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Aigostar is on the Move to Win the Future in 2023

The remarkable 2022 has come to an end

Looking back at the past, we have kept our footsteps

Fighting for the goal, constantly witnessing breakthroughs

Those shining moments are as bright as the stars

It is worthwhile for us to keep the memories

Potential - Embrace Opportunities to Win the Future

Empowered by brand, starting win-win mode


- Group headquarters warehouse (China) come into use with high-quality products and services to better help partners in marketing sales
- In June, Anne, the spokesperson of Spain, was renewed to help the brand take off and achieve a multi-win situation.
- On September 18th, the new warehouse relocation ceremony and peak season order meeting in Spain was successfully held to discuss cooperation with partners and seek common development.
- To meet the challenges, global investment is hot, and distributors from Ghana, Chile, Bulgaria, Greece, Cape Verde and other countries have reached cooperation and mutual benefits

Footprints - Expanding the Brand’s Influence

Explore outward and the future is infinite and exciting

- On January 26th, Aigostar participated in Warsaw International Exhibition in Poland, focusing on intelligence and leading innovation.

- On September 10th, Aigostar was invited to participate in the Mid-Autumn Roadshow in the Hague, successfully creating a fashionable, high-quality, high-value brand image.
- On October 6th, Aigostar showed its strength and confidence at the Bricoday Exhibition in Italy, leaving a brand mark of technology and fashion
- On November 15th, Aigostar unveiled its new technical achievements at MATELEC in Spain, refreshing the new height of smart home

Openness - A New Chapter in the Expansion of the Frontier

Accelerate the layout and cooperate with industry powerhouse

- In January, Aigostar was invited to the Italian branch of Leroy Merlin, the top building materials retail brand in Europe, starting an extraordinary journey of retail upgrade

- In March, Aigostar Poland Branch established a strategic partnership with Dino, one of the largest local supermarkets in Central and Eastern Europe, and Aigostar's household appliances were stationed in more than 2,000 stores, creating a new business situation.
- On July 1st, Aigostar and Spain's largest electrical chain group MILAR joined hands in strength. Anne, the brand spokesperson, stood on the spot to convey the brand power of Aigostar.
- In September, Aigostar products officially entered Galaxus, one of the top five e-commerce companies in Germany, and the brand is gradually entering the middle and high-end markets in Europe, represented by Germany and Switzerland.

Smart Manufacture--Exploring Smart Space

Ride on the momentum and be the leader of smart house

- The new products are all launched including smart camera, smart vacuum, smart filament bulb and other smart products, to help the development of "smart ecology of whole house " with high quality.
- Innovative services: Smart S+ and other intelligent terminal tools illuminate store marketing skills and help smart products sell well.

The new year has arrived
We set sail again, based on the present
Let's seize the day and live it to the full
And greet the arrival of 2023

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