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Why I Bought intelligent robot vacuum cleaner, And How It Saved Me

For every family, hygiene is a major issue that cannot be ignored. Looking at the dirty floor, dusty furniture, and piles of clothes, family hygiene is particularly important from the perspective of aesthetics and health. It can be said that the cleanliness and comfort of the home environment not only affect the mood and quality of life, but also directly affect the health of the family, especially children with weak resistance. However, if you still use a broom for cleaning now, then you are really behind the times. Smart people have already prepared small household cleaning appliances. With the emergence of vacuum cleaners and sweeping robot products, people have become more convenient and fashionable in terms of cleaning and sanitation. Faced with these two new household cleaning favorites, many users are caught in a dilemma. Vacuum cleaners and intelligent sweeping robots each have their own advantages. How should they choose? Today, I will share with you why I finally chose a smart robot vacuum cleaner and how it saved me in my life。

First look at the difference between the two cleaning products?

At the very beginning of sharing, let me talk about the difference between intelligent robot vacuum cleaner and vacuum cleaner, so that everyone can better understand. 1. The working principle is different: the vacuum cleaner mainly rotates at high speed through the motor to generate airflow to suck the garbage into the machine. The most important action in the whole process is "suction". First, the dust is sucked into the dust collection cylinder through the floor brush and the main suction pipe. Under the action of centrifugal force, the dust is left in the dust cylinder, and the air is discharged out of the machine through the filter. The cleaning principle of the sweeping robot is to use the rolling brush, side brush + vacuum suction port to brush up the garbage by the side brush and rolling brush, and then inhale it by the vacuum suction port. The overall process is "sweeping" + "suction". Not only that, some sweeping robots also have the function of wet mopping, so it will become "sweeping" + "suction" + "drag". And during the cleaning process, the sweeping robot completes the work autonomously through its own navigation and sensors, without our manual intervention. 2. Different cleaning areas: the vacuum cleaner will be equipped with a variety of suction heads. In addition to cleaning the floor, different brush heads can also be replaced to vacuum sofas, curtains, beds, walls, analysis, etc., with a wide range of cleaning. The positioning of the sweeping machine is to clean the floor of the home. Because cleaning does not require manual intervention, it can only clean the floor. To put it simply, the vacuum cleaner is positioned to clean the whole house; the sweeping robot is positioned to clean the ground. 3. Timeliness of work: The vacuum cleaner makes the cleaning work more thorough. Although it is easier than the bedside broom and mop, it needs manual use to achieve the purpose of cleaning. In fact, it will take us more time and energy to clean. housework. The intelligent robot vacuum cleaner has an artificial intelligence system, which is more flexible and saves time and effort. It can operate autonomously without the need for people to operate it in person. If you only need to clean the ground, then the sweeper is undoubtedly the best choice.

Who is suitable for buying a smart sweeping robot?

1. Large living environment: If the house area is large, manual cleaning will be very tiring. The sweeping robot can carry out mobile cleaning autonomously, which is very convenient. Therefore, the sweeping robot is especially suitable for families with a large house and neatly arranged homes. There are not too many obstacles. It moves and works autonomously, and the cleaning efficiency is higher. 2. No time to be busy: For busy office workers, or those with children at home are busy, then the daily work and hard-working childcare. You will want to do something relaxing or something you like in your spare time, instead of being entangled in housework. Think about it, when you go to work, you can remotely control the sweeping robot at home through your mobile phone. It is your savior. When you get home, you will find that the house has been cleaned long ago. , wouldn't you be happy? 3. There are elderly people at home: Cleaning itself requires physical strength. The elderly in the family are getting old, and they are always unable to do the cleaning when they bend over. They have worked hard all their lives, choose the best robot vacuum for them, and let your parents enjoy the convenience that intelligence brings to life!

Finally, my summary

The breakdown of adults is often only a moment, and sometimes it is the housework that makes people feel broken. I finished my work every day, and I was exhausted when I returned home, and the trivial housework took up the little spare time I had left. So, I finally chose a satisfactory housework tool - aigostar intelligent sweeping robot! Whether it is a sweeping robot or a vacuum cleaner, it is essentially cleaning the home, but each product has its own advantages and disadvantages. We can choose according to our own needs. Remember that the most important thing is to figure out your own needs before starting Oh! If you are like me and don’t have more time to clean, and you are willing to buy a sweeping robot or vacuum cleaner recently, you may wish to refer to the brand I chose and try this new technological product of intelligent sweeping robot, which combines vacuuming and mopping. 1. Realize the cleaning of the whole house floor, making yourself more relaxed and worry-free! It can be said that there is a real need for sweeping robots in our life now, because the houses are basically flat ground, and the first time I haven’t used it, I can’t believe it. Technology has really changed our lives. I think you should too. try it!

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