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The intelligent robot vacuum cleaner Will Change Your Life

In recent years, sweeping robots have become an extremely topical home appliance. At the consumer level, some people think it is unnecessary and costly to buy floor robots, while others hail it as a boost to "household emancipation". In the product level, the function of the once questionable floor robots, in recent years to achieve a lot of revolutionary innovation, gradually get rid of the "bad" "IQ tax" and other comments. Today we'll talk about flooring robots。

Sweeping robot use experience sharing

We are a family of three members of the lazy star, the whole family does not like to sweep the floor, in order not to let the dust affect the health of the family at the same time more harmonious, we have used a lot of cleaning products, and finally found that the intelligent robot vacuum cleaner is simply a lazy star of the necessary tools, not only cleaning ability is strong also save time. I attach great importance to the aesthetics of life, for a variety of home appliances have their own unique aesthetic, so in the choice of intelligent robot vacuum cleaner not only requires it to work well, but also simple and good-looking, can be easily integrated into the home environment. My home is not too big, the home is also more cumbersome to arrange, and there are children every day in a variety of creative ways to make the home dirty and messy. The old floor sweeper was tripped over several times by various small things in her room, so I wanted a sweeping and mopping machine with higher performance and easy operation that would take care of the kids while also reducing my own hands-on operation. Well, here's my chance! I saw this Aigostar intelligent robot vacuum cleaner that frees up my hands at an offline boutique community store, and I liked it at first glance. I heard that it is the best robot vacuum on the market, and after trying it for a while, I found all kinds of smart operations that are awesome! You want to know what the operation is? Come and see with me!

What are the advantages of the Aigostar floor sweeper?

I think Aigostar is the best robot vacuum cleaner on the market today! It lives up to its name! Ever since I got it, I've given it the responsibility of cleaning the house, setting it to automatically clean at 9:30 am every day on weekdays. At the right time, the sweeping monk is on the move! And whether it's sweeping or mopping, it can handle it and come home to a fresh floor, that mood is simply great! Some people may ask, the home terrain is so complex, it can sweep clean? Don't underestimate the many black technology in one guy! It uses the LDS laser synchronous positioning and map building, with SLAM algorithm, can achieve millimeter-level high-precision obstacle avoidance, but also according to different objects to take different obstacle avoidance strategy, intelligent assessment of the avoidance distance. No need to worry about it rampaging through the house like a fool. See how it usually works? When a wall or obstacle is detected in front of the cleaning, it will turn around and avoid the wall when it is about 1cm away, effectively reducing the occurrence of collisions. The cleaning along the wall, naturally, is not a problem. It's as easy as walking over a bump in the road. The dead corner under the sofa can also be cleaned. Every time you finish cleaning, you can find your own way home to recharge, so mom doesn't have to worry about me getting lost anymore! The results of each cleaning in the APP are clear at a glance. Look at each time once a week to change the dust collection box, usually do not care about it. It is a true lazy light! If there are meowers in the house, sweeping robot is not only a cat hair nemesis, but also a cat walking tool! It is the best partner for cleaning and walking cats. I don't want to say anything, but I just want to ask who invented the sweeping robot? The Aigostar is the best robot vacuum cleaner, and for the cost of a few meals, you can hire a cleaning service that will help you walk your cat and dog. This wave I really earn a lot!

Continuous innovation is the key to "free your hands"

In 1996, Electrolux developed the world's first fully automatic sweeping robot "trilobite" on the basis of the original vacuum cleaner, and in early 2000, after the introduction of the three-stage sweeping structure, which solved the problem of sweeping, the sweeping robot had practical value and began to be officially commercialized. In 2015, sweeping robots formally completed the transition from functional to intelligent from the previous basic sweeping function to efficient sweeping, high-quality sweeping transformation, with route planning function has become the industry standard. Throughout the development of sweeping robot, the product has roughly gone through three stages, namely, random sweeping, planning sweeping and navigation building map sweeping stage. Random sweeping: relying on ultrasonic detection to achieve basic obstacle avoidance; planning sweeping: gyroscope + accelerometer, that is, inertial navigation; navigation building type: SLAM technology, according to the sensor difference, can be divided into LDS SLAM, VSLAM. which, navigation building type sweeping mainly relies on positioning navigation and path planning, its sweeping coverage and efficiency than the previous technology is much higher, and the current The mainstream of positioning and map building is SLAM technology. This technology uses infrared or laser sensors to scan the entire room in general, and then memorizes the paths that the sweeper has acted upon. The computer can then derive an overall map of the room, and through certain algorithms, obtain its own positioning, and then direct the robot to move. In addition to automatic positioning and map construction, SLAM also provides route planning capabilities. In general, the sweeping robot with mopping function will be commanded to move in a zigzag circular motion. By this form first clean the wide area without shade, and then focus on cleaning the corner areas and areas with shade. The aigostar sweeping robot has both LDS laser synchronized positioning map building and SLAM algorithm. Users who like the aigostar sweeping robot can buy it through offline boutique community stores, and also through online channels such as Amazon, Brand.com, and AIGOSMART APP.
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