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Home essential technology goodies to improve the quality of life

How many people and I, like me, outside a busy day back home, just want to curl up on the sofa paralyzed, what cleaning the room, washing clothes, impossible, not a move! Even find the remote control to turn on the TV air conditioning is very difficult, struggling for half a day to get up to find ...... But I think, lazy does not mean that the quality of life declined, no pursuit. On the contrary, with the popularity of smart home, the occasional laziness represents the development of technology, simplifying the steps of life, improving the quality of life, and enhancing the happiness of life. I recently dive into a variety of smart appliances or small black technology objects, this issue to give you a recommendation!

Home essential Aigostar intelligent robot vacuum cleaner

This is a must-have cleaning tool for your home that was named the "best robot vacuum of the year": the Aigostar intelligent robot vacuum cleaner, which I think is the best robot vacuum cleaner on the market, overturning traditional cleaning methods, remote control, scheduled cleaning, custom cleaning restricted areas, and has automatic recharging and other functions, completely freeing your hands. It uses a higher-performance brushless motor and air duct technology, with a powerful suction force of 2700 Pa, whether it is dust, hair, cookie crumbs, animal hair, melon shells, etc. can be easily cleaned. Equipped with bilateral brushes and powerful high-speed roller brushes, which can efficiently gather dust and brush out stubborn stains, and can easily suck away tiny particles in the crevices of the floor, whether it is drinks, milk, soy sauce, spices, or footprints and other stubborn stains, etc., all can be cleaned up without manual intervention, allowing a wider coverage and higher efficiency. Aigostar intelligent robot vacuum cleaner can also easily cross over obstacles, and will automatically avoid stairs and other terrain to prevent it from falling. The Aigostar can also easily cross obstacles, and will automatically avoid stairs and other terrain to prevent it from falling. And as an intelligent sweeping robot, how can it not have APP support! For example, if you are putting together Lego and do not want to clean it, you can simply draw a restricted area with a dotted box in the APP, and then connect to the exclusive AIGOSMART APP, you can unlock more ways to play. When you first use it, the machine will automatically walk around the house and generate a house layout map on the APP. In addition to this, you can also remote control, customize the operation mode, cleaning scenes, etc. on the APP. Some things, once you have tried it, you no longer want to leave, just like the Aigostar intelligent robot vacuum cleaner,it is the best robot vacuum I have ever used, the cleaning ability is not at all inferior to manual cleaning, improve the quality of life at the same time, but also to enhance the sense of family happiness, it is enough.

A number of home technology goodies

One is the smart electronic door lock, what is the most important thing for the home? That is bound to be security. Want home security, just need a quality door lock can be. This is a fingerprint and password are applicable to the smart electronic door lock, it contains anti-black box interference, anti-cat-eye open, security lock, rechargeable battery open, emergency alarm and other functions, absolutely safe, like me lazy cancer star lazy to bring keys or forget to bring keys no longer have to worry about it! The second is the electric toothbrush, electric toothbrush still need me to say? Not purchased hurry to get it! A few years ago, the doctor had to seriously teach me the correct way to brush my teeth when I had a dental cleaning, and then I used an electric toothbrush, and when I went for a dental cleaning, the doctor complimented me on the cleanliness of my teeth. Electric toothbrushes are basically timed to work for 2 minutes, which can force lazy people to achieve enough time to brush their teeth, and after I get used to electric toothbrushes, I still feel that 2 minutes is not enough and want to brush for a while longer. Electric toothbrush brands, the price is not too uniform, affordable some two or three hundred, a little big brand a couple of thousand, I recently entered a very hot softie home, I heard that the bristles are very soft, not yet received the goods, but not too much recommended. Everyone or according to their own budget to choose it. Three is the automatic hand washers, now a day to wash your hands 5, 6 times, press the hand sanitizer always worry about contact with bacteria, so put a small hand washers in the bathroom, will be more convenient and hygienic, it is infrared induction, as long as the hand is close, you can automatically out of the dense foam, wash clean. And it is quantitative, not like squeezing yourself, always squeeze more waste. If children are not high enough or do not like to wash their hands, automatic hand washers can also be convenient and attract him to wash his hands diligently Oh. Fourth, the ultrasonic cleaner, I generally use it to clean some of the more intimate or relatively small items, such as razor head, because the head of the groove there are many dirty things can not be cleaned to, so ultrasonic cleaning is very practical. After opening the switch, it will be obvious that the water flow will fluctuate under the drive of ultrasonic waves, and some water droplets will appear microbursts, thus cleaning. After about 5 minutes, the end of cleaning, you can see a lot of dirty things in the water as well as a lot of oil floating on the water surface, the effect is still very obvious. With this ultrasonic cleaner, like brush heads, razor heads, some jewelry and so on can be cleaned with it, very practical, life happiness.

How to buy Aigostar floor sweeper

Today's goodies recommendation is here, although only some small appliances, gadgets, but solve a lot of life's trivial and worry. Although more lazy, but also more able to focus on doing some other things, lazy people black technology used to know how good, you will come back to thank me! Users who like the Aigostar sweeping robot can buy it through offline boutique community stores, as well as through online channels such as Amazon, Brand.com, and AIGOSMART APP.

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