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Benefits to Businesses of Using a Commercial Floor Cleaning Robot

With the changing demographic structure, there is a very obvious scissors gap between the rising cost of labor and the cost of robots. The aging society brings not only rising labor costs, but the core pain point is that no one is willing to engage in cleaning jobs in the future, and the entire industry has reached a predicament where high prices cannot recruit people. In recent years, in the field of commercial cleaning, problems such as labor shortages have continued to intensify. Against the background that the contradiction between labor supply and demand is difficult to bridge, the cleaning robot track is gradually heating up. Moreover, in the field of commercial cleaning, problems such as labor shortage continue to intensify. Against the background that the contradiction between labor supply and demand is difficult to bridge, the track of cleaning robots is gradually heating up. While more intelligent commercial cleaning solutions "liberate human beings from repetitive and boring labor", they are also transforming the traditional service industry with the power of science and technology. Upgrading and high-quality development of the commercial cleaning industry creates new opportunities. The cleaning industry has long faced pain points such as high labor costs and rapid personnel turnover. The use of commercial cleaning robots can effectively reduce labor costs, improve work efficiency, and truly achieve the effect of human-machine collaboration 1+1 greater than 2. The functions of commercial sweeping robots mainly include cleaning, washing, dust pushing, sterilization and disinfection and other functions. Cleaning staff can be freed from repetitive cleaning work to engage in more flexible work. Let the cleaning staff become flexible and multi-purpose. Relying on the gradually mature navigation technology, the sweeping robot can operate in scenes with complex spatial structures such as hospitals and office buildings, and can also work on floors of different materials including marble, granite, and terrazzo.

Opportunities for commercial robot vacuums

With the vigorous development and continuous breakthrough of robot technology, commercial floor cleaning robot will have a bright future in the cleaning industry. On the one hand, today's people's willingness to work in the cleaning industry, especially in the commercial cleaning field, is declining. Coupled with the deepening of the aging population in my country and the rising labor costs year by year, the commercial cleaning industry is facing a growing labor gap. On the other hand, urban high-rise buildings have a large area, and commercial scenes usually have higher requirements for cleanliness and aesthetics. However, the efficiency of manual cleaning is relatively low, and the cleaning quality is not stable enough, which objectively increases the difficulty of selecting and managing commercial cleaning service personnel. Whether it is the modernization, high-end, and intelligent development needs of the commercial cleaning service industry, or the high cost, difficulty in recruitment, and low efficiency faced by manual cleaning, it is revealed that the traditional commercial cleaning model that relies heavily on manual labor is unsustainable. With the development of artificial intelligence technology, facing the huge and complex commercial cleaning market, perhaps the power of technology can create new opportunities for the high-quality development of the industry. For the commercial cleaning industry, how to achieve more valuable modern service labor and how to meet higher standards of commercial cleaning needs are the must-answer questions for this industry to move towards high-quality development.

Commercial sweeping machines make cleaning easier and smarter

Whether in a home or a commercial setting, keeping things clean is no easy feat. Many families have purchased autonomous floor cleaning robot for this purpose, and the ever-advancing smart cleaning technology helps people free their hands and save worry and effort. Aigostar intelligent sweeping robot is particularly eye-catching, constantly enriching and polishing more intelligent cleaning functions, and its superior product strength has attracted many consumers. Small and stylish design, high flexibility, and strong passability—it can easily pass through low spaces, elevators, access control, desks, etc.; it has a cleaning system that integrates two functions of vacuuming and mopping the floor, and can be used according to the floor material The different automatic switching cleaning modes are suitable for small and medium-sized commercial scenarios with both hard floors and carpets. Through independent route identification and long battery life, the effective cleaning width is wider and the cleaning efficiency is higher. It has the cleaning ability of "washing and mopping" and can minimize manual intervention. It is suitable for high-end residences, apartments, hotels and other areas. Efficient cleaning operations in open areas of household and commercial scenes, which greatly improves the quality and efficiency of ground cleaning work and releases manpower.

The development trend of sweeping robots in the future

In the long run, the general direction of machines replacing manpower is certain, especially for the commercial cleaning field. Shaping a better future, in the final analysis, is the liberation of people and the effective supply of the needs of a better life. The average age of existing employees in the cleaning field is rising, and their physical functions are not suitable for manual labor. The continuous employment of elderly employees by the property management company also poses considerable risks to itself. The field of robotics is expected to do more than just clean floors. At present, the robot in the cleaning field is essentially a floor washing machine, but the demand in the commercial cleaning field is 3D, and the demand for machines to replace humans is relatively strong, and these are also needed by enterprises and social progress. The mission of robots is to serve human beings, to replace human beings in dangerous, repetitive, and boring jobs, to make "hard work and dirty work" more replaced by machines and empowered by technology, which in itself is the liberation of workers and labor force. It is an inevitable requirement for industrial iterative upgrading and technology to benefit mankind. With the continuous improvement of social level and quality, as well as the continuous accumulation of high-tech such as robots and AI, it is just around the corner to enable technology to empower life and help traditional industries break the shackles and optimize transformation.

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