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Autonomous floor cleaning robot, free your hands

When it comes to what chores are the most tiring, floor cleaning must often be at the top of the list. Most of the clothes are machine washable and dish cleaning is not too time consuming. Floor cleaning is not only the largest area, but also the most physically demanding. The dust that accumulates under the coffee table and sofa, the grease stains that are difficult to clean in the kitchen, the hair that is falling off all the time ...... want to clean these thoroughly, spend an hour is fast. So, many people take the sweeping robot as a savior, hoping that it will save them from the tedious chores! I'll share my experience of using the sweeping robot below.

Aigostar autonomous floor cleaning robot experience

Aigostar autonomous floor cleaning robot's mopping pressure is fast speed, the whole house cleaning is too efficient! The Aigostar autonomous floor cleaning robot has a vacuuming capacity of 2700pa, so the hair in the bathroom, the paper floss thrown by the bear, and the dry rice grains that fall from under the table, which are difficult to clean but are everywhere, are easily sucked up. I accidentally spilled millet in the kitchen, and the Aigostar's vacuuming and sweeping function solved it in a flash. I spilled soy sauce on the marble floor and it would have taken some effort to mop it by hand, but the Aigostar autonomous floor cleaning robot went over and cleaned it immediately. When I did my homework, I saw people complaining that sweeping robots always clean an area repeatedly in a brainless and roundabout way, and also rampantly. In contrast, Aigostar's high intelligence comes to the fore: before mopping the floor for the first time, it first models and detects all the locations in the house that need to be cleaned, and then sweeps and mops the floor according to the set route. Every time after that it will judge where is where, avoid obstacles, or easily cross over. We open their cell phone app, you can set it to clean the bedroom first, and finally arrive in the kitchen, the path can be set scientifically. And in the app you can also see where it swept, cleaned several times, all the data is clear at a glance, which finally let me have a sense of smart home ah. Aigostar's ability to climb and avoid obstacles is also superb, and Aigostar autonomous floor cleaning robot is actually equipped with a collision buffer, so its personality will never rampage. Aigostar is also agile enough to go around the legs of the stool under the table, an anti-collision feature that also minimizes damage to the furniture. This area behind the leather sofa in our house is horrible to move away every month, there will always be those unexpected garbage, every time you move out of the sofa cleaning is not easy, but I found that Aigostar's small body can actually go deeper and suck up the dirty stuff, too much effort, right! There are dividing strips on the floor between each room, and the slightest raised obstacle, it will go right over and then sweep back and forth lightly. It is not only very flexible, but also very light, this is a feature that I really like, it will have some sound when sweeping and sucking dust, but it will not affect the children reading and studying. Even when the most powerful mode is on, it is only 50 decibels, the noise is very small.

What should I pay attention to when using a floor sweeper?

First of all, the planning type sweeping, with a roller brush and a wide dust suction mouth commercial floor cleaning robot cleaning ability is stronger. You can buy the right size of smart floor robot according to the height of the bottom of the sofa, coffee table, cabinet, bed and other items from the ground in the family, but do not blindly pursue ultra-thin, because the height of too small smart floor robot is often poor vacuuming effect, the recommended height in 80-90mm more appropriate. Secondly, in order to more effectively vacuum and avoid damage to the smart floor robot or other items, before using the smart floor robot should first organize the room, such as the ground should not be sucked up small objects, easy to wind the rope or line, be touched easy to fall over objects, etc. moved to the sweeper will not touch the place, in front of the items needing protection placed isolation bar (such as virtual walls, etc.). At the same time, in the daily use should focus on the cleaning and maintenance of commercial floor cleaning robot. After each use need to promptly clean the dust collection box, regular cleaning induction probe, as well as filters, side brushes, roller brushes and other accessories, and timely replacement of accessories in conjunction with the frequency of use to maintain a good vacuum effect. If not used for a long time should be shut down and stored, can be charged at least once every 3 months to avoid damage to the battery due to over discharge. In the process of daily use, if you find that the commercial floor cleaning robot running walking speed significantly slowed down, walking route is obviously unreasonable, covering the area significantly reduced, fully charged can be cleaned after the length of time significantly reduced and other issues, you should promptly contact the after-sales service.

How to buy Aigostar commercial floor cleaning robot

With Aigostar commercial floor cleaning robot, which usually dirty, you can always clean under, very convenient. Whether it is lazy cancer, office workers, or the elderly, pet pooper scooper, just press the remote control, home cleaning can be easily done! The whole year's cleaning is contracted at once, so you don't have to worry about it every day. Users who like the Aigostar commercial floor cleaning robot can purchase it through offline boutique community stores, or through online channels such as Amazon, Brand.com, and the AIGOSMART APP.

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