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Breaking News!Aigostar Stands Out at MATELEC in Spain

The biennial MATELEC International Electricity, Electronics and Lighting Exhibition in Spain was held at the Madrid International Convention Center on November 15, 2022. As a professional exhibition with a high reputation in international exhibitions, it attracted many famous companies and professional buyers to join the event.
In this MATELEC exhibition, Aigostar, with the theme of "Smart Growth", has a newly upgraded booth of 156 square meters, with the overall design referring to the standards of world-class exhibitions, fully reflecting the internationalization and intelligence of Aigostar with avant-garde and advanced technology. During the three-day exhibition, the powerful product lineup, innovative technological achievements and professional solutions make Aigostar the focus of the spot!

New products debut, refreshing new heights of smart home

Aigostar is committed to become the world's preferred brand of smart home appliances. As the spirit expressed in the theme "Smart Growth", Aigostar is constantly committed to technological breakthroughs and innovative changes in products to provide users with more powerful smart home solutions.

In this exhibition, Aigostar's new technology achievements are on display! The intelligent third generation experience area attracted a large number of people. The special area displays the upcoming Bluetooth MESH third generation intelligent series, including the updated iteration of the third generation filament lamp, bulb, smart solar lights, etc. The advanced version of Bluetooth MESH millisecond connection speed achieves the linkage of a large number of devices, which surprised the on-site customers and brought the feeling of the infinite charm of smart home!

Exhibition and marketing innovation, empowering new heights of industry development

Aigostar continues to innovate and upgrade its terminal display tools in order to better empower the retail market with smart products. At the exhibition, Aigostar displayed its hot-selling smart products in the smart big S+ area and smart small S+ showcase. The flexible and precise display solution is refreshing and solves the problem of selling and experiencing smart products at the terminal, which is appreciated by dozens of professional customers such as Carrefour, Dominium Global Group, bricogroup.

The exhibition came to a successful conclusion and Aigostar's future continues to be bright

The exhibition ended perfectly, and it was a fruitful industry event for Aigostar! For the future, in the face of challenges and opportunities inside and outside the industry, Aigostar will also grasp the intelligent market trends, accurately focus on customer needs, and focus on building a new high ground for the development of smart home industry! Stay tuned and hope we can have a long-term business relationship on the basis of mutual benefit!

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