large in size, some need to be manually pushed, and some need to be driven by specialized personnel. The emergence of intelligent commercial cleaning robots, To a certain extent, the automation and unmanned cleaning of the ground can be realized, and the cleaning time of the cleaning staff can be effectively released. When artificial intelligence penetrates into the cleaning industry, the replacement of manpower by robots will not only solve the problem of labor shortage and labor cost, but also have obvious advantages in improving cleaning efficiency and intelligent management of enterprises. With the continuous development of artificial intelligence, robot products are developing rapidly in the market. As a household cleaning device, the sweeping robot stands out due to the development of the epidemic. In the past year, due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for service robots has increased sharply, especially for service robots in household scenarios. In particular, cleaning robots can be seen in various scenes such as hospitals and hotels. Taking the high-end scene as the entry point, with the product iteration speed of intelligent sweeping robots and meeting the needs of consumers as the basis, the diversified development of cleaning robot product forms, functions, and application scenarios will be promoted. After the market incubation period, the demand for service robots will grow in the In the next few years, it is expected to usher in large-scale application.

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