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Exclusive News!Exposure of Aigostar Celebrity Endorsers Shooting Site

Recently, Aigostar started the year-end advertising shoot with Spain and Italy celebrity endorser Anne and Adriana Volpe to pave the way for the brand's development in the next year.

On the shooting site, the two endorsers showed a full range of Aigostar Household Appliances, Lighting and Electrical products, Smart Products Series and other products. The advertisement is mostly set in the daily life scenes close to consumers, so that consumers would have a strong sense of immersion. It presents a better intelligent lifestyle for consumer and is expected to bring consumers a more intelligent, more convenient high-quality intelligent life.


The Christmas is approaching, and we can feel the strong festive atmosphere from the shooting site. Let's look forward to the release of the full commercial.

Celebrity Endorser Strategy Shows Strong Marketing Strategy


Since the signing of the endorsers, Aigostar has worked with them to carry out many in-depth cooperation, such as the application of terminal materials, product packaging, advertising images, brand publicity ads, brand events, etc. Aigostar takes endorsers as the link to connect brands and consumers, strengthen public consumers' cognition and memory of Aigostar, help enhance brand volume and enterprise value, and achieve more accurate traffic conversion empowerment.

Core power source
Create industry-leading product strength

The support of strong endorser can make the brand more known, but back to the essence, the hard strength of the product is the basis for the long-term development of the enterprise. Aigostar is able to maintain strong growth momentum in the post-epidemic era because of its undoubted product strength.
Aigostar has precipitated many years of industry experience. Through the continuous upgrading of technology research and development, the products have quickly covered many fields: Smart Household Appliances, Smart Security Products, Smart Lighting Products, Smart Electrical Products, etc. Aigostar is constantly exploring the boundaries of smart application scenarios and building a full range of smart industrial ecology.
In the future, Aigostar will continue to improve product quality while vigorously strengthening brand building. With a longer-term vision, more accurate marketing, more perfect service to tap the brand's new competitiveness, comprehensively promote and achieve brand upgrading and value enhancement and provide the perfect solution to win the terminal market for boutiques, professional markets, dealers and other partners. 
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