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10 Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner: The Ultimate Guide

In the face of a wide variety of new floor robots on the market, many users are still in the purchase phase began to be confused: each brand advertises itself particularly good, so which brand of floor robot in the end is good? Today we will be based on the latest list of the top ten ranking of intelligent robot vacuum cleaner, with reference to the respective after-use evaluation of these models, combined with years of practical experience, in-depth understanding of so many intelligent robot vacuum cleaner, in the end which brand is good?

Priority recommended five intelligent robot vacuum cleaner

One is the AIGOSTAR intelligent robot vacuum cleaner, users of the AIGOSTAR sweeping robot is the most commented on the smart, thorough cleaning, low noise. After a successful connection, the AIGOSTAR sweeper will first quickly map and then intelligently plan the whole house, arranging the cleaning areas in order and then cleaning them one by one. The second is iRobot sweeping robot, which is the second best sweeping robot brand after AIGOSTAR. Its configuration of visual navigation system makes the robot's field of view wider, and the deep cleaning after entering soft obstacles (such as floor-to-ceiling curtains) is more in place; the configuration of multiple sensors is also higher for the fit of shaped furniture, but unfortunately iRobot is designed to sweep and drag separately, so if the sweeping and dragging If the two sets of machines are all together, the price is quite expensive, and it takes up a bit of space, so the user evaluation feels that iRobot is more suitable for large flat or villa families. Three is the Coors sweeping robot, the current hot Coors models are also very functional, such as voice control function, 3D obstacle recognition function, barrier crossing ability, etc., but users in the evaluation said that because the Coors sweeping robot is a dual rotary brush plus dual rotary floor drag design, four components at the same time under high-speed rotation although the cleaning effect in place, but the wear and tear on the ground can not be ignored. Four is chasing for sweeping robot, since the automatic water up and down function optional, sales once skyrocketed, 7 +1 type of base station claimed to be all-powerful, but many users have said: if the family ground situation is not complicated then okay, if the ground is often very dirty and a lot of food residue, sweeping robot self-cleaning system will seem somewhat inadequate, easy to produce odor. Five is the United States sweeping robot, this year's new listing of W11 first sweep after dragging, dragging cloth lift function so that the cleaning process also realized the wet and dry separation, but unfortunately sweeping dragging separate the entire cleaning process is extended twice。

Cost-effective five intelligent robot vacuum cleaner

One is the Xiaomi sweeping robot 1S, three thousand out of the configuration is equipped with a top human-computer interface, automatic addition of cleaning agent base function, strong mop scouring function and two hours of hot air drying effect, comprehensive configuration value for money, but in the user evaluation for its final ground cleaning effect is still not very satisfied. The second is the cloud whale sweeping robot, last year's new J2 sales are good and the price is particularly affordable, but users feel that the cloud whale sweeping robot first sweep after dragging the module design to sweep the ground and change the drag head, the replacement process is too troublesome. The third is the Xiaodai sweeping robot, the user's evaluation is worth a try if the family is relatively clean and spacious, but if the home dirt composition is complex, and the household type is complex, it is easy to sweep unclean, machine odor situation. Four is Haier sweeping robot, has been taking the low-cost route, H11 on the line after the big open the door to technology, can adapt to a larger household, deal with more garbage, while there are 7 all-purpose base, also in theory to do the clean without hands design, but in the actual use of the process, user feedback is also the base self-cleaning problem is outstanding. Five is clear easy sweeping robot, sweeping and dragging synchronous design is very much in line with the current customer heart expectations, mop self-cleaning heating wind drying function is its technical advantage, but customer service feedback in the machine's subsequent use process because of the need to configure special cleaning agents, so the use of cost is not low.

My most recommended floor sweeper

Aigostar is the best robot vacuum cleaner on the market today. It is a sweeping and mopping model, the front of the body is the dust brush, the single-sided design leaves more airflow through the dust port, so the wider dust port can suck in more dust will not be hindered by the dust brush, while even when encountering large clumps of hair rarely occur entanglement; behind the dust brush, Aigostar sweeping robot's wider dust port adds a rotating floor brush, which can be flexible up and down Aigostar sweeper is a model that can clean both fine hair and large pieces of snack debris; AIGOSTAR sweeper's wet mopping function is also very well designed, the water output can be precisely adjusted through the mobile app and remote control, while configured with a widened high suction The Aigostar sweeping robot is equipped with a widened high water absorption rate microfiber mopping cloth, for stubborn dirt can use high water content to quickly soften and then let the high fiber mopping cloth using constant body pressure to easily take away, the most important is that the Aigostar sweeping robot is equipped with the highest stability on the market LIDAR navigation system, not only even 0.5 meters of space can be accurately explored, more easily shuttle the complex home jungle not The 40-decibel noise does not disturb the family's life, and can easily complete the heavy responsibility of cleaning the home after turning on the machine.By comparing the real evaluation of the above brands we can easily find that the current sweeping robot brands are numerous, but be sure to understand their advantages and disadvantages in advance, if you get it and use it after a period of time to find out that it is not good can be too late, if you can first refer to the top ten ranking models before placing an order real user evaluation gate-keeping, and then combined with their own personalized needs to place an order, I believe it will be easy to buy a really best robot vacuum cleaner.
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