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5 Intelligent Robot Vacuum Cleaner That Will Brighten Your House

With the technological dividend into home life, in the context of consumer upgrading, intelligent sweeping robot with excellent use experience has become the first choice of many consumers products. In the face of the many intelligent robot vacuum cleaner products on the market, we will be through the performance parameters and use of experience for you to inventory the five most worthwhile sweeping robot in 2022。

Sweeping robot buying tips

A look at the hardware configuration, sweeping robot hardware configuration determines the overall quality of the intelligent robot vacuum cleaner, the better the quality, the longer the use of the sweeping robot, it is not easy to break. The two most important hardware of the sweeping robot is the motor and battery, the motor is currently the best NIDEC brushless motor imported from Japan, not only safer, but also to produce greater suction power. Battery on the Korean imports of batteries is good, not only capacity, long life, charging speed is also very fast. The pairing of these two hardware, higher security, when choosing a sweeping robot, you can look at its hardware is not imported. The second look at the navigation, the navigation of the sweeping robot is the eyes of the sweeping robot, sweeping robot can sweep the most important thing is to see its navigation. At present, the more useful two kinds of navigation are laser navigation and visual navigation, laser navigation is common is a laser head, can be 360 ° rotation. And visual navigation is a sweeping robot with a high-definition camera, you can see the object in front. Of course, there are also eliminated gyroscope navigation, currently only old-fashioned sweeping robot again. Three look at the algorithm, sweeping robot algorithm determines the sweeping robot in the sweeping time can not be complete planning sweeping, common algorithms are SLAM unmanned algorithm, can be constantly in the already painted graphics for planning sweeping, of course, there are some brands of sweeping robot will use exclusive other systems and algorithms to assist, so that the sweeping robot does not appear to miss sweeping and repeat sweeping. Four look at the automatic dust collection, automatic dust collection means that the sweeping robot will return to the dust collection treasure every time it finishes sweeping, will just collect the garbage to the dust collection treasure dust bag, freeing the user's hands, so that the user does not have to clean the dust box of the sweeping robot every time. This automatic dust collection function can free up the user's hands. 

5 comprehensive strength of the strongest sweeping robot

According to the above four points, selected the five strongest comprehensive strength of the sweeping robot: one is Proscenic Pusanic M8Pro sweeping robot, its motor using Japan's NIDEC brushless motor, suction power maximum 3300pa large suction, like melon shells, bread crumbs, hair and other garbage it can easily sweep clean. In the mopping aspect is also very good, the use of micro-sensory electric control tank, the user can decide the amount of water in the APP, and the water will seep evenly, will not soak the floor. The eighth generation of LIDAR is used, and the exclusive intelligent cleaning system IPNAS is used, so there will be no leakage and repeated cleaning when cleaning. And also equipped with dust collection treasure, using the third generation of dust collection treasure, there is faster dust collection speed, within 10 seconds to complete the dust collection, dust collection efficiency of more than 95%. The dust bag also has a capacity of 4.3L, which can accommodate 30 days of waste, and when the dust bag is thrown in advance, it is automatically sealed, so there is no need to worry about causing ash leakage. Second, the Coors T8MAX sweeping robot, it uses a LIDAR, but also with the dToF scan, has a face payment sensing accuracy, the measurement will be more accurate. Not only will there be no leakage of sweeping, but also in the cleaning time to avoid obstacles in a timely manner. And then with a new generation of blue whale cleaning system, you can carry out high-frequency strong wipe, effective cleaning off a variety of dirt. Three is the stone T7Pro sweeping robot, it uses a floating roller brush, can stick to the ground for deep cleaning, side brush using the dynamic speed control side brush, can be carried out along the edge, the corner before the water, when encountering the carpet will also be carpet booster, can be adjusted to the maximum suction to clean up the garbage on the carpet. It also comes with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8-core CPU, which is faster and more accurate when it comes to algorithm analysis. The fourth is the cloud whale sweeping robot, the most important ability of this sweeping robot is that it can automatically carry out cleaning mopping, mopping ability is very strong. When mopping, the two large mopping cloths underneath will rotate at high speed, which can significantly improve the wet mopping cleaning strength. And every time you clean to a certain number of steps, you will return to the base station to clean up the mop, and when you are done, you will return to the last place you did not finish cleaning to continue cleaning. Five is IRobot S9 + sweeping robot, it is paired with a well-designed side brush, when cleaning can be more close to the wall and the ground, effectively clean up the debris, will not appear to fight the fly situation. The 30% longer dual-effect combination of wide rubber brushes increases the sweeping area and cleans all the floors faster. With the Imprint intelligent planning function, you can plan the whole house freely, and can learn the home environment intelligently, cleaning will not appear to miss the sweeping situation.

Popular recommendation: the best robot vacuum

Aigostar is the best robot vacuum cleaner on the market today, and it's so technologically advanced that you'll know it when you see it! It can plan its own route, design its own cleaning plan, sweep and mop its own floor, the whole process, you don't even care, just be a hands-off! From the kitchen to the living room, short obstacles, it is difficult to defeat it, to the stairs, you do not have to worry, it can also extend the edge of the cleaning and not fall, simply on the edge of the danger is easy to try! Fully automatic! No worries at all! Sweeping automatically lift the tow cloth, mopping automatically lift the roller brush, put away the side brush ~ cleaning module can switch to lift, sweeping and dragging one program! The aigostar intelligent robot vacuum cleaner can directly identify the carpet, after the carpet will automatically lift the mop and increase the suction power to achieve the daily cleaning of the carpet. How to say, these features are simply the gospel of every household! No more worrying about the machine hurting the floor! There is no need for us to make up the sweeping and mopping, aigostar intelligent sweeping robot gives you a step to consider in place! Both to clean the full score, but also allows you to free your hands is not a dream, do not believe? Look at these features below! And aigostar intelligent sweeping robot is basically the role of all the cleaning work is contracted to you. This is really the same as hiring a permanent live-in aunt, let it clean at home when you go to work, once you get off work, you can see the clean, clean home, really too good! And it is not like people will get tired after cleaning for a long time, it can clean you again and again, you want it to clean how to clean how to clean, completely enhance the sense of happiness at home! In short, this aigostar intelligent floor robot, is definitely higher than your expectations, this year's most worthy investment in quality of life improvement products! You can really consider getting it! Users who need it can buy it through offline boutique community stores, and also through online channels such as Amazon, Brand.com, and AIGOSMART APP, they can easily get the bestrobot vacuum Aigostar.

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