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autonomous floor cleaning robot of "lazy economy"

For contemporary young people, especially office workers and workers, what is really needed is to go home with a tired body and mentality after a busy day, and to be able to lie down and rest without burden. If you have to be busy cleaning when you get home, you will only feel physically and mentally exhausted, which will affect your work efficiency the next day. It is precisely because everyone is busy and lacks time, or is unwilling to spend time cleaning the room, that has boosted the prosperity of the "autonomous sweeper" market in recent years. As a small cleaning appliance that is rarely seen in people's home life, smart sweepers are being favored by young people who "pursue efficiency". Recommended list of home appliances. If a smart cleaning appliance can help us "work less and enjoy more", then why not do it? Not to mention, many young people now not only buy "sweeping robot" for themselves, but also can't wait to give it to their parents, grandparents, as a good choice of "honoring parents and elders". In the new year, it can be said that with the accelerated pace of life and work, with the blessing of various advantages such as intelligence, convenience, and long-term use after one consumption, sweeping robots have entered the 2023 New Year shopping of more and more people. list. how about you? Do you also want to buy? Let's learn about the intelligent sweeping robot!

Multiple upgrades, intelligent obstacle avoidance and global path planning

Different from the initial random collision mode, with the use of LDS lidar navigation and highly intelligent path planning algorithms, many autonomous floor cleaning robot can now carry out intelligent route cleaning without hitting furniture and facilities, avoiding long-term random running Damage to the home or the machine itself caused by collision. The aigostar autonomous floor cleaning robot can scan the whole room through the induction transmitter on the fuselage, accurately identify the objects in the house and the spatial distribution of the whole house, and quickly draw a map of the room. And according to the map, consciously plan the best cleaning route during work, complete the cleaning at the centimeter level along the wall (no missing sweeping, no random sweeping), and easily clean places we can't reach, such as the bottom of the bed, sofa, Under the coffee table, these are places where a lot of dirt is usually hidden, so that the cleaning blind spots of table legs, corners and other parts in the past are no longer a problem. In response to the pain point of "cleaning and avoiding obstacles", the aigostar intelligent sweeping robot also has obstacle avoidance and recognition capabilities that exceed the fusion solution. By using various sensors such as infrared sensors and dToF technology on the fuselage and SLAM algorithm, it can autonomously identify obstacles in the home, such as slippers, socks, wires, etc., to prevent being accidentally entangled and unable to move. When faced with complex terrain such as obstacles or stairs, it can be identified and bypassed in advance, so as to achieve surprising results such as avoiding obstacles, preventing falls, and robot escape, reducing battery drain and interrupting cleaning caused by work accidents, waiting for us " rescue" situation.

A practical household cleaning expert that integrates indoor cleaning and mopping the floor

For a long time, the "lazy people" who keep pace with the times are no longer satisfied with sweeping the floor with a single function. Many consumers have a strong demand for the "sweep + drag" function of the sweeper, which prompts the solution to the user's "sweeping problem" is slowly changing In order to solve the user's "ground cleaning problem". With the continuous iterative update of the sweeping robot technology, the commercial floor cleaning robot has become more and more intelligent, and the cleaning effect is more and more in line with our psychological expectations. The step function of sweeping and mopping the floor is integrated to realize the automatic sweeping and mopping function. In one, the two things of sweeping and dragging can be completed at one time, and the efficiency can be said to be doubled. The intelligent sweeping robot integrated with washing and mopping can clean wet and dry stains on the ground. It adopts a vibration method that simulates the action of manual kneeling to wipe the floor. It cleans scientifically, sweeps first and then wipes, so that the floor can be cleaned deeper and more efficiently. At the same time, the water output from the water tank is uniform, and it is easy to clean stubborn stains, bringing us double cleanliness, meeting our need for minimal manual intervention in cleaning, and bringing consumers a brand-new cleaning experience.

Interactive experience, work more intelligently with the needs of users

In fact, "lazy people" also pay attention to the interactive experience, fun and convenience of the sweeper. Currently, intelligent upgrades are improving the operating experience of commercial sweeping robots. It is worth mentioning that, compared with traditional sweeping robots, intelligent sweeping robots can be remotely controlled through mobile APP. People can operate as they like while sitting on the sofa or going out, and they can realize household cleaning anytime and anywhere. It fully satisfies the "lazy psychology" of most people. In addition, the aigostar commercial sweeping robot is more intelligent in terms of human-computer interaction. It also supports Amazon smart speakers for voice control. Easily make them work for you. With the development of time, more users can experience the convenience brought by technological development. In my opinion, the intelligent sweeping robot can be called "the lucky star of lazy people". It has been comprehensively upgraded from intelligence to cleaning power. It is especially suitable for lazy people or office workers who are busy with work. Compared with the past, it has been greatly improved, and it quickly stimulates people's pursuit of a better life and a refined life in daily trivialities. I believe that in the not-too-distant future, every family will have a smart sweeper scene, or it will become a reality, completely freeing your hands and being a lazy person comfortably.
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