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Meet The Lightest And Most Affordable intelligent robot vacuum cleaner

The so-called lazy is the first reason for technological progress, now the pace of life are faster, dishwashing, sweeping can be considered the most important factor affecting family harmony. So, this is the dishwasher, sweeping robot these two years more and more best-selling reasons. You say you do not want to wash dishes, order takeout can be solved, but do not want to sweep the floor, the average family can not afford to hire cleaning aunts every day, so today to talk about how to choose a sweeping robot.

How to choose a intelligent robot vacuum cleaner

The best robot vacuum should have the ability to "sweep clean, smart enough, easy to use". As a sweeping product, the main indicator to test it is whether it can sweep the floor clean, so this can be divided into two points: coverage and suction power. The problem of coverage is to consider the built-in path algorithm of the sweeping robot, according to the order of play to can be divided into the following four: one is the random coverage method, which is the earliest algorithm on the sweeping robot, simply put, is to look at the face. The robot will try to cover the operating area according to a certain movement algorithm, such as triangular, pentagonal trajectory, and if it encounters obstacles, it will execute the corresponding steering function. This method is a low-cost strategy to exchange time for space, such as not counting time can reach 100% coverage. However, limited by the battery life of the sweeping robot and the indoor area, the end result is mostly a robot running around in the room, often not full-coverage cleaning room, often repeatedly sweeping in a certain place, missed sweeping, and even whether there is a back charge is a problem. So it is not recommended for this kind of sweeping robot. The second is positioning navigation, using a GPS-like approach to path planning, the use of gyroscopes and acceleration to get the robot's angular and linear acceleration information, through the algorithm to obtain the robot's location information. However, the problem with this approach is that the accuracy is subject to gyroscope drift, calibration error, sensitivity and other issues, and the accumulated error increases along with the use. The advantage lies in the fact that sweeping robots with this technology are usually cheaper. Third, laser navigation, using this type of technology of the sweeping robot, there is usually a pie-shaped bump above the machine, inside the laser ranging sensor to scan the room, through the time of laser reflection to estimate the distance from the obstacles, so as to build indoor maps. Combined with the sweeping robot's own algorithm, the room map is constructed and positioned for cleaning in real time. Most of the current sweeping robots use this technology. But its disadvantage is that if there are moving objects in the house, it will bring more trouble to the construction of the map. For example, it can't tell if it's a wall or a passing dog in front of it. The fourth is visual navigation, similar to laser navigation, is also to scan the indoor map, and then sweep, but it uses not laser sensors, but cameras.

Sweeping robot use experience

I evaluated the cleaning needs of my house. I especially love losing my hair, so sweeping the floor is of particular importance to me. There is also dust under the bed, which is also a top priority. The last time I moved I was shocked to see what was under the bed, so this time I decided to buy a thin-legged frame bed that would allow the intelligent robot vacuum cleaner to get in and out of cleaning every day. The mopping floor can drag clean natural best, if the effect is general, then once a month to the floor steam cleaning it! In summary, the most suitable for my home is Aigostar intelligent robot vacuum cleaner, it is the new best robot vacuum on the market this year, after this month's break-in, I say the actual feeling it. To make it work smoothly, prep is essential to clean up all the wires that might be around it, and set up no-go areas if you can't get around them. But some of the problems encountered in the use, it is necessary to work backwards to the renovation phase to note, here also to the renovation of friends to give a warning: one is to pay attention to the high and low ground, such as my home entrance to do a height difference of 3 cm dust area, sweeping robot here was pitted many times, down on the can not come up, resulting in the cleaning plan can not go on. The second is the choice of furniture, if you want to sweep the robot to clean as large an area as possible, then you must buy thin legs and width of furniture that allows it to pass through the height, or buy the direct floor, do not buy that small short-legged furniture, but also pay special attention to the legs of the table with a slope! At first, every time the Aigostar intelligent robot vacuum cleaner as a slope to climb, and then stuck itself, I had no choice but to put something on the table legs when sweeping the floor, so that the sweeping robot know how to retreat. Despite its flaws, I think the Aigostar is the best robot vacuum cleaner on the market today, and it has really changed my life. For example, it's slow, but it's not lazy! I used to be too busy to sweep and mop the floor, and it was full of hair if I didn't sweep it all day. Now every day the floor is clean and I feel refreshed. The problem of dust under the bed has also been solved, this area to keep clean, I think we can only rely on the floor robot! The robot also spurs me on to do a good job of storing things. Before the robot cleans, it needs to store all the things on the floor, and it's certainly troublesome to move them around every day. This is not only the ground clean, the whole house looks a little empty feeling, especially good!

The lightest and most affordable sweeper recommended

Aigostar is the lightest and most affordable robot vacuum cleaner on the market today. It uses a higher performance brushless motor and air duct technology, with a powerful suction power of 2700 Pa. It also has LDS laser navigation + advanced SLAM algorithm technology, can accurately and quickly create a whole house map, obstacle avoidance ability is superb, encounter steps can prevent falling, encounter obstacles will automatically avoid, cleaning a 100 square feet household is not a problem! Users who like the Aigostar sweeping robot can buy it through offline boutique community stores, or through online channels such as Amazon, Brand.com, and AIGOSMART APP.
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