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The best robot vacuum cleaners listed this year

The evaluation of the sweeping robot is always more polarized, the advantage of the party that boasts is that it does give cleaning health to save a lot of effort and free up hands. We are usually very busy at work, back home are also very tired, this time to buy a sweeping robot home, every day to maintain the daily ground cleaning, or very comfortable. The spiteful party also has a valid point, part of the sweeping robot does have a variety of intellectual problems: either lost need you to find it; or stuck on the threshold has been consumed to no power; wash drag one of the sweeping robot also have to worry about washing small mop. I heard that the new aigostar sweeping robot listed this year can perfectly solve these problems。

Review tips for aigostar intelligent robot vacuum cleaner

Today we got aigostar sweeping robot, after a trial review, I think Aigostar is currently the best robot vacuum cleaner on the market. aigostar sweeping robot's main promotional advantage is LDS laser synchronous positioning and map building, with SLAM algorithm, intelligent planning cleaning path, the whole thing is to highlight to you " We are more intelligent, we are more efficient" temperament, without further ado, I have jumped to try! First of all, from the whole appearance, the whole body is black, buttons and sensors are relatively small, the overall look of technology is very strong. Its first cleaning area, I set in the living room and dining room, basically the same as the map shown on the phone, because the sensing along the wall, aigostar intelligent robot vacuum cleaner can clean the area will be clearly displayed on the cell phone APP, even if it is a small space, as long as it can go in, it will do its duty to clean up. When it encounters an obstacle it doesn't get stuck there and wait for help, but deftly avoids it. There are even more intelligent places, you can clean the area in the APP end of the phone "custom service", the first cleaning room map is built, you can set the name of this area. Because my home is relatively small, it is collectively called the living room, I can mark the area to be cleaned in this area itself, aigostar intelligent robot vacuum cleaner will only be in the boxed area to sweep. You can even set virtual walls and no-go areas, so you don't have to sweep where you don't want to sweep.

How well does the aigostar sweeper sweep the floor?

Route planning is smart, but I'm more concerned about the cleaning effect! Don't worry, I'm here to share the results. Sweeping mode has quiet, mid-range, strong three can choose, MAX mode suction power up to 2700Pa, the greater the normal suction power, the stronger the cleaning ability. Because usually more attention, so the floor is not a lot of debris, in order to fully test its sweeping ability, I deliberately spilled some confetti, it also took their own strength to prove no problem at all! The robot is often trolled by those who can't get over the hurdles, either stuck in the cabinet or under the bed at home, every time you have to clean it to move the chair or other obstacles out of the way; or stuck in the threshold waiting for you to save it. aigostar intelligent robot vacuum cleaner has a real-time detection function, obstacle avoidance ability, with cliff sensors, ultrasonic sensors and ToF sensors, encounter steps Can prevent falling, encounter obstacles will automatically avoid, precise walking along the wall. With a 20mm climbing force over obstacles, it can easily climb the threshold carpet. Many people will also be concerned about the noise emitted by the sweeping robot when cleaning, so I also downloaded a noise noise detector on my phone, less than a meter away, the value measured when opened to the smallest quiet mode is 54, equivalent to the standard of normal indoor chat, compared to vacuum cleaners even if it is light music, within my acceptable range. After all, the sound is still there, if you want to enjoy sleep with the robot on, it is basically very difficult to achieve. So if you need to open to the maximum suction power, but also afraid of noise, or go out to work to set the timing of cleaning good. The official claim that this intelligent robot vacuum cleaner internal design of the noise reduction air sieve and filled with silencing cotton, noise decibels can be controlled between 53-61dB, but also more reliable.

How can I buy a floor sweeper that I like?

How to buy the best robot vacuum in mind? Sweeping robots have long been no new product, but many people still have the impression that the sweeper is still stuck in the rampage, and think it is better not to use. In fact, after so many years of development, the sweeper has long been transformed. Nonetheless, want to buy a sweeper that can free your hands, not "artificial intelligence", there are still many places to pay attention to when buying and selling. If your home environment is more complex, there are more obstacles, it is recommended to choose a good obstacle avoidance effect, the ability to get out of the sweeper, so that it is more trouble-free to use, otherwise it is likely to have to you often rescue it. For example, the use of LDS laser navigation + binocular vision obstacle avoidance combination of sweeper, obstacle avoidance effect will be better. Generally speaking, the greater the suction power, the cleaner the sweeping, but it is not the only deciding factor. For example, a model with a main brush will clean better than a vacuum port model. And the greater the suction power, may also bring more noise, affecting the use of the purchase does not have to overly pursue the highest suction power, you can pay attention to the noise of different gear suction power. Selection also need to pay attention to the range of the sweeper, tank capacity, combined with your family area considerations, to determine whether the sweeper can meet your needs. I hope you can buy aigostar sweeping robots to your liking. Users who like aigostar can buy it through offline boutique community stores, as well as through online channels such as Amazon, Brand.com, and AIGOSMART APP.
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