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Review Of Aigostar Intelligent Robot Vacuum Cleaner With Some Useful Tips

What is the experience of having a intelligent robot vacuum cleaner at home? Some people say it's like having a simple-minded little monkey that walks around at home and doesn't know how to dodge obstacles, and doesn't let people worry about cleaning, always leaving a bit of trash or water damage, which is not as fast as mopping and sweeping by itself. I said, my intelligent robot vacuum cleaner can really be a well-behaved children, smart and smart, cleaning will think, planning, water know how to proportion, really let people rest assured, today to share some sweeping robot purchase and use experience。

How to buy a floor sweeper?

First of all, look at the suction power, generally speaking, the suction power is strong suction capacity, but also a large noise, so you want a large suction power to choose carefully. In fact, for daily cleaning, 1000pa ~ 2000pa suction power can meet. Next, look at the cleaning accessories, most of the current intelligent robot vacuum cleaner are using the "bilateral brush + middle brush" design. The double-sided brush can cover as much area as possible, and the middle roller brush can stir out the dust in the crevices. So, if you want to clean thoroughly, you can choose a design that is compatible with both. The third look at the level of intelligence, that is, the ability of the robot to avoid roadblocks system and planning the course of action system, according to their needs in accordance with the product description to buy.

Aigostar intelligent robot use experience

Aigostar intelligent robot vacuum cleaner, the body with pure black as the main color, with the rounded rectangular design, simple and stylish. It adopts a higher performance brushless motor and air duct technology, with a powerful suction force of 2700 Pa, and can deeply control the water speed and volume, making sweeping and mopping more satisfying; the carefully tuned sports chassis strengthens its ability to climb and cross obstacles, easily crossing 2cm obstacles; LDS laser navigation + advanced SLAM algorithm technology also provides us with an intelligent new experience. Unlike the fixed roller brush used in traditional sweepers, the newly upgraded floating roller brush of Aigostar intelligent robot vacuum cleaner is more able to fit different floors, and no leakage of sweeping will occur when encountering ground irregularities, making the cleaning more thorough. The Aigostar smart robot vacuum cleaner's micro-controlled water tank can automatically stop the water in non-mopping mode, even if it is suspended when sweeping and dragging work to pick up, there is no trace of water leakage on the ground. The small capacity of the water tank, the number of times you need to add water, cleaning efficiency is also very low, so Aigostar intelligent robot vacuum cleaner set a special 270ml large-capacity water tank, cleaning a 300 square feet of a large household is not a problem. For those who have pets, light hair is troublesome to clean, so I used colored threads to simulate hair on the floor, and the Aigostar smart robot vacuum cleaner with the suction port assembly can clean the threads on the floor without any pressure. The Aigostar Smart Robot Vacuum is always a black hole for cleaning. With the Aigostar Smart Robot Vacuum, you don't have to worry about it, you just need to replace it with a roller brush assembly to powerfully sweep away the small fondant on the floor, and it can go deeper into the bottom crevices to eliminate the dust. The Aigostar smart robot vacuum cleaner is able to cross 2 cm thick wooden boards, 1 cm high boards, and 1 cm high vacuum cleaners. The Aigostar smart robot vacuum cleaner has improved its ability to cross obstacles. Areas blocked by bed sheets and curtains are usually blind spots for cleaning, so I tested the Aigostar Smart Robot Vacuum with a cloth and a chair to simulate curtains and it was still able to cross and sweep. What if the robot falls down a step or stairway? I used a table to simulate steps, and it was clear that the Aigostar robot vacuum cleaner is smart enough to avoid the edge of the table when it comes to it. I built a maze path for the Aigostar robot vacuum cleaner and it not only escaped quickly and smoothly but also took the confetti away. The Aigostar smart robot vacuum cleaner has a virtual wall on the palm of your hand, and it will be cleverly avoided in the cleaning process. The Aigostar smart robot vacuum cleaner is very convenient, you can click on the cleaning appointment according to your needs, the machine will start working when the point comes. I used a noise meter to record the noise of the Aigostar smart robot vacuum cleaner working in the strongest gear in real time, the whole work is not more than 60 decibels.

How can I buy the best robot vacuum?

After a deeper understanding, its convenient intelligent control and reliable sweeping and mopping methods also improve the efficiency of my home cleaning, and its mobility is also very good, it can go over 2cm high obstacles and into the low sofa bottom, so good experience is also really satisfied, I think I think Aigostar is the best robot vacuum cleaner on the market, why don't you try it? Users who need it can buy it through offline boutique community stores, and also through online channels such as Amazon, Brand.com, and AIGOSMART APP, and you can easily get the best robot vacuum Aigostar.

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