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How to Clean Your House With intelligent robot vacuum cleaner

In the past, when we cleaned and cleaned at home, we used tools such as brooms and mops. With the advancement of technology, cleaning tools have evolved, and now there are vacuum cleaners and sweeping robots available. But do you know which vacuum cleaner and sweeping robot is good to use? What is the difference between a vacuum cleaner and a sweeping robot? When buying, should you choose a vacuum cleaner, or should you choose a sweeping robot? If you do not understand, please continue to read on, here to give you a clear explanation。

Should I choose a vacuum cleaner or a floor sweeper?

The following provides 5 questions and answers to help you quickly determine whether to choose to buy a intelligent robot vacuum cleaner or a floor sweeper. Question 1: Do you like to organize the environment with your hands? A: I like to clean with my hands, but I hope it won't take too long; B: I don't want to clean with my hands, I think it's a waste of time. Question 2: How clean do you like to be after cleaning? A: I like to be neat and tidy, I hope every corner is clean; B: I like to be dirty no matter how I clean, it's enough to see the place clean. Question 3: What is the layout of your home? A: a larger house, stairs, multiple floors, or carpets, more rooms; B: only a single floor, less floor clutter, or just want to maintain a specific area clean. Question 4: Only clean the floor in your home? A: No, but also regularly clean other places, such as sofas, beds, screens, etc.; B: Yes, and not every day, sometimes several weeks before cleaning once. Question 5: Can storage space at home?A: There is more space available for storage; B: Not much space at home, no more extra storage space. For the above questions, if your answer is "A" mostly, we suggest you to buy vacuum cleaner to meet your cleaning needs; if your answer is "B" mostly, we suggest you to buy a floor cleaning robot. There are advantages and disadvantages to using a floor sweeper and a vacuum cleaner, so it is recommended that you prioritize your selection based on your needs. Of course, if you have the conditions, sweeping robots and vacuum cleaners, both bought, and then according to the actual situation at home, the vacuum cleaner should be used vacuum cleaner, the use of best robot vacuum on the robot.

The use of intelligent robot vacuum cleaner

With the development of society, people's home life is becoming more and more intelligent, indoor cleaning is of course inseparable from intelligent products, intelligent floor sweeper brands and types are many, I think Aigostar is currently the best robot vacuum on the market, the following will also give you a detailed introduction. After buying a smart floor sweeper should be how to use it, the following to give you an introduction to the use of intelligent robot vacuum cleaner, we will take a look at it. First, check before use: check the room for cigarettes, matches and other flammable and explosive items, if there is the need to manually clean up after using the sweeper yourself. Flammable items inhaled into the sweeper, the body heat during use will damage the sweeper, and the use of intelligent robot vacuum cleaner in flammable and explosive dangerous occasions, will cause fire and explosion accidents.Secondly, reasonable placement, although the current mainstream sweeping robot is a sweeping and mopping machine, both sweeping and mopping, but the sweeping robot is best not to be in a wet cleaning environment for a long time, otherwise it is easy to damage the motor, battery, causing short circuit problems. Similar to Aigostar sweeping robot is equipped with a virtual wall, you can avoid the sweeping robot into the bathroom such a humid environment. Third, regular cleaning, according to the dirty situation at home, should regularly clean the dust collector and filter of the sweeper robot, can be washed, and then put in a cool, dry place to dry. Four is to clean up the brush head, a long time using the sweeping robot, its roller brush and side brush will inevitably wind up a lot of hair, but also need to take down regularly to clean up.Five is to check the machine: when using a certain amount of time, check whether the body is hot, sweeping machine should not be used for too long, if the body is too hot, should stop a little time to use again, to prevent the motor overheating and burned. Sixth, clean up after sweeping: long-term use of the sweeper, the filter mesh will be clogged and lead to a decline in suction power. In order to prevent the suction power decline, should be regularly cleaned with water filter and cloth bag, wash in the shade to dry again, you can restore suction power. Seven is placed in a dry area: sweeping robot every time you finish using, to unplug the power cord from the socket, the sweeping robot will be organized and collected in a dry place. Intelligent floor sweeper does bring great convenience to our lives, we should also pay special attention when using intelligent floor sweeper, I hope the above-mentioned content can bring you some help.

The best robot vacuum recommendations

Aigostar is the best robot vacuum in 2022, Aigostar sweeping robot adopts advanced 360-degree laser building map to laser scan the whole house, and combined with the corresponding condition for the corresponding sweeping treatment, the dragging and sweeping intelligent integration, even the most complex indoor road conditions can easily cope with. In addition, the high degree of freedom of intelligent navigation system to meet any needs of the user, sweep or not sweep where, are directly controlled by the user in the app side, can be said to be a real understanding of your sweeping robot! Users who like aigostar sweeping robot can buy it through offline boutique community stores, and also through online channels such as Amazon, Brand.com, and AIGOSMART APP.
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