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how much is a intelligent robot vacuum cleaner worth

Today, sweeping robots, from a few years ago, the thousand yuan level to 3000 yuan, 5000 yuan. Looking at the industry, four to five thousand a self-cleaning sweeping robot is becoming the main new products of each family. Aowei cloud network data also shows that the sweeping robot industry, the low-end machine sales of less than 2,000 yuan accounted for 79% of the rapid reduction from 2019 to 45% in 2021. At the same time, the high-end machine of more than 3,000 yuan, the proportion climbed from 2% to 29%. So, the question arises, is the increasingly expensive sweeping robot worth having?

Consumers are willing to pay for the good and the expensive

For electronic products, technology upgrade can not only enrich the product function and experience, but even subvert the product. iPhone was introduced before, calling and texting were the main functions of cell phones, after iPhone opened the smart phone and mobile Internet era, cell phones have achieved a disruptive innovation, no longer the traditional cell phone, but both photography, shopping, payment, recreation and other functions in Most things in life can be done with a cell phone. Price is the result of high-end, technology iteration is the reason for high-end. The reason that supports the more expensive brand products are sold is the technical innovation behind. Technology innovation, so that the intelligent robot vacuum cleaner to achieve qualitative changes, from the previous auxiliary role, supporting role to become the protagonist of the liberation of people's hands and household chores. intelligent robot vacuum cleaner, with the three words robot, also comes with the technology gene. A small intelligent robot vacuum cleaner, disassembled to see, at least four major capabilities of cleaning, navigation, range, interaction. In the past year or two, the sweeping robot to high-end behind, it is relying on technological innovation to achieve a comprehensive breakthrough in these four capabilities. The cleaning function is the basic function of the sweeping robot, but a few years ago, the intelligent robot vacuum cleaner only solved the problem of sweeping, for consumers who want to use it to free their hands, more like chicken rib products. On the one hand, intelligent robot vacuum cleaner do not sweep clean, especially corners, furniture edge. On the other hand, the family is generally the floor, tile-based hard ground, used to sweep once and then dragged again. So, technological innovation for the corners and furniture edges began to appear.

The best sweeping robot of the year trial test

I purchased the best robot vacuum of the year, Aigostar, which is the best robot vacuum cleaner on the market today. I've been using it for over a month now and today I'm going to share my experience. First of all, navigation ability is the criterion to identify whether a sweeping robot is smart or retarded, and also affects the cleaning effect. Aigostar is the use of LDS laser navigation technology, accurate scanning of the home environment, automatic planning of the house cleaning program, the route is not repeated, cleaning does not miss. The route is not repeated, cleaning does not miss, cleaning on the way to insufficient power can automatically return to the warehouse charging, after sufficient power to continue the last cleaning task. Not only is it a floor sweeper, but also your intelligent cleaning housekeeper. With the multi-way sensor, automatic avoidance of obstacles, can climb the slope, anti-fall. There are pets and children at home do not have to worry about the problem of collision, even if you are not at home can also rest assured that the cleaning mode, making the time more efficient, more comfortable experience. Personalized custom cleaning program, you can choose a variety of cleaning modes, any editing of the room, the need to intervene in a specific room, you can choose not to clean the room, cleaning high freedom, so that the smart home no longer become an obstacle to life. When cleaning along the wall, the side brush will always be close to the wall, and the speed is much faster than in the open area. In this way, the side brush can avoid hitting the flying garbage when cleaning in a straight line, so as to sweep the dust in the crevices and corners more effectively. The Aigostar sweeper is the best robot vacuum I've used so far, I have floors and carpets in my house, and the previous robot was prone to getting stuck or flipping over once it was on the carpet. The Aigostar robot is also supported by an intelligent APP that allows direct cell phone remote control and voice control, which can be easily used by elderly people who do not know about electronics. Technology changes life, since the cleaning helper, I have been closer and closer to the life in the technology blockbuster! Life is like a hang-up, cleaning really becomes super easy, a little unbelievable, but so real.

Is the increasingly expensive floor sweeper worth having?

Did you know? A year of housework time is surprisingly 600 hours, equivalent to 25 days. Among them, sweeping the floor is surprisingly the highest project, after work time, how can all let housework occupy? Since having a baby, I feel that time and energy is becoming more and more valuable. Every day to stay with the baby, while working, but also to maintain physical and mental health more than 8 hours a day to sleep, cleaning and then to insert a bar is very difficult! Especially when you have a child with the attributes of an invincible destructive warrior, no matter how clean you get, you can't help but get dirty in the next second. So in order to clean quickly and effortlessly, you must get a sweeping robot! Personally, I think the Aigostar sweeper is worth having! For those who like the Aigostar sweeper, it can be purchased through offline boutique community stores, as well as through online channels such as Amazon, Brand.com, and the AIGOSMART APP.
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