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Are intelligent robot vacuum cleaner Worth It

ehind the explosive growth of floor cleaning robots, no "lazy person" is innocent. "If you can free yourself from the chores and spend more time reading books, seeing friends and enjoying the weekend, why not?" Zoey, a technology enthusiast, has been an avid buyer of smart appliances since a few years ago, saying she "can't help but pay for them". Eva, a new fan of the floor sweeper who entered the pit in the second half of last year, said outright that she regretted not buying it sooner and couldn't wait to give it to her parents, family and more friends. There are thousands of people like her who are "on their own". However, the network on the sweeping robot of bad reviews frequently appear, "retarded sweeping machine", "sweeping robot speechless event", "chicken sweeper stepping on the mines" and other keywords in the minority. The floor sweeping robot is an IQ tax, or the beginning of artificial intelligence into ordinary people's homes?

The rise of the lazy economy

Every young person who arrives home paralyzed has contributed to the intelligent robot vacuum cleaner industry. "After a long day, I just want to go home and lie flat, and I don't have the energy to care if there is hair on the floor." Mia, who experiences a fast-paced commute on working days, calls herself an "intermittent cleanliness freak," concerned about whether the living environment is spotless and unable to fight against her own inertia after high-intensity work. Willing to try the post-80s, post-90s, post-00s, is the first group of consumers of the intelligent robot vacuum cleaner. According to research, from the age distribution of the main consumer group of sweeping robots, the 21-30-year-old group accounts for 42.33%, and the 31-40-year-old group accounts for 34.95%. If we say that the young group's desire for intelligent life, there is the genetic elements of the original generation of the Internet, then the post-60s and post-70s are more under the influence of their children's generation, breaking the stereotypes of the consciousness of "in the look but not in the use", from no chance to resist to try to contact, and finally become the "true fragrance" can not stop The "true fragrance" group. After the epidemic, people's attention to household cleaning has increased significantly, further stimulating some of the potential household demand. "Watching the floor sweeper chasing my smelly socks all over the house is like a retarded electronic pet." Mia got her hands on the best robot vacuum of the year back in 2018, but the experience at the time left her with a psychological shadow. "It's not uncommon to get in and out, sweep half out of power, get stuck halfway and wait for me to rescue you, and it's not as quick to clean up its mess as it is to mop the floor myself." Mia sighed helplessly.

What kind of floor sweeper should I choose?

The best robot vacuum should have the ability to "sweep clean, smart enough, easy to use". These three requirements seem simple, but the actual need for artificial intelligence "brain" computing command to achieve, behind the main rely on four core technologies: SLAM algorithm, LDS LIDAR, AI artificial intelligence, motion control module. I think Aigostar is currently the best robot vacuum on the market, specifically in terms of functionality, Aigostar intelligent robot vacuum cleaner level is reflected in the positioning navigation, path planning and obstacle avoidance capabilities. The obstacle avoidance system largely determines the flexibility of the machine. For example, a sweeping robot equipped with a laser sensor needs to largely scan the entire space for the general situation when it is first used, to build a map, and to plan the cleaning path at the same time. From the point of view of guidance, laser navigation and visual navigation on the market is the mainstream, purely rely on gyroscopes and accelerometers and other inertial navigation methods due to low accuracy is gradually eliminated, more efficient multi-sensor data fusion has become a new generation of products standard, laser detection or visual detection sensors can improve the machine's obstacle avoidance and obstacle-crossing capabilities to a certain extent.

Is it worth buying a floor sweeper?

The need to buy a sweeping robot are mainly the following groups of people: the first is the workforce, after work only want to Ge-Yo paralysis, the health of the home are often no time to clean up, a long time so, the home dust will be spread throughout the house, will cause disease to the body may. So for this type of people, you really need a sweeping robot, when you go to work you can order a sweeping robot to clean up, come home from work, home a little dust garbage are not, so your body and mind will be happy. The second is older, most people are not living with their parents, so as the parents at home grow older, the risk of injury from bending over to clean the house is increasing. This time there is a sweeping robot can be very good to help parents daily cleaning home hygiene, without parents bending down every day to clean the health. And in order to facilitate the use of parents sweeping robot, individual sweeping robot is also equipped with a remote control to facilitate the use of parents, but also connect APP for voice control, say a word to be able to control the sweeping robot cleaning. The third is the baby parents, whether it is the baby parents every day with children rarely have a real complete time to sleep, especially children get up every day in the middle of the night and cry. The next day, you have to get up early to do laundry and cooking and cleaning chores, there is not much time for yourself, but if you have a flooring robot, you can share some of the chores for you. It gives you more time to do what you like to do. Is it necessary to buy a floor cleaning robot? If you are one of the above three groups of people, I suggest you get a sweeping robot that can help you reduce the burden of housework very well. Those who like Aigostar floor sweeping robots can buy them through offline boutique community stores, as well as through online channels such as Amazon, Brand.com, and AIGOSMART APP.

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