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How To Pick The Best Robot Vacuum For Your Home & Budget

In our daily housework, "sweeping the floor" may easily make people fall into the state of emo, because in addition to the mechanical repetitive movements that make people feel tired, sometimes just sweeping the floor is not enough. If you want to really clean the floor, you must also It must be wiped again with water or a damp rag. For those who are obsessed with cleanliness, this cleaning is truly complete. Facing the different cleaning needs of consumers in the market, many manufacturers have launched cleaning products of different styles and functions. Among them, the intelligent sweeping robot can be said to have attracted the attention of a wide range of consumers as soon as it was launched. Because of the advantages of intelligent sweeping robots, there is now an upsurge in buying them. So how much does it cost to buy a sweeping robot? Many people think that branded smart sweeping robots cost thousands of dollars to be reliable. But in fact, judging from my experience, it may be enough to buy a practical sweeping robot for a few hundred yuan. If it is mainly used for sweeping the floor every day, it can definitely meet our cleaning needs.If you have a low budget and want to buy an intelligent robot vacuum cleaner, you might as well take a look at this aigostar intelligent sweeping robot. I think it is the best robot vacuum I have ever used。

The suction power of the sweeping robot is not as big as possible

In June of this year, I purchased the smart sweeping vacuum cleaner launched by the aigostar brand. It is equipped with rotating side brushes, floating roller brushes, and mops. It can be used as a vacuum cleaner or an electric mop. One is worth 2 sets, which can easily complete the floor of my whole house. cleaning job. Of course, let me make an analogy, the strength of the suction is equivalent to the strength of a person sweeping the floor, so the greater the suction, the easier it is for the garbage to be sucked into the "belly" of the sweeper, and the cleaner the floor will be. The motor suction of my smart sweeping robot is 2700pa, which is moderate and more than enough for household floor cleaning. However, no matter how strong the suction is, the sweeper cannot digest solid waste with large areas and large particles. I usually check the ground before use to ensure that there are no debris and wires on the ground, so as to avoid trapping the sweeping robot and affecting work. efficiency. There is another problem that everyone should pay attention to, that is, I found that if the suction power of the sweeper is greater, the noise will also become louder. Once some sweeping robots start working, the noise can reach an astonishing 90 decibels or more, which will make your head buzzing, so when buying a sweeping machine, you should also check its working decibels. Do not buy. The working decibel of my sweeper is less than 63 decibels. Although it cannot be completely silent, it is already considered low noise. Using it will not affect my rest, and I will use her when I sleep again, and it will not feel very noisy, and it is comfortable to use.

The navigation method of LDS radar + SLAM algorithm is the first choice

At present, in the mainstream, better intelligent robot vacuum cleaner will use LDS radar navigation or camera navigation, so everyone should choose these two types of sweeping robots as much as possible when purchasing. Relatively speaking, the price of LDS navigation is lower, and the accuracy of navigation is relatively high, so the cost performance is relatively high. For friends with limited budget, you can choose it. My sweeping robot uses LDS radar navigation + SLAM algorithm, which is currently the most mature sweeping robot navigation solution. The cleaning coverage effect is also very good, and the price is high or low. This greatly improves the accuracy and efficiency of the aigostar intelligent sweeping robot when creating maps, as well as the performance of map scanning range and obstacle avoidance capabilities. With the blessing of multi-dimensional advantages, it can quickly identify objects and avoid obstacles during work, bringing me a more ideal cleaning effect. In terms of interaction, the aigostar intelligent sweeping robot also uses language interaction to connect Alexa and Google speakers. I can directly issue instructions to it through simple dialogues to achieve interaction and functional control. For me, I can enjoy a more convenient and humanized intelligent interactive experience, which may be an upgrade of the household sweeper to a higher level of "wisdom". All in all, this feature is awesome!

APP functions are extremely important, virtual walls and planning partitions are indispensable!

After buying a sweeping robot, many older users may ignore the APP function of the smart sweeping robot, but in fact the function of the APP is very important to the user experience. For example, if there is a place in your home that you don't want the sweeping robot to go to, such as a carpeted place, you can use the APP to set up a virtual wall in advance to prevent the sweeping robot from entering this area. For another example, if I want to set the sweeping robot to clean the ground when no one is there, then I can set the working hours of the sweeping robot to make an appointment, and when there is no one at home on weekdays, the sweeper will automatically work. Not only that, but I can also adjust additional functions such as the working reminder sound of the sweeping robot, the carpet pressurization mode, and returning to the charging stand for charging through the APP. So my advice is that the importance of perfect APP functions is very important to the later experience. No matter how perfect the sweeping robot with imperfect APP functions is, don’t choose to buy it no matter how powerful the suction is. The above is my experience and sharing of buying a sweeping robot. I wish you good luck and hope that you can choose the best robot vacuum with a limited budget.
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