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Here's our definitive guide on intelligent robot vacuum cleaner

It can be said that cleanliness and tidiness are our basic pursuit of home space, and it is also an essential basis for creating a warm atmosphere, which is inseparable from the topic of "cleaning". Household cleaning appliances are rich in variety, and gradually become the standard equipment of every family. The convenience of cleaning saves us time and effort. It not only allows us to enjoy the fun of home cleaning, but also keeps our home consistently clean and tidy. From the perspective of household cleaning scenarios, vacuum cleaners and sweeping robots are more complementary. If you are lazy to do it yourself, sweeping robots will be a better choice for floor cleaning. Judging from the current market feedback, the sweeping robot has a brilliant performance with rich functions and various cleaning scenes, and can basically achieve the ideal cleaning effect. Although it is not possible to completely liberate our hands, it does save us a lot of mental and physical energy, and can improve a certain happiness index, saving worry and effort. As long as the working days are set in the APP, we can regularly clean and mop the floor and keep most of the floor cleanliness. So, how to choose a smart sweeping robot as a cleaning artifact? Today I will use my experience and experience to share with you, remember these core points, choose the best robot vacuum, and do not spend any money, it can help you free your hands and make your life easier. Your sense of well-being increases rapidly!

The "smart" performance of the sweeping robot (navigation method)

The first thing to introduce, you may think that it is a problem of cleaning power, but unfortunately you guessed wrong. In recent years, many brands of sweeping robots have achieved huge improvements in terms of suction. I can say responsibly that the gap in the cleaning ability of the mainstream models of sweeping robots on the market is actually not that big, or it is not as big as the gap in their comprehensive user experience, such as suction, brush heads, etc. The gap is in the "smart" aspect! Compared with the early and low-priced random sweeping robots on the market, they move blindly when cleaning, and randomly adjust the direction after bumping into obstacles to clean the ground, resulting in a limited coverage area. One place will be cleaned many times while another place is not. The phenomenon of being cleaned. Rampage can't find the north, which leads to missing sweeps and running around. This is why early sweeping robots are considered by many people to be "mentally retarded" robots. Therefore, the planning sweeping robot fully embodies its "smart" aspect. Its mainstream uses two systems, laser navigation system and visual navigation system, to realize real-time positioning and composition technology, which greatly improves the efficiency of building layout maps and realizes intelligence. Plan the cleaning path to maximize the coverage of the cleaning area. A brand of aigostar intelligent robot vacuum cleaner I bought uses LDS radar navigation technology and SLAM algorithm to achieve high efficiency and high precision when creating maps. No blind scanning, high efficiency, achieve 80% cleaning and high coverage。

APP remote control and voice control of the sweeping robot

The best robot vacuum must have strong remote operability. It can be managed and controlled through the mobile APP. For example, I can check the working status of the sweeping robot after leaving home, or set a fixed time for automatic cleaning and so on. With these rich and considerate functions, I can safely control the sweeping robot remotely to complete the cleaning work, and I can see the clean floor after returning home. It is to endure the continuous movement of the sweeping robot in front of my eyes and the noise generated by cleaning. In addition, do not buy sweeping robots that cannot be controlled by voice! For sweeping robots without voice control, you need to operate them through the buttons on the machine or the mobile app, but this is not friendly to the elderly or children who cannot operate. For our daily use scenarios, many times if you only It can be achieved by moving the mouth, so it will indeed be more convenient than hands-on. When you go out, you say "intelligent robot vacuum cleaner, start cleaning" at the door! You can easily go out with your family, enjoy the good life, and leave the cleaning mess to it.

Battery life and charging problems of sweeping robots

The battery life of the sweeping robot is also a key concern. After several months of use, I was amazed by the battery life of the sweeper. It is equipped with a 3300 mAh battery, which is officially claimed to have a battery life of 90 minutes, which is enough for most apartment-type residents to complete one or even two household cleaning tasks. Take my home of about 120 square meters as an example. After actual operation, the standard mode cleans two rooms of about 20 square meters, and the power consumption is about 10%. Of course, the actual power consumption is also related to the obstacles encountered by the sweeping robot. The debris blocking the way in my home has been sorted out in advance, so it is more trouble-free and power-saving than when cleaning when I come. However, when it is about to run out of power (less than 20%), it will automatically return to the position of the charging stand for charging, and it will automatically recharge after cleaning the whole house. It looks so cute when it returns home! The price of my sweeping robot is moderate, but the function is still relatively powerful. After the actual experience, it successfully made me a little lazy again! For sweeping robots, our needs are clean, worry-free and smarter. When buying a sweeping robot, we first consider our own budget, and then compare the performance of the sweeping robot according to our actual needs and frequency of use, and put the practical functions at the forefront.
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