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How to buy aigostar intelligent robot vacuum cleaner

Technology development so that the smart home category more and more rich, people's demand for quality of life has also continued to improve, intelligent robot vacuum cleaner has become the hottest home products in recent years, intelligent sweeping robot hot, triggered the industry market fierce competition. Many businesses are scrambling to launch new products to compete for market dividends, but whether the quality of the pass must also be said, which also led to a lot of consumers in the purchase of easy to be pitted, today to share some of the purchase experience。

Is a smart floor sweeper good? Should I buy one?

Is a floor sweeper good? If you are one of the following types of people, you should definitely try a floor cleaning robot, which can greatly enhance the happiness of life and allow you to put down your chores and enjoy life. One is busy at work: no time to clean the house, but want to come home to a spotless floor every day. Second, there are children: children like to crawl around on the floor, clean floors are extremely important for the health of children, but parents suffer from lack of time to clean. Third, there are pets: hairy children shed hair, footprints, drool marks, scattered cat litter and other problems make you distressed. Fourth, there are elderly: do not want parents to work for the heavy housework. Fifth, allergy sufferers: if the home is not thoroughly clean, residual allergens invisible to the naked eye can trigger allergies at any time, deep cleaning is necessary. Sixth, quality of life seekers: pay attention to the quality of life, but do not want to waste a lot of time on housework.

How to properly purchase intelligent sweeping robot does not take a detour?

Is the sweeping robot good? How good is a intelligent robot vacuum cleaner depends on whether you will buy it, and whether you have bought the right one! In fact, as long as you pay attention to these when choosing, you can take the road less traveled, once to buy the best sweeping robot. One is to pay attention to the coverage and cleaning ability of the sweeping robot. The two complement each other, one cannot be missing. Sweeping robots with path planning are preferred. The second is to see whether the height of the sweeping robot and their furniture situation match. If you choose improperly, there may be a situation where the sweeping robot is stuck at the bottom of the cabinet or the bottom of the bed during the sweeping process. Third, many sweeping robots have used HEPA filters at the air outlet, which play a very good effect on the filtration of fine dust. When buying, pay attention to the design of the machine outlet facing, otherwise the strong wind from the tail outlet may blow up the dust and dirt on the ground that has not been cleaned, causing secondary pollution. Fourth, repeatedly washing the mop may be the most annoying thing when mopping the floor. The robot that will automatically go back to clean the rag must score another point on practicality! Completely simulate artificial action trajectory, the mop is dirty automatically return to the base station cleaning and drying, less than a hundred square feet of room about five or six times back and forth, after complete mopping work, the rag will go back to self-cleaning again, both intelligent and convenient.

Popular recommendation: the best robot vacuum

Aigostar intelligent sweeping robot, previously recommended with everyone, I bought to hand for three months, really feel its role in household chores. Aigostar is the best robot vacuum cleaner on the market today. It uses a higher performance brushless motor and air duct technology, with a powerful suction power of 2700 Pa. We took the most painful snack crumbs to test: chip crumbs, cookie crumbs, and after a few rounds, the floor was clean and comfortable. This Aigostar sweeper's roller brush is designed to clean floors, tiles, carpets and other types of floors, and the main brush prevents hair from getting tangled. The suction port is good at dealing with fine debris such as shredded paper. Aigostar has LDS laser navigation + advanced SLAM algorithm technology, which can accurately and quickly create a whole house map with a maximum cleaning area of 300 m². With real-time detection function and superb obstacle avoidance capability, it has cliff sensor, ultrasonic sensor and ToF sensor, which can prevent falling when encountering steps and automatically avoid obstacles and walk precisely along the wall. With 20mm climbing and overcoming force, it can easily climb the threshold carpet. It also has a 500ml dust tank + 270ml water tank, washing and mopping in one, strong cleaning, a hundred square feet of household, cleaning in one step! With 3 levels of suction strength, on-demand cleaning, motor suction up to 2700pa, for the ground floating dust, debris, hair and other common waste, to meet the needs of household floor cleaning. Intelligent path planning, rejecting ineffective cleaning, efficient map building, no running, no missing sweep. 3300mA large power, lasting life 120min, once to deal with a large household. The Aigostar is the best way to get the most out of the Aigostar, so you can play around with the app and try out the various features, or you can just click on it to turn it on and then let it walk around and sweep, and then find its own dust collection station. Sometimes there is a need to partially clean the floor, I will give it through the APP to delineate the scope, if something is busy, ignore it also, it does not take long to sweep the floor automatically. The soft and compact appearance, and a variety of styles of home environment are very high, plus the dust collection station does not make people feel abrupt, this feeling is very good. It is very easy to operate either by cell phone app or by button. The sound when cleaning is a relatively soft, gentle white noise. All in all, whether in appearance or function, Aigostar sweeping robot is a very agile, intelligent lazy people love machine, you do not rush to try it? Users who need it can buy it through offline boutique community stores, and also through online channels such as Amazon, Brand.com, and AIGOSMART APP, they can easily get the best robot vacuum Aigostar.
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