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How long is the service life of the intelligent robot vacuum cleaner?

As a product of the intelligent age, after continuous upgrading and technology maturity, intelligent sweeping robots are entering more and more families. Especially now that the "lazy economy" is prevalent, sweeping robots have become a hot product for smart homes. For most office workers and young people, with the ever-accelerating pace of life, sweeping robots can help them free their hands and leave more time for them to create a higher quality of life and better life value . The home smart sweeping robot looks cool, and the experience in real life is also very good! Such a good product, so from the user's point of view, many people are concerned about how long the service life of the intelligent sweeping robot is? How long can it last? Regarding this issue, generally speaking, the service life of a good intelligent sweeping robot is generally 3 to 4 years. Of course, this optimistic data. Generally speaking, the product is worn out during use. If you use it correctly and maintain it properly, the service life will be extended to a certain extent. In the final analysis, it is still whether you neglect the daily maintenance! Next, I will share with you some simple precautions and maintenance methods of the sweeping robot, so that the life of your sweeping robot can last for a long time, and it will not break down so quickly!

Battery protection for sweeping robots

It has to be admitted that the battery is the key to the normal operation of the intelligent robot vacuum cleaner. Its function is to supply enough energy to the motor and the motor to carry the load brought by the sweeping machine. Generally speaking, most sweeping robots use Ni-MH batteries, which have a service life of about three to four years, but if maintenance is not taken care of, the service life of the batteries will be greatly shortened. 1. When using the sweeping robot for the first time, you can fully discharge the battery and then recharge it to improve the performance of the battery. 2. The heat dissipation of the machine must be guaranteed in the charging state. Since most sweeping robots currently support the automatic recharging function, the charging base should be placed on a flat and firm ground, and the charging pile should not be placed on a thick carpet. At the same time, make sure that there is enough space around the charging base, otherwise when the robot vacuum is charging, it will greatly reduce the performance of the charger because it cannot dissipate heat. 3. If there is no plan to use the sweeping robot to clean your home in the near future, you only need to turn off the switch of the sweeping robot. If the sweeper is not used for a long time, it is best to remove the battery and store it in a cool and dry place. 4. Disassemble the battery regularly and clean it up to prevent damage to the battery caused by poor contact due to too much dust.

Precautions for the use of sweeping robots

1. Even if it is the best robot vacuum, if it is used continuously for a long time, it will be a kind of damage to the machine itself. Therefore, remember not to use the sweeping robot continuously for a long time. If you feel that the body is overheated, you should stop and rest for a period of time before using it to prevent the machine from being burned due to overheating of the motor. Of course, because of the high temperature in summer, use the sweeping robot to try to avoid the high temperature period from 12 noon to 3 pm. It is recommended to clean in the relatively cool time of the morning or evening. 2. Do not use the sweeping robot in a humid environment, so as to prevent the motor from being damp and causing a short circuit and fire. And don't let the sweeping robot go to wet and watery areas to clean, it is easy to bring water into the machine, causing corrosion damage to the internal parts of the machine. 3. The body of the sweeper generally has multiple sets of sensors, which are important components of the sweeping robot. If the sensor head is dirty, you can wipe off the dust with a clean soft cloth, and it is forbidden to directly wash the host with water. In addition, clean the side brushes, roller brushes, and dust boxes of the intelligent robot vacuum cleaner in time to avoid the bacteria breeding in the box being entangled with hair and other fine objects during use, resulting in short circuit and failure of the motor.

Choose a sweeping robot with quality assurance and summary

Of course, there must be a gap in service life between a good-quality sweeping robot and a poor-quality robot! The sweeping robot of the big brand is the accumulation of decades of experience and the long-term use recognition of consumers. They not only have excellent product quality, can provide advanced technical support to make the service life longer, but also have perfect after-sales service. Small brands without quality assurance or unbranded sweeping robots are not qualified because of their poor technology, product quality is questionable, and after-sales cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, when you buy a household sweeping robot, it is recommended to choose a big brand that is well-known and has a large number of buyers. It has research and development strength and technical accumulation, so as to ensure that the product has a longer service life. Finally, I want to say that the emergence of sweeping robots has indeed brought a lot of convenience to our lives. But everyone should remember that no matter how smart or high-quality the sweeping robot is, it is always a machine. As long as it is a machine, it will have a corresponding service life. What we have to do is to use it in a correct and appropriate way. If the sweeping robot is used correctly and maintained properly, it can be used for a long time. The summary is: don't be greedy for small and cheap products, you must choose regular and guaranteed products, and you must do a good job of maintenance and maintenance during use, then the problem of service life will not be a problem!

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