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A Complete Guide To Buying A Intelligent Robot Vacuum Cleaner For Your Home

Since the development of the sweeping robot, with people's demand for household cleaning, it has become a member of our daily household cleaning tools. With the continuous popularization of smart home and 5G applications, compared with the random running and bumping of general sweeping robots, smart sweeping robots are now very popular among consumers and have become our home smart cleaning small appliances. important products. At present, more and more brands are on sale in the market. In the era of the explosion of smart sweeping machines, how do you choose from so many brands? Search the Internet, and you will find that a lot of the searched content is full of dazzling technical terms and parameters, and you can only look confused. As a loyal user who has been using intelligent sweeping robots for one year, the following are some of my real experience in purchasing sweeping robots. I would like to share with you today, hoping to help you make a reference when purchasing. The price is within a "reasonable" range. Inside, buy an intelligent sweeping robot with better functions and performance.

Planning Technology: "Eyes" and "Brains"

When we buy an intelligent robot vacuum cleaner, we must first look at its planning technology. At present, the mainstream sweeping robot planning technologies are mainly three types: laser navigation, visual navigation, and the other type is nothing, pure "random collision". I bought the aigostar intelligent sweeping robot based on laser navigation technology and SLAM algorithm, so I have a certain right to speak and feel. This technology is equivalent to pressing a pair of eyes on the sweeping robot, and high-performance SLAM recognition, giving it a brain. It has "eyes" and "brain" at the same time, and uses sensors to detect the surrounding space of the robot, and plans a route for planned cleaning. The sweeping robot can accurately judge whether there are obstacles in front of it. When encountering obstacles, it can not only avoid far away to complete the cleaning, but also accurately and quickly create a map of the house. Build maps while cleaning. During the map building process, the sweeping robot will intelligently identify the structure and furniture of the room, and plan and clean the home environment to avoid missed and repeated cleaning. The 120-square-meter room in my house was completed in less than 20 minutes. For my own house, because it is multi-bedroom and there are a lot of furniture on the ground, the experience of using laser navigation technology is very good, and the user experience is further improved in terms of perception and cleaning effects. Friends who are in the same situation as me, I highly recommend it, in my opinion it is the best robot vacuum.

Cleaning power and fine sweeping and mopping

When buying cleaning appliances, the most important thing is the cleaning power. The motor suction of aigostar intelligent robot vacuum cleaner reaches 2700pa, and the cleaning power is moderate, but the surprise is that it also takes care of tiny details while pursuing cleaning power. For example, the carpet is the most troublesome place to clean. Many sweepers often encounter the long-pile carpet being entangled or the mop that was intended to mop the floor but wet the carpet during work. However, the aigostar intelligent sweeping robot can not only clean carpets, but also designs two solutions for carpets. You can set the carpet as a restricted area in the mobile app, and in the case of a mop, it will automatically avoid the carpet when it encounters it. But in fact, the carpet is more dirty than the floor and needs to be cleaned more. In the cleaning mode, the sweeping robot pressurizes and cleans the carpet to ensure the cleaning effect of the carpet. I experimented with black rice on the carpet, sprinkled it on the carpet, and cleaned it with the aigostar intelligent sweeping robot. After running and cleaning once, there is no black rice left. Not only that, the refined sweeping and mopping is not only for carpets, but also can clean the corners and crevices of the whole house as far as the naked eye can see. I deliberately sprinkled the salt into the deep crevices of the floor, and it was also taken away by the sweeping robot. The dust on the corners and corners was cleaned more carefully than manual work. The compact body can also drill into the bottom of the bed, the bottom of the sofa to clean, the crevices of the corners, the threshold of dead corners, clean and meticulously clean the whole house, and do not miss any corner. When it encounters a step, it will automatically lift 2cm, and it can basically climb over the balcony and the threshold of the room at home without any obstacles.

A clean housekeeper with temperature

Good products must be able to make people feel warm. Starting from the needs of users, giving smart home appliances warmth can truly save users worry and effort. The aigostar intelligent sweeping robot adopts fashionable black color, generous color, simple shape and durable appearance. It not only has its own style, but also can be well integrated with home decoration. The use of the sweeping robot is very simple, but in order to allow users to experience richer cleaning functions, we can control it through the mobile app. In terms of operation, there are rich options for both cleaning and mopping. I believe it can meet the needs of various environments. . Tap the APP anytime, anywhere, and the sweeping machine can serve us, which greatly facilitates our busy life. At the same time, "hi, start cleaning" can use the voice assistant to summon it to start work, and it can be easily solved while sitting The problem of family sanitation frees us from the heavy family labor. Overall, I am quite satisfied with the experience of the aigostar intelligent sweeping robot. Laser navigation and intelligent planning, as well as the functional configuration of suction, sweeping and dragging, have been comprehensively improved compared with previous sweeping robots. A fresher and cleaner living environment.
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