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which is better vacuum cleaner or intelligent robot vacuum cleaner

When we talk about modern life, in addition to the various conveniences brought about by various types of technological products, we still can't do without the household work consisting of rice, oil and salt. This is a part of family life can not be cut, almost all families will be equipped with a varying number of cleaning tools, such as brooms dustpan mop, etc.. Today, cleaning appliances have developed to a level where their efficiency is strong enough and the cost of acquisition is acceptable to the general public. Young people who live alone and work hard, elderly parents who have been running their families by hand for most of their lives, and children who are taking on the future can all enjoy the improvements brought about by technological advances. The following is an introduction to the differences between vacuum cleaners and floor sweepers for your reference when shopping.

Difference of working principle

Vacuum cleaner is through the motor high-speed rotation, from the inlet intake air, so that the dust box to produce a certain vacuum, dust through the brush, receiver, handle, hose, main suction tube into the dust box in the filter bag, dust is left in the filter bag, filtered air and then through a layer of filter into the motor, this layer of filter is to prevent the dust bag rupture dust inhalation motor a protective barrier, the air into the motor by the motor out. The finer the filter material the cleaner the air is filtered, but the worse the air permeability, which affects the air volume inhaled by the motor and reduces the efficiency of the vacuum cleaner. The body of the intelligent robot vacuum cleaner is a wireless machine with a disc type. It operates on rechargeable batteries and is operated by remote control, or by an operating panel on the machine. Generally, it can set the time for cleaning appointments and recharge itself. There are sensors in the front to detect obstacles, such as walls or other obstacles, will turn on their own, and according to the settings of each different manufacturers, and take a different route, there are planning to clean the area. Because of the simple operation of the function and convenience of the intelligent robot vacuum cleaner, nowadays it has slowly become popular and become a common household appliance for office workers or modern families. intelligent robot vacuum cleaner technology is now more and more mature, so each brand has a different direction of research and development, with special design, such as: double vacuum cover, with handheld vacuum cleaner, dust collection box can be washed and mopping function, can put aromatic agent, or photocatalytic sterilization and other functions.

Trial experience of vacuum cleaners and floor sweepers

I bought the Dyson V11 vacuum cleaner and Aigostar, the best robot vacuum of the year, and after using them for a while, I'd like to share my experience with you. Aigostar is the best robot vacuum cleaner on the market today. I can get a clean home when I come home from work! It is a reliable and useful cleaner that I have personally tested, a savior for people who are busy at work, a cleaning housekeeper for the elderly who are physically exhausted, and a cleaning assistant for lazy people! Cost-effective! The more you use it, the better it smells! Who uses who happy! So that Aigostar sweeping robot is considered the best robot vacuum I've used so far. Dyson V11 vacuum cleaner mainly as a supplement to my daily cleaning, sometimes accidentally spilled the honey powder, is the kind of very fine powder, spilled to the floor crevices inside will be very troublesome, with V11 vacuum cleaner easily a suction, you can not see the traces of powder, suction effect as if nothing has happened on the ground. For sofas, checkroom compartments, and beds that you sleep on every day, it is recommended to change the electric mattress vacuum head. This kind of fabric that can't be washed every day, but lives with you every day is sometimes a skin allergen. In addition to being able to penetrate deep into the fibers and suck up dust mites and related allergens, you can experience the pleasure of that feeling of something dusting and becoming new when you use it.

Choose a vacuum cleaner or a floor sweeper?

If you live in a small environment with many things and chaos, it is recommended to buy vacuum cleaners, because sweeping robots in such an environment for cleaning, more obstacles, easy to be trapped, and vacuum cleaners with flexible suction heads, can be manipulated by people, cleaning more convenient; If your home has pets, hair cleaning is always annoying, in addition to the ground, the desktop, sofa, clothing, mattress and other areas where hair is easy to stick, therefore Can only clean the ground sweeping robot is not enough, and vacuum cleaners can be used with different heads to achieve the effect of whole-house cleaning; if your home is a large area paved carpet, it is recommended to give priority to the use of vacuum cleaners. Because the vacuum cleaner has more suction power, it is more suitable for deep cleaning. If you have a large living environment, cleaning a large area is very tiring, and a floor cleaning robot can clean autonomously and is very convenient. You can think of it as a vacuum cleaner that can move and work autonomously. The sweeping robot is especially suitable for families with large and well-placed things at home, without too many obstacles, the more efficient it is to clean, and it also has the function of automatic re-charging and intermittent renewal, which is perfect for large area users; if you are a busy office worker, who works anxiously every day and really does not want to move when you get home, and is very busy and tired every day, and wants to do something you like in your free time, instead of being housework If you want to do something you like in your spare time, instead of being tied up in household chores, then a floor cleaning robot is your savior. If you go to work, you can use your cell phone to remotely control the work of the sweeping robot, and when you get home, the home is clean; if you have an elderly person at home, the sweeping robot can turn on the switch to clean on its own, very convenient, no longer have to let them bend down to clean up. After reading this, I believe you know their needs, in fact, the main thing is the suitability of a product is good or bad, choose the best for you.
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