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The Best Robot Vacuum For Your Home

In our daily life, if we want to keep our home clean and tidy, frequent cleaning is inevitable. As a smart small household appliance that can replace manual cleaning of the floor, the intelligent robot vacuum cleaner has become more and more popular with people's ever-accelerating pace of life and increasingly busy work. Especially for people with children, pets and a lot of housework at home, it can save time and effort. Before I bought a sweeping robot, I searched for "intelligent robot vacuum cleaner" on the Internet, and saw a lot of comments about the poor use of sweeping robots. Is it really "useless" as netizens say? In fact, the fact that the sweeping robot has become a hot-selling small household appliance in recent years and has attracted the attention of many families has already shown that it must have many user groups. So I asked friends around me who use sweeping robots, and they basically gave relatively positive feedback, especially if they have pets at home, such as cats and dogs. A friend who needs to clean the room every day because of frequent hair loss commented that although the purchase of a sweeping robot cannot completely replace manual cleaning, it reduces the frequency of manual cleaning from once a day to once every three to five days. From this point of view, the sweeping robot is obviously not as "useless" as some netizens said on the Internet. Therefore, in the last three months, I have personally purchased and tried a sweeping robot. I have a lot of experience in product experience, so I decided to make a recommendation. I think the best robot vacuum is still a headache. Which one to buy? Product friends save yourself the hassle。

Basic introduction of appearance and accessories of aigostar intelligent sweeping robot

I think the brand of aigostar should be unfamiliar to most people. This is a mid-to-high-end technology brand with comprehensive coverage from Spain. The aigostar intelligent robot vacuum cleaner is their brand new high-end intelligent product, and it currently has a good reputation. The sweeping robot has a black round body with a stylish and simple design style. It is very suitable for the aesthetic needs of contemporary young people, and can be easily integrated into various home decoration environments. Although most mainstream sweeping robots are white, I really prefer black. Because the sweeping robot itself is a cleaning tool, it will inevitably encounter dirt when using it. The white color is too conspicuous. I like the black color scheme very much. In terms of product accessories, it is still relatively rich. It includes 4 side brushes, a dust box, a charging base, and 2 mop cloths. These accessories and consumables are basically enough for two or three years. After all, the consumption of side brushes and mop cloths is not that big. Before I bought a sweeping robot, I found out that the most important thing is to look at three functions. The first is the navigation mode, which is directly related to the intelligent obstacle avoidance ability of the sweeping robot, as well as the ability to plan sweeping and dragging routes. Then there is the suction of the robot. The size of the suction is directly related to the cleaning effect of the sweeping robot, which is very important. Finally, look at the intelligent control scheme. The more cleaning modes and functions, the more convenient and considerate it will be to use, and the less chance of manual cleaning.

Navigation and intelligent control of sweeping robot

Let me talk about the hot navigation mode of this sweeping machine, which is actually its biggest selling point. It uses LDS lidar navigation plus SLAM algorithm technology. I know that many people have used old-fashioned sweeping robots at home. If there is no navigation, they often collide during the cleaning process. This one doesn't have this problem. After buying it back, it can quickly build a map with a maximum area of 300 square meters. After the map is completed, you can make more detailed settings on the APP, and then make a reasonable map plan. As an intelligent sweeping robot, APP control or voice control is essential. After the device is networked and bound, more cleaning functions can be set on the mobile phone. For example, setting the daily cleaning time, delineating the cleaning area, etc., I have used these functions a lot recently. Even if I am not at home, I can turn on the sweeping robot through the mobile APP. When I came back from the house, the floor of the house was cleaned and tidy. Since my house is carpeted, I also have the option of a pressurized mode. When cleaning, it is more considerate to increase the suction power to clean deeply.

Cleaning power and summary of sweeping robot

In terms of cleaning ability, I also tested it. First, it simply sweeps the floor, which depends entirely on the strong suction. The motor suction of this sweeping robot is as high as 2700pa. Combined with the side brush and the roller brush in the middle, it can effectively clean the dust on the ground, even the gap between the floor tiles can be easily cleaned. I specially made pea-sized large particles of garbage, which can be easily sucked away under strong suction. Of course, this is a sweeping and mopping robot, I can add clean water for the mopping function. I can also adjust the water discharge time on the APP. When the ground is dirty, I will increase the water volume to ensure the mopping effect. If the floor is only lightly stained, reduce the amount of water for a quick mop-dry. Overall, the aigostar intelligent sweeping robot performs well in key navigation functions and cleaning effects. In addition, it can be remotely controlled by mobile phone APP and audio voice control, and some more professional cleaning function settings can be performed, which greatly improves this. The usage scenarios of this sweeping robot. For daily household cleaning, it should be considered very capable. In my mind, it is the best robot vacuum in my opinion. Not only that, but for now, this product is also very cost-effective. It is a very good choice to buy it, and it is suitable for most people's family use.
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