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Can it really improve happiness? commercial floor cleaning robot

With the development of science and technology, many people enjoy more convenience and comfort in life. When you don't want to wash clothes by hand, there is a washing machine to help you solve your troubles; when you don't want to wash dishes by hand, you can easily put the bowl and spoon into the dishwasher; even when you don't want to cook, you can also use it Automatic frying machine for cooking. Of course, now we can also become more and more confident. If we don’t want to clean, we can buy a “lazy artifact” sweeping robot to free us from heavy household cleaning. Now, at the cusp of market demand, intelligent sweeping The booming trend of robots has been out of control. Instead of traditional brooms, it has become a new just-needed household cleaning appliance. It makes our life more and more convenient, and it coincides with the concept of quality life, becoming a tool to improve life happiness. There is a choice. With the trend of the times, many friends want to buy a sweeping robot on the occasion of the New Year to enjoy a comfortable and fast environment. However, many people still have many doubts about the function of the sweeping robot. Da Yue is clean? Can it clean automatically and accurately? How to choose and buy! These questions, I will share with you today, hoping to help you, in the new year, choose a sweeping robot that suits your heart , Let your life have more leisure time.

How to choose between sweeping and dragging, and a single sweeper?

Let me first introduce the advantages and disadvantages of sweeping and dragging! Advantages of the all-in-one sweeping and dragging machine: "sweeping" + "dragging" are integrated, and the price of one sweeping machine can achieve two cleaning functions to achieve maximum convenience. Disadvantages: The mopping effect is definitely not as good as manual mopping or washing machines. Although it has the function of mopping the floor, it needs to manually install a rag on the robot. Although it can handle most of the mopping work, stubborn stains , The mopping effect of the all-in-one sweeping and mopping machine is not so ideal. As for a single sweeping machine, the relative price will definitely be cheaper. After all, it can only realize the function of sweeping the floor, but it is also relatively simple and practical. As for the time of purchase, you can choose according to your needs and your own budget. If you have higher requirements for mopping the floor and have a sufficient budget, it is recommended to buy an intelligent sweeping robot that integrates sweeping and mopping. If the budget is lower, and the cleaning task is mainly sweeping, and there is no special need for mopping, it is recommended to buy a simple commercial floor cleaning robot.

What do you need to pay attention to when choosing a good sweeping robot?

Navigation technology is very important for autonomous floor cleaning robot. It can guide the sweeping robot where to clean and where to clean. Laser navigation is currently a better navigation technology, which can provide more intelligent support for sweeping robots. In terms of cleaning path, you can choose bow-shaped filling and cleaning, which not only saves time but also avoids ineffective and repeated cleaning. This is the walking path used by most sweeping robots on the market. The layout and structure of the room and the placement of furniture can be remembered as long as the sweeping robot scans it once. The sweeping sequence defaults from near to far, which can effectively avoid secondary pollution, running around, bumping into each other, and missing sweeps. It does not exist, and it performs very well in actual use. Not only does the cleaning become more efficient, but it is also very worry-free. In addition, pay attention to the following functions of the sweeper: 1. Overcoming obstacles: The ability of an intelligent robot to overcome obstacles will affect its cleaning range to a certain extent. Excellent obstacle-surmounting ability, not to mention the carpet, the threshold of 2cm is not a problem. 2. Anti-collision function: In addition to navigation technology, general sweepers are equipped with multiple sets of obstacle avoidance sensors, which can basically avoid collisions between machines and household objects. When encountering obstacles such as tables and chair legs, it will perform enveloping cleaning around the obstacles to ensure that there are no dead ends around the obstacles. 3. Anti-fall design: The sensor detector of the sweeper can also help it automatically sense the height difference of objects. When encountering a step, it will recognize it in time, realize steering processing, and protect the machine from falling and damage.

Excellent intelligent interaction improves convenience and happiness

An excellent sweeping machine is best without manual intervention to achieve a cleaning effect that saves time, effort and worry. Therefore, the intelligent control method of the intelligent sweeping robot is very important, which can greatly improve the convenience of operation. Smart sweeping machines can generally be controlled remotely through smart apps. The overall experience of the robot in my home is that it is easy to operate, worry-free and intelligent, and can control various scenes, including automatic division of cleaning rooms, map selection, scheduled cleaning, Various functions such as specifying the cleaning order are available. For example, I can easily set the designated area to clean on the smart app. When the setting is completed, the sweeping robot will stop the current work and immediately clean the specific area. Of course, I can also set up restricted areas on the map to clean, so that small areas where children store toys and carpets that don’t want to get wet can all be marked out on the APP, and the sweeping robot will know which places should not be cleaned. In addition, in terms of intelligent control, some sweeping robots also support voice control, making the sweeper more convenient. Turn on the intelligent sweeping robot anytime, anywhere to ensure a bright and clean living environment with hands free. In the cold winter, the sweeping robot can already replace the sweeping tools at home, and has become the intimate choice of the public. Let us do a good job in family hygiene more easily!
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