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The Best Robot Vacuum in 2023

Today I will talk to you about the topic of sweeping robots. I think everyone has seen or used them more or less. It can be said that although sweeping robots have been born for more than ten years, everyone feels that the penetration rate is not high. With the continuous improvement of our quality of life, why are there still many users who do not use sweeping robots? Maybe many users will find it so troublesome to sweep or mop the floor? Why buy a dispensable thing? In fact, I think this kind of thinking is not comprehensive and objective. Now that urban and rural construction are developing at a high speed, more and more people are busy with work and livelihood. More time is spent on cleaning, but the sweeping robot can help more in this situation. The sweeping robot can make an appointment to work regularly to keep the home clean and tidy at all times. In addition, with the continuous advancement of technology and the blessing of intelligence, today's sweeping robots are getting smarter and playing a greater role! From primary to higher level of intelligence, it is gradually replacing manual cleaning! Today I will share with you the experience sharing of the high-end intelligent sweeping robot newly launched by the well-known home appliance brand aigostar. I will use what I have seen to help you be more calm and experienced when purchasing an intelligent robot vacuum cleaner , let's take a look!

Appearance and accessories of intelligent sweeping machine

The first time I saw the aigostar robot vacuum cleaner, I found that the shell of this product is really good, with a shiny and textured surface, which can be said to be very high-end in terms of vision and touch, highlighting fashion and a strong sense of technology. . I am more worried about the fashionable black color, it will be easy to get dirty, but fortunately, it can be cleaned by just wiping it with a paper towel. The whole body is small, thin, light and flexible. Facing my home, such as seats, beds, etc., it can be easily and flexibly cleaned and moved freely. This is great. From the front of the fuselage, there are sensors, home button, power button, etc. In addition to the sweeping robot host, there are 1 charging stand, 1 power cord, 4 side brushes (2 of which have already been installed), 1 filter assembly, 2 rags, 1 cleaning brush, and a quick start guide And a daily maintenance manual and a networking guide. Although there are not many accessories, they are complete, simple and practical。

The sweeping robot overcomes most obstacles and cleans freely

After carefully studying the instruction manual, I found that the intelligent robot vacuum cleaner uses the most popular and most stable laser navigation sensor at present. With this, intelligent obstacle avoidance and intelligent cleaning planning routes can be realized, so as to carry out more effective cleaning work. It is also worth mentioning that, compared with traditional sweeping robots that are only equipped with anti-drop sensors and infrared sensors, this robot vacuum cleaner is equipped with multiple sets of different sensors for intelligent obstacle avoidance. It can also enter and exit freely in complex environments, and the all-round environmental awareness makes cleaning smarter and more efficient. Laser navigation plus advanced SLAM algorithm, equipped with powerful climbing driving force, will automatically turn when encountering a step drop to avoid falling. Make sure that the robot does not get caught by the legs of tables and chairs, let alone fall from heights. The amazing climbing ability allows it to easily cross 2cm hard obstacles and overcome most obstacles. For example, obstacles such as low thresholds, carpets and other floors, it is a blessing to clean the room at a constant speed and orderly. Powerful functions make it suitable for any place in the home, any corner, one machine with multiple functions, and a proper price-performance ratio. I think it is the best robot vacuum in 2023.

The "smartness" of intelligent sweeping robots

It is no exaggeration to say that with it, I really feel the beginning of smart home. It is so "smart" that I don't need to "take care" of it, and I will find that the floor becomes clean and bright. I can remotely control the robot through the mobile app to make cleaning easier. I can set the on-off time every day or every week and set it according to my own needs, such as regular cleaning, which can be specific to each day, time, and whether to repeat etc., providing precise and regular timed cleaning. When I go home after get off work, I just rest and leave all the cleaning work to it, so I don't have to worry about anything! In terms of suction, you can also choose by yourself. If you need to clean up urgently, and you don’t want to be too noisy in the house, you can switch between quiet mode and strong mode. The control operation of the mobile app has no other redundant options, the interface is simple, and it is easy to use. As long as the first time is set up, it will be easier for family members to get started. More than that, when the sweeper itself completes the cleaning task or the power is lower than 20%, it will also move to the charging stand for charging by itself, and return to the previous working position to resume work after it is fully charged. And when its dust box is full, it will emit a warning sound to remind me to clean the dust box. In short, for a family, happiness means safety, comfort and harmony, and all of this starts with creating a clean and healthy home environment. With the arrival of the smart robot vacuum cleaner, the home cleaning experience has been raised to a whole new level! It will also lead home cleaning into a new era!
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