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Five Surprising Results of Intelligent Robot Vacuum Cleaner

In recent years, we often see topics about intelligent sweeping robots on the Internet. Facing the continuous consumption boom in the market, it has become a highly topical smart home appliance product. For this topic, many consumers have different views and ideas. Some people think that buying a sweeping robot is completely unnecessary, and it is a manifestation of spending money indiscriminately. Especially in the eyes of mothers, grandmothers and other elders, sweeping and mopping the floor should be a compulsory course in family life, and robot products are expensive, as long as you don’t work harder, you can save a lot of money! But some people are happy to say that they think that sweeping robots are promoting "the liberation of housework." In the eyes of many young people, making money itself is to improve the happiness of life. Uninteresting and repetitive housework will not help life, but will take up more time. A sweeping robot can also objectively reduce some family conflicts and help families divide labor reasonably. Of course, in the face of the sweeping robot as a product function, we will find that as time goes by. In recent years, intelligent sweeping robots have achieved many revolutionary innovations, and have begun to gradually get rid of negative evaluations such as "not easy to use" and "not smart". So, today we will talk about the intelligent sweeping robot and share the 5 surprises I got after purchasing and using the intelligent sweeping robot!

Surprising: mobile APP control and voice control

The cleaning function is the basic function of the sweeping robot. Earlier, the sweeping robot could only simply solve the problem of "sweeping", and there is still a long way to go from the "hands-free" that users hope, so for consumers, It's more like a dispensable product. But when my smart sweeping robot was working, I was surprised to find that it has really improved and become smarter. The first thing that surprises me is that it can be controlled by app. In today's Internet of Everything, young people prefer to control everything with their mobile phones. My sweeping robot can also be controlled by the mobile APP. In the APP, I can adjust the cleaning mode, understand the cleaning progress, and can perform designated room cleaning, scheduled cleaning and other operations. The operation of the entire APP is also very simple, and the operation difficulty is not high, even the elderly and children can operate it. In short, there is no need to do all the cleaning work by yourself, and the sweeping robot will work automatically and autonomously with one button. I don't need to worry about it at all, and it definitely frees my hands. The second thing that surprises me is: it can be controlled by voice. Smarter interaction brings about an upgrade in experience, and it can be assigned to start cleaning work with a word, especially for the elderly, after the intelligent robot vacuum cleaner has voice control, it is much easier to use.

Surprising: Excellent cleaning effect and mopping function

Surprisingly, in terms of cleaning effect, the effect of aigostar intelligent robot vacuum cleaner is very good. It provides us with 3 levels of cleaning suction: the first level is suitable for relatively clean ground and only requires daily maintenance. The second gear is used for regular cleaning, and I mainly use it for moderate cleaning. The suction power of the third motor can be up to 2700pa, which can be used for deep cleaning, and the cleaning effect is also the best. I use a broom to sweep the floor in my daily life, and a lot of long hair will stick to it. It will be very troublesome when cleaning, and the cleaning effect is not good. And if I use a smart vacuum cleaner to clean the room, it will be very convenient. It can form a closed vacuum environment during work, and gather dust through the side brush, which can clean the floor well and quickly. Not only that, but the fourth thing that surprised me is: it can also mop the floor. It is very simple to switch to the mopping mode, and the functional change can be realized by simply installing the mopping cloth. While mopping the floor without dead ends, it simulates the strength of manual cleaning to ensure the cleanliness of the mopping floor, preventing water from just wetting the floor without removing any dirt. Not only that, if it encounters a carpet, the sweeping robot can also actively identify and avoid the carpet, so as to avoid the carpet from suffering. Not only do I sigh, it is the best robot vacuum I have ever seen.

Surprising: super navigation

Navigation ability is the criterion for distinguishing the intelligence of sweeping robots, and it also directly affects the cleaning effect. The LDS lidar probe is installed on the top of my sweeping robot. Its importance is self-evident, and it is responsible for handling the mapping, navigation and positioning of the sweeping robot. The SLAM algorithm is superimposed on the basis of laser navigation. It is like the human brain and eyes. It not only has strong environmental adaptability, but also has higher accuracy in creating maps and better obstacle avoidance effects. It can realize truly unattended automatic navigation through planning. clean. Usually, the huge home space is a burden to me, because cleaning itself is a headache. But since the sweeping robot entered the house, the cleaning problem has become a thing of the past. It will plan its own route, its travel route is very reasonable, its obstacle avoidance function is also good, its ability to cross hurdles is very strong, and there are no bumps or failures to climb. In addition, when working on the stairs, it can always identify the steps perfectly and will not fall from upstairs. It can be seen that with the advancement of technology, the quality of intelligent sweeping robots has also been improved, and product details have been further enriched and improved, effectively solving the problems of low cleanliness, missing sweeps, and collisions of early products, optimizing the user experience, and allowing sweeping Robots are gradually being transformed into a daily necessary "tool" for many people.

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