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Autonomous floor cleaning robot,how far is it to really free your hands?

For working people, doing housework is always a headache! It's exhausting to think about coming home after work and having to continue cleaning! I have a strong obsession with clean floors, yet don't really want to mop them, thankfully! Technology has changed life, and much of what people don't want to do can be done by machines. Technology is developing, life appliances are gradually intelligent, sweeping robot is a good representative, from only sweeping to sweeping and dragging all-round, from random bumping to laser navigation, global planning and other functions, after continuous upgrading, five fingers girl can finally be well liberated, do something to make yourself happy.

New technology support, from "difficult to use" to "good to use"

In 1996, Electrolux developed the world's first fully autonomous floor cleaning robot "Trilobite" based on the original vacuum cleaner, followed by other manufacturers. In 2015, with the release of a series of revolutionary intelligent products by top players iRobot and Coors,autonomous floor cleaning robot officially completed the transition from functional to intelligent, from the previous basic sweeping function to an efficient and effective cleaning system. In 2015, with the release of a series of revolutionary smart products by top players iRobot and Coors, floor robots officially completed the transition from functional to intelligent, from the previous basic cleaning function to efficient cleaning, high-quality cleaning change, with route planning function has become the industry standard. Throughout the development of sweeping robots, the product has gone through three stages, namely, random sweeping, planning sweeping and navigation building map sweeping stage. The random sweeping mainly relies on ultrasonic detection to achieve basic obstacle avoidance; planning sweeping mainly relies on gyroscope + accelerometer, that is, inertial navigation; navigation building type mainly relies on SLAM technology, according to the sensor difference, can be divided into LDS SLAM, VSLAM. navigation building type sweeping mainly relies on positioning navigation and path planning, its sweeping coverage and efficiency is much higher than the previous technology. The current mainstream of positioning and map building is SLAM technology. SLAM technology is divided into two categories by sensor type, LDS and SLAM based on "laser ranging sensors" and VSLAM based on "machine vision". LDS and SLAM use the laser ranging principle to achieve centimeter-level accuracy and a large coverage area, but they cannot monitor highly reflective objects (e.g. floor-to-ceiling glass, vases, etc.). autonomous floor cleaning robot technology is ideal for cleaning larger spaces with relatively simple scenes.

How to buy a commercial floor cleaning robot

First, according to the use of demand, if you need to focus on cleaning hair, pet hair, you can choose a good suction power, and the use of suction mouth form of the model, you can save the step of cleaning the machine brush. There are commercial floor cleaning robot that can switch between roller brush and suction port. The roller brush form of the commercial floor cleaning robot can also be very good at cleaning up hair, but also need to clean the body, using the rubber brush form of the model clean up relatively easy. If you focus on cleaning up dust and particles, choose a model with a roller brush, high coverage, high cleaning rate and strong suction power. Second, according to the use of the environment, commercial floor cleaning robot from random collision mode gradually to the path planning mode change. Random collision can be randomly repeated to sweep the previous sweeping locations to ensure the cleaning effect, but it takes a long time. If there are openings under the bed need to be cleaned, choose the laser positioning navigation samples more appropriate. At the same time, if the furniture arrangement at home is very complex, and only want to use the sweeping robot to clean the ground in a wide area, you can choose the sample with a virtual wall, the virtual wall can limit the sweeping range of the sweeping robot. Third, when buying to see the specific parameters, consumers need to choose different sizes of sweeping robots according to the height of the furniture at home, so as not to appear in the cleaning process stuck in the bottom of the cabinet, the bottom of the bed. Four is the rational choice of sweeping and dragging one machine, sweeping and dragging one machine is used in the form of water tank + seepage wipe, the general water tank is not very large, basically a house cleaning down on the need to add water. And the rag for the ground cleaning is just a gentle brush over the floating soil, the jam or other solid pollutants, the role is not much. And another advantage of the wipe is to reduce dust. For the corners of the wipe is not ideal, but also need human wipe. Five is to buy the wind direction of the wind-up products, many sweeping robots in the air outlet has used HEPA filter, for fine dust filtration has played a very good effect. However, when buying the design of the machine's air outlet facing up, otherwise the strong wind from the tail outlet may blow up the dust and dirt on the ground that has not been cleaned, causing secondary pollution. Consumers should try to buy products with the wind direction of the outlet facing up. Sixth, pay attention to the subsequent cost, sweeping robot filters, side brushes and roller brushes are consumables, need to be replaced regularly. Therefore, when buying must understand the subsequent cost of the product input, otherwise there may be in use for a period of time, accessories nowhere to buy or the price of expenditure is too high. And pay attention to the price of accessories and use cycle, to avoid the high cost of late replacement.

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