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Instructions for use of intelligent robot vacuum cleaner

Many people know that since the introduction of this high-tech product - the sweeping robot, many friends who don't like cleaning can easily solve housework problems, making our life more convenient and beautiful. As a cleaning tool, the intelligent sweeping robot has diversified and intelligent functions, which can clean and suck out dust, soot, dust mites, lint and other fine garbage that are difficult to clean in our daily life. It effectively helps us to clean the ground, keep the room clean and hygienic, and brings a lot of convenience and speed to our life. Therefore, many friends buy sweeping robots to reduce the burden on themselves or their parents. Not only is reducing fatigue good for their bodies, but a clean and tidy environment can also make them feel happy. But, how to use the home sweeping robot? Because no matter how smart the sweeping robot we have, it is necessary for us to clearly understand how to use it, remove obstacles for it, and provide a clear working environment to improve its work efficiency and prolong its life. Period of use. So, today I will talk about how the intelligent sweeping robot should be used? And what matters should be paid attention to during use? It's actually super simple! Let's learn about it together with the aigostar intelligent sweeping robot.

Basic operations such as installation, work and charging of the sweeping robot

After getting the intelligent robot vacuum cleaner, the first thing to do is to try it out. Most sweeping robots have some power in the initial state, but not enough. You can press the start button to see if the machine works normally and if there is any noise. If there is any problem, you should contact the brand as soon as possible to deal with it. 1. Install the small side brushes of the sweeping robot: Once the package is opened, the sweeping robot is equipped with 4 side brushes, and only 2 of them can be installed. Save 2 spares and replace them when they are worn out. Before sweeping the floor, install the side brushes on both sides of the sweeping robot, and it is easily installed with a single touch. 2. Turn on the power, start working or pause with one key: find the on-off key of the sweeping robot, press and hold for 3 seconds, and it will enter the open state. Then click the power button, just touch it to start cleaning automatically, press it again to make it suspend work, if you want to shut down, you need to press and hold for 3 seconds to shut down. 3. Install the water tank and mop the floor: when you need to mop the floor, add water to the water tank first, do not add too much water, ninety percent full is enough. The sweeper has 2 pieces of mop, which can be used for replacement. Install the mop and mop holder on the machine, and align the water tank with the tail of the sweeping robot, install it, press the buckle lightly, and you can start mopping the floor. 4. Charging: Place the charging base on the flat ground along the wall, and connect the charging cable to the charging base. You can click the home button above the sweeping robot, and the sweeping robot will recharge by itself. Of course, when the power of the sweeping robot is less than 20%, it will automatically run back to the charging base for charging. 5. How to take out the garbage? Gently open the top cover of the robot vacuum, take out the dust box, empty out the garbage, install it back and continue using it! If the floor is often cleaned at home, it is enough to empty the dust box once a week or so.

Sweeping robot control APP download and connection

The Aigostar intelligent robot vacuum cleaner can be controlled through the App. To download the aigosmrt APP, you can directly go to the mobile app store to search and download it, or scan the QR code on the manual to download it. In fact, there is an operation method for connecting to the APP in the manual, you can study it carefully. In addition, I will add some special details that may be overlooked. For example, when connecting the app with the sweeping robot for the first time, the first thing is that the network connected to the sweeping robot currently only supports 2.4GHz Wi-Fi , Second, pay attention to the closer distance between the mobile phone and the sweeping robot, otherwise it may not be able to search. It also supports Bluetooth-assisted network distribution. Turn on the location and Bluetooth permissions of the AigoSmart APP in the mobile phone settings to improve the speed of network distribution. After linking the App, you can control more functions on the App, such as real-time viewing of the generation of the cleaning map, area cleaning or partition cleaning. In addition, you can also set the cleaning mode, cleaning frequency and appointment time, etc. The functions are still very rich and Thoughtful, I think it is the best robot vacuum.

Other cleaning precautions for sweeping robots

1. Before the sweeping robot works, it is best to remove any toys, building blocks, newspapers, books and other fragments in the area to be cleaned. Clean up cables or wires scattered on the ground, and pay special attention to items such as nails, because it is easy to get stuck on the robot vacuum cleaner and reduce work efficiency. 2. Although my sweeping robot has the anti-fall function, I still pay attention to the stairs at home, and be careful that it rushes down indefinitely, and the garbage is scattered all over the ground. 3. When working, you can properly draw the curtains. If the room is too bright, the light control sensor of the sweeping robot may fail under the strong light, and the judgment will be wrong. 3. Pay attention to the dust box. If you have a lot of space in your home, don’t think that the sweeping robot can clean all the rooms at once. Maybe the dust box is full just after it works half of the room? Therefore, it is better to check whether the dust box of the sweeper is full. The above is my experience when using the sweeping robot! Thank you for your attention!

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